USS Liberty Navy Helicopter Rescue Pilot Interview – Video

USS Liberty Navy Helicopter Rescue Pilot Interview The Navy helicopter rescue pilot recalls arriving at the listing ship, the USS Liberty, the morning after the false flag Israeli attack the US Navy Ship. Sor… By: elucidative

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Case Docket | Southern Poverty Law Center

When Alabama legislators revised the states anti-immigrant law in 2012, they passed a law requiring the state to maintain an online list of immigrants who are detained by law enforcement, who appear in court for any violation of state law, and who unable to prove they are not unlawfully present aliens. It provided no means for people to be removed from this black list if the listing is an error or if their immigration status changes. The Southern Poverty Law Center and its allies filed a federal lawsuit to stop this state-sanctioned blacklisting of immigrants, which could encourage harassment and violence.

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The Palestine Securities Exchange (PSE) Announces the Fourth of April its Listing Date on the Palestine Exchange

RAMALLAH, Palestine, March 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Ahmad Aweidah, Chief Executive Officer of the Palestine Exchange announced the listing and trading date of the PSE on the fourth of April 2012. The listing ceremony will be held in Ramallah on the fifteenth trading anniversary of the Palestine Exchange.

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The Diary of Anne Frank | View Events Calendar | South Philly Review

The Diary of Anne Frank .

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zenews – LivePerson dual lists on Tel Aviv Stock Exchange – Reuters

LivePerson dual lists on Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Reuters New York-based LivePerson has more than 300 employees in its Israel office, which is home to the company’s technology and customer support operations. “We view our listing on TASE …

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LivePerson Announces Commencement of Dual Listing on the Tel Aviv …

MimeType/@FormalName LivePerson Announces Commencement of Dual Listing on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange – Trading on the TASE commenced Sunday, March 13, 2011 TEL AVIV , Israel and NEW YORK, March 13, 2011 …

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Zohra El Fassia Documentary Premiers at 15th NY Sephardic Film …

(Israel, 2010, 20 mins.) Check out this listing and other listings on the Sephardic Film Festival’s website. I haven’t seen this yet but am very interested

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Brownstoner: Jewish Press Building Going Storage

When the Jewish Press Building at 323 3rd Avenue hit the market with a $10 million price tag last year, the listing broker speculated that the buyer would likely be someone planning to jump on the residential bandwagon in Gowanus. …

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