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Football school kicks off Palestine WC 2022 hopes – Video

15-03-2012 11:08 At a state-of-the-art football stadium in the Palestinian city of Al-Bireh, three-year-old Adam is trying to control and pass the ball as his coaches shout encouragement. The dark-haired toddler, who is not much bigger than the ball he is racing after, is one of scores of children attending a football training school run by an NGO called Palestine: Sports for Life (PS4L)

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Syd's Blog: Einstein On Zionism

Einstein On Zionism . Found these two quotes in the book ” Einstein Before Israel. Seems not much has changed re the JNF at least

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The Future of Reform and Conservative Judaism

But my guess is that this is the result of a rudimentary attachment to Judaism which they want to transmit to their children through their Temples – which have in essence become Bar Mitzvah factories and not much else.) The JTA reports that …

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Mariana Keramidaris: Tears of Gaza….

Tears of Gaza ….

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Middle East Reality: Eric Margolis and Stratfor's George Friedman …

Washington is trying to sustain the Egypt-Israel alliance that all Egyptians detest.

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Benson – Palestinians: UNESCO Will Help Us Bar Jews From …

There's not much about the site that's in doubt, including what Palestinian officials aim to do with the property if they get control of it — stop Jews from praying there. The stated reason: The massive stone structure built atop the …

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Israel Matzav: There's no hope for peace

Two days ago, I showed you a video in which 'moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen laid out his vision for peace with Israel . It's not much of a vision

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Private time with Elohim, prayer, Judaism, Rabbi … – Judaism Torah

Private time with Elohim, prayer, Judaism , Rabbi Moshe Leib of Sasov. Quote: “Rabbi Moshe Leib of Sasov said, “A human being who has not a single hour for his own every day is not much of a human being.” These are very …

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Why is Yemen different from Libya and Syria?: Voice of Russia

In fact, the picture shown by most world TV channels is not much different from what has been going on in Libya or Syria . Same stubbornness of the authorities and the same fervor on the part of the rebels. Small nuances like ..

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What's Next For Libya and Where Is Gadhafi? – Political Punch

ABC News' Stephanie Smith reports: The White House is touting the time it took to overthrow Libyan tyrant Muammar Gadhafi – a subtle bit of horn-tooting for the administration at a time when there's not much else to brag …

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Iraq wants continued U.S. presence | Midwest Voices

It's astonishing that it's taken this long, but the Iraq government doesn't do anything quickly. Of course in that it's not much different from our own. At any rate, the Iraqis have given the go-ahead for talks on a ..

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How To Visit Important Holocaust Memorials – holocaust memorials …

The Holocaust is an infamous part of history, but it is very important that new generations don't forget the mistakes of our past. There is not much to boast of in the Holocaust , save for the magnitude of impact it.

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Steam of Intuition: JEWS IN KERALA: Forum claims existence of Jew …

But not much is known about Jews , leave alone the existence of a Jew Street. Acting on a tip-off from Toufeek Zakariya, a Kochi-based history enthusiast, about the existence of a Jew Street, the forum launched a search. …

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Blogging Gaza: border opening fails to soften siege — New …

Having left Gaza one year ago, on her return Eva Bartlett finds that, apart from a new ice-cream shop, not much has changed in the occupied Strip.

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Salafist ideological challenge to Hamas in Gaza – News

Jon Donnison, BBC- Most of them were young men in their 20s.

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Free Jewish Dating Websites | www.NewsHotRam.com

The Jewish dating services have grow to be extremely preferred in recent years. Although there is not much big difference in the actual dating there are a lot.

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Muslim Bulldoze a Church in Pakistan: Muslim Bulldoze a Church in …

Your hatred towards wahabis can be compared to shia/sunni/ or ahmedi/muslim conflicts, muslim/ christian .. muslim/ jews not much different you are as you claim to be. and i am not a wahabi

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Sorry for not posting for some time but i am in a rush with time because i am going to college now so to shorten up posts will be here but not much as before. Tracks: 1-Toxic Holocaust – Bombshell Rock (Inepsy Cover) …

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Muslim Mama: How to Talk to an Islamophobe

Now I’m not much of a literalist when it comes to scriptual interpretation, but no matter how you slice it this is certainly not the same as calling Christian and Jews apes and pigs or calling other Muslims apes and pigs, …

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A Walk Around West Jerusalem; and, The Case of Gilad Shalit

3 August 2010 0945 (GMT +3) Jerusalem , Israel Another month down. The last few days I’ve been taking it easy, enjoying not being in school

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