Byrd G – Choices (Watch in 1080) [Trayvon Martin & Mike Brown Tribute] – Video

Byrd G – Choices (Watch in 1080) [Trayvon Martin Mike Brown Tribute] Another video from Byrd G one of South Bends natives! By: Tre Marquise

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The Honorable Senator from the South and the KKKC (Ku Klux Klan Cowboys) from the movie DEEP TOAD – Video

The Honorable Senator from the South and the KKKC (Ku Klux Klan Cowboys) from the movie DEEP TOAD This demented morsel comes from Deep Toad, the most whacked out something-upped drug war EVER! By: Robert Hubner

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S.Africa urges halt to Israeli settlements as Abbas visits

Israel's settlements policy is "undermining" prospects for a two state solution, South African President Jacob Zuma said Wednesday as he welcomed Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas on a state visit.

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24.11.2014 Ukrainian crisis news. War in Ukraine, DPR, LPR, Novorossia. – Video

24.11.2014 Ukrainian crisis news. War in Ukraine, DPR, LPR, Novorossia. 24.11.2014 Ukrainian crisis news 1) Pushilin allowed the OSCE observers to get access to the Donetsk airport 0:02 2) British journalist Graham Philips wounded in Donbass 0:20 3) Ukraine cannot… By: SOUTH FRONT

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Investigate apartheid-era spies – SACP

The South African Communist Party (SACP) has called on President Jacob Zuma to investigate apartheid-era spies within the Tripartite Alliance.

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Gay Marriage Comes to South Carolina & Montana! | Out There | msnbc – Video

Gay Marriage Comes to South Carolina Montana! | Out There | msnbc In this week's LGBT news roundup, gay marriage comes to South Carolina and Montana, a study shows heterosexuals do not approve of gay PDA, more! Subscribe to msnbc: … By: msnbc

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UK: Ten police officers investigated for cover-up of Muslim rape gang activity in Rotherham

What these news reports censor (apart from the fact that the rapists are almost all Muslim) is the unspeakable horror and degradation these underage girls suffered for years at the hands of these Muslim gangs. And these cops who ignored them and looked the other way knew — and refused to act. They should serve time for aiding and abetting Islamic sex slavery of children. But the British authorities are oh so tough when it comes to banning people like Robert Spencer and me. UK: Ten police officers investigated for cover-up of Muslim rape gang activity in Rotherham,” (thanks to Robert Spencer) 1,400 British non-Muslim children were gang-raped and brutalized by Muslims in Rotherham, and “several staff described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought as racist; others remembered clear direction from their managers not to do so.” These ten police officers are just being set up to take the fall. The real people responsible for these 1,400 abused children are those who, like far-Left hate campaigners Nick Lowles and Fiyaz Mughal, created a culture in which those who knew about this hesitated to speak out, for fear of being called “racist.” They are the ones who ought to be put on trial — Lowles and Mughal and their ilk. These police officers, if they did cover up the activities of these rape gangs, are just the symptoms of the problem, not its cause. “Rotherham abuse officers investigated,” BBC , November 18, 2014: The police watchdog is to investigate 10 South Yorkshire Police officers over the handling of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham. The officers are 10 of 13 referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) by the force. Two are not being investigated while a third officer remains under review. A report, published by Professor Alexis Jay in August, found the abuse of 1,400 children in Rotherham over a 16 year period was ignored by agencies. IPCC Commissioner Kathryn Stone said: “The amount of public concern across the country about this episode and the impact on confidence in the police means it is important that a fully independent investigation is conducted to establish how South Yorkshire Police dealt with child sexual exploitation. “I sincerely hope that victims and their families will see this investigation as a positive step towards answering the many questions they must have.” The IPCC probe comes after a whistleblower told the BBC she had regularly passed details about alleged abusers to senior police officers but they had failed to act. The 10 officers – some of whom are still serving with South Yorkshire Police – were identified in Professor Jay’s report, which detailed how children had been subjected to trafficking, rape and other sexual exploitation between 1997 to 2013. Allegations against them included failures to progress investigations into children being abused and the loss of evidence…. A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police said: “The force has met with the IPCC and remains absolutely committed to assisting them with their independent investigation in any way we can to ensure the full facts are established relating to any alleged misconduct. “We will fully co-operative with the investigation into the force’s handling of child sexual exploitation and anyone found to have not acted appropriately will be held to account.”…

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Gender equality is the next great fight in a post-apartheid South Africa

Many South African women who came of age under an apartheid government are still active in the fight for their rights. But no longer is the main issue race. Now, women and girls across the country are in a fierce struggle against gender inequality. South Africa is such a complicated place, with such a brutal history and race, class, and gender are all intertwined in there but people are really feeling like gender is the next big issue here, says The Worlds Jeb Sharp. Sharp is in Cape Town, collecting stories about womens lives inpost-apartheid South Africa for what will be part of a year-long reporting project from PRI called Across Womens Lives. There are endemic levels of violence and sexual violence, and activists are really up in arms, Sharp says. Theres a real feeling like, Enough with the patriarchy, and you hear all these conversations about [gender inequality] being the main struggle now. Sharp has been documenting her experience in South Africa on Instagram, and the portraits and scenes she has captured begin to tell the stories of some remarkable South African women. Zethu Matebeni, South African scholar and activist. “My mother is my role model. My mother represents freedom. It’s not a given. You have to yearn for it, and in yearning for it, you have to go and fight for it, but it always comes.” #Capetown #theworld #reportingtrip #strongwomen A photo posted by Jeb Sharp (@jebsharp) on Nov 11, 2014 at 8:02am PST Zethu Matebeni is a really interesting woman, says Sharp. Shes a black woman, a lesbian, and she works on LGBT and gay rights issues. And what is so interesting about the quote [featured in the Instagram caption] is that she feels that way about her mother who was in the struggle against apartheid partly because she, Zethu, grew up feeling accepted. And not only accepted but celebrated. And this was at a time when her peers were not being accepted and were being thrown out of their houses for being like her. And Zethu feels that in a place where it is dangerous to be a black lesbian, she can be out and loud and vocal, precisely because her mother represents this safe haven for her. Sharp also profiled Malika Ndlovu, a South African poet and performer.

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Judge Strikes Down Montana’s Gay Marriage Ban – Video

Judge Strikes Down Montana's Gay Marriage Ban A federal judge struck down Montana's gay marriage ban on Wednesday, one day after an appeals court rejected a request by South Carolina to postpone same-sex nuptials as more states allow… By: WochitGeneralNews

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For the love of hate speech

Six years later, former columnist Jon Qwelane still fights for right to call gay people names. Jon Qwelane sparked widespread anger when he wrote that gay is not okay. (Paul Botes, M&G) Julius Malema, now leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, agreed not to sing shoot the boer. Political puppet Chester Missing wants Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr to feel the heat for saying black people were culpable in the creation of apartheid and Hofmeyr wants Missing barred from complaining to his sponsors. But this week the case most likely to redefine South Africas rules about free speech will take another small step in a journey already six years old, inching towards what seems an inevitable turn in the Constitutional Court, as a former ambassador fights for his right to associate homosexuality with bestiality. It is gearing up to be quite the fight, pitting potential psychological harm against the suppression of religious expression, and an unrepentant writer against an unremitting human rights organisation. In mid-2008, when Malema was still in his first year as leader of the ANC Youth League and Chester Missing was not yet a glimmer in the eye of his creator, Conrad Koch, columnist Jon Qwelane took his pen to gay people in a way that brought the complaints flooding in. In a column of just over 400 words published in the Sunday Sun, he nailed his colours to the mast with the headline Call me names, but gay is NOT okay … accompanied by a cartoon of a man marrying a goat. The piece revolved around split opinions on homosexuality in the Anglican Church. Along the way Qwelane praised Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe for his unflinching and unapologetic stance over homosexuals and decried men kissing men in public, and so shamelessly flaunting what are misleadingly termed their lifestyle and sexual preferences. Homosexuals and their backers will call me names, printable and not, for stating as I have always done my serious reservations about their lifestyle and sexual preferences, but quite frankly I dont give a damn: wrong is wrong! Qwelane wrote. I do pray that some day a bunch of politicians with their heads affixed firmly to their necks will muster the balls to rewrite the Constitution of this country, to excise those sections which give licence to men marrying other men, and ditto women. Otherwise, at this rate, how soon before some idiot demands to marry an animal, and argues that this Constitution allows it? Anticipating the battle ahead, Qwelane pre-emptively said he would neither withdraw his remarks nor apologise for them, specifically naming the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC).

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19.11.2014 Ukrainian crisis news. War in Ukraine, DPR, LPR, Novorossia. – Video

19.11.2014 Ukrainian crisis news. War in Ukraine, DPR, LPR, Novorossia. 19.11.2014 Ukrainian crisis news 1) Lugansk militia leader throws down gauntlet to Ukraine President 0:03 2) NATO's Incessant Expansion Undermines stability in Europe 0:28 3) Ukrainian government … By: SOUTH FRONT

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Jim Crow and Apartheid segregation systems in Racist America and the Afrikaner South Africa – Video

Jim Crow and Apartheid segregation systems in Racist America and the Afrikaner South Africa Through non-violent and more direct methods, people rally to fight segregation in South Africa, and several racist states in the United States like Georgia, … By: Asso Blackisreallybeautiful

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Rise of the Ku Klux Klan . U.S. Grant: Warrior . WGBH …

At the time ofUlysses S. Grant’selection to the presidency, white supremacists were conducting a reign of terror throughout the South. In outright defiance of the Republican-led federal government, Southern Democrats formed organizations that violently intimidated blacks and Republicans who tried to win political power. The most prominent of these, the Ku Klux Klan, was formed in Pulaski, Tennessee, in 1865. Originally founded as a social club for former Confederate soldiers, the Klan evolved into a terrorist organization. It would be responsible for thousands of deaths, and would help to weaken the political power of Southern blacks and Republicans. Racist activity in the South often took the form of riots that targeted blacks and Republicans. In 1866, a quarrel between whites and black ex-soldiers erupted into a full-fledged riot in Memphis, Tennessee. White policemen assisted the mobs in their violent rampage through the black sections of town. By the time the violence ended, 46 people were dead, 70 more were wounded, and numerous churches and schools had been burned. Just two months later, on July 30, a similar outbreak of violence erupted in New Orleans. This time, a white mob attacked the attendees of a black suffrage convention, killing 37 blacks and three whites who allied with them. In this violent atmosphere, the Ku Klux Klan grew in size and strength. By 1868, the Klan had evolved into a hooded terrorist organization that its members called “The Invisible Empire of the South.” The reorganized Klan’s first leader, or “Grand Wizard,” was Nathan Bedford Forrest, who had been a Confederate general during the Civil War. White Southerners from all classes of society joined the Klan’s ranks. In the name of preserving law and order in a white-dominated society, Klansmen punished newly freed blacks for a variety of reasons, including behaving in an “impudent” manner toward whites. They whipped the teachers of freedmen’s schools and burnt their schoolhouses. But first and foremost, the Klan sought to do away with Republican influence in the South by terrorizing and murdering its party leaders and all those who voted for it. In the time leading up to the 1868 presidential election, the Klan’s activities picked up in speed and brutality. The election, which pitted Republican Ulysses S. Grant against Democrat Horatio Seymour, was crucial. Republicans would continue programs that prevented Southern whites from gaining political control in their states. Klan members knew that given the chance, the blacks in their communities would vote Republican. Across the South, the Klan and other terrorist groups used brutal violence to intimidate Republican voters. In Kansas, over 2,000 murders were committed in connection with the election. In Georgia, the number of threats and beatings was even higher. And in Louisiana, 1000 blacks were killed as the election neared. In those three states, Democrats won decisive victories at the polls. Nevertheless, the Klan’s violent actions proved to many Northerners that the South had not learned its lesson in the recent war. In this way, the Klan’s activities actually backfired. People realized that harsher laws would have to be passed in order to stop the violence and protect Southern blacks. And those laws were soon in coming. In the 1868 presidential election, Republican Ulysses S. Grant won the office with the slogan, “Let Us Have Peace.” Republicans also won a majority in Congress. Many Northerners, disgusted by Klan violence, lent their support to theFifteenth Amendment, which gave the vote to black men in every state, and the First Reconstruction Act of 1867, which placed harsher restrictions on the South and closely regulated the formation of their new governments.

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Gay marriage advocates get victories in Kansas, South Carolina – Video

Gay marriage advocates get victories in Kansas, South Carolina Gay marriage advocates get victories in Kansas, South Carolina For more Latest and Breaking News Headlines SUBSCRIBE to… By: Super News Planet

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South Carolina Must Allow Gay Marriage: Court

By Miranda Leitsinger A federal court on Tuesday rejected South Carolinas bid to temporarily delay same-sex marriages in the southern state a decision that could allow gay and lesbian couples to wed later this week. The 4th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals issued an order denying the states request to stay the marriages pending appeal. The states attorney general, Alan Wilson, said he would take an appeal to the Supreme Court. This issue has not yet been resolved nationally. It is still likely the U.S. Supreme Court will address conflicting rulings between federal circuit courts of appeal, Wilson said in a statement. Therefore, today’s ruling by the Fourth Circuit does not end the constitutional obligation of this office to defend South Carolina law. Lambda Legal hailed the courts decision and said gay couples could wed starting Thursday. “The end game is clear – marriage will soon be available for same-sex couples in South Carolina. This is a great victory for same-sex couples and their families because it removes one more hurdle to finally walking down the aisle,” Beth Littrell, a senior attorney for the group, said in a statement. The decision comes nearly two weeks after the 6th Circuit federal court upheld gay marriage bans in Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee. It was the first federal appeals court to do so three others have struck down such prohibitions posing a legal conflict that experts believe will force the Supreme Court to make a definitive ruling on gay marriage. The nations top justices declined to hear appeals from those three circuits in October, allowing the rulings favoring gay marriage to stand in the states covered by those courts including South Carolina. First published November 18 2014, 3:21 PM Miranda Leitsinger is a reporter at NBC News. She started this role in February 2011. Leitsinger is responsible for long-term enterprise and breaking news coverage. Her beats include recovery from natural disasters and mass shootings, the LGBT community, income inequality, immigration and the Boy Scouts.

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November 19, 2014  Tags: , , , , , , ,   Posted in: Gay Marriage  Comments Closed | The three Woolworths products causing the boycott

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18.11.2014 Breaking News: Ukrainian nazi are against membership in the EU and NATO. – Video

18.11.2014 Breaking News: Ukrainian nazi are against membership in the EU and NATO. Ukrainian neo-nazi party Praviy Sector is against Ukrainian membership in the EU or NATO. We are against membership in the EU or NATO. We have nothing against working with EU and NATO … By: SOUTH FRONT

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JSC earns national recognition

Jewish Student Connection (JSC) a national organization dedicated to engaging Jewish teens by establishing Jewish clubs in public high schools has been named one of North America’s top 82 innovative Jewish organizations in the “Tenth annual Slingshot Guide.” JSC has 17 clubs and more than 1,200 members in the South Florida area. The Guide has become a go-to resource for volunteers, activists and donors looking for new opportunities and projects that, through their innovative nature, will ensure the Jewish community remains relevant and thriving. Selected from among hundreds of finalists, The Guide called Jewish Student Connection “an organization that weaves Jewish experiences into the regular lives of teens at their public high schools.” Organizations included in this year’s Guide were evaluated on their innovative approach, the impact they have in their work, the leadership they have in their sector, and their effectiveness at achieving results. The organizations included in The Guide are driving the future of Jewish life and engagement by motivating new audiences to participate in their work and responding to the needs of individuals and communities both within and beyond the Jewish community as never before. Commented Florencia Schwarz, South Florida coordinator of Jewish Student Connection: “Jewish Student Connection is proud to be selected in this year’s Slingshot Guide, and thrilled to be part of the amazing community of innovative Jewish organizations included in The Guide over the past ten years.” Added Will Schneider, executive director of Slingshot, which publishes The Guide each year: “Slingshot is all about inspiring Jews to get involved in the Jewish community. After ten years the book remains relevant because it is a megaphone for exciting and meaningful projects. The target reader of The Guide is not involved in Jewish life, in part because they had no idea there were new meaningful Jewish projects springing up all around them. Organizations in Slingshot often receive added press and funding from those who read about them, but the deepest impact is on our readers who dog-ear and highlight their copy of Slingshot, excited about the potential of the Jewish community.” Selected organizations are eligible for grants from the Slingshot Fund, a peer-giving network of young donors with an eye for identifying, highlighting and advancing causes that resonate most with the next generation of philanthropists. Furthermore, The Guide is a frequently-used resource for donors seeking to support organizations that transform the world in novel and interesting ways. Jewish Student Connection exists to help high school students explore what being Jewish means to them, inspiring proud personal connection with the Jewish culture, the Jewish people, with Israel and with each other. By fostering a social atmosphere, presenting engaging and entertaining educational programs, and lowering the barriers to participation, JSC reaches a diverse range of Jewish teens from the unaffiliated to those already involved in the Jewish community.

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Fiddler's Hearth owner receives grandfather's war medals

SOUTH BEND In the middle of a brisk lunch crowd at Fiddlers Hearth Saturday, U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly presented the pubs owner, Terry Meehan, and his family, with two decorations and two service medals in honor of Meehans grandfather, Capt. Edward Meehan, a veteran of World War I. While a student at the University of Notre Dame, Edward Meehan enlisted to serve in the U.S. Army from 1917 to 1919 in Company D, 109th Infantry Regiment, 28th Division. He received the the Distinguished Service Cross for extraordinary heroism in action July 17 to July 18, 1918 near Monthurel, France. An online service is needed to view this article in its entirety. You need an online service to view this article in its entirety. Or, use your facebook account: Individuals who have a print subscription of the South Bend Tribune can activate their digital account to gain unlimited access to You need the 10 digit phone number without dashes on the account and your ZIP code to complete this process. Questions? Please write tosubscriberservices@sbtinfo.comor call our Subscriber Services Department at 574-235-6464. Long distance (outside St. Joseph County, Ind.), call toll-free 1-800-220-7378. Need an account? Create one now.

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14.11.2014 Ukrainian crisis news. War in Ukraine, DPR, LPR, Novorossia. – Video

14.11.2014 Ukrainian crisis news. War in Ukraine, DPR, LPR, Novorossia. 14.11.2014 Ukrainian crisis news 1) Donbass under artillery fire 0:02 2) NATO increases its presence near the Russian border 0:21 3) EU not ready to link increased military activity in Donbass… By: SOUTH FRONT

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Why didn’t NAACP congratulate Tim Scott? – Video

Why didn't NAACP congratulate Tim Scott? Don Lemon welcomes newly elected Tim Scott of South Carolina, the first elected African-American senator in the South since Reconstruction. By: CNN

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The Colbert Report: 11/13/14 in :60 Seconds – Video

The Colbert Report: 11/13/14 in :60 Seconds Stephen investigates Obamacare, gay marriage comes to South Carolina, and Jennifer Lawrence prepares for a possible freak-out. By: Comedy Central

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GALA Deaf Video Tutorial 1: Hate Crimes & Hate Speech – Video

GALA Deaf Video Tutorial 1: Hate Crimes Hate Speech A video tutorial in South African Sign Language (SASL). This is the first video in the series. It is about'hate crime' and'hate speech'. It explains what w… By: GALA LGBTI Archives

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GALA Video Tutorial 2: LGBTI Hate Crimes and Hate Speech (cont’d) – Video

GALA Video Tutorial 2: LGBTI Hate Crimes and Hate Speech (cont'd) This is the second video in the series. It is a continuation of the tutorial on hate crimes and hate speech in South Africa. If you are looking for general i… By: GALA LGBTI Archives

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GALA Video Tutorial 1: LGBTI Hate Crimes and Hate Speech – Video

GALA Video Tutorial 1: LGBTI Hate Crimes and Hate Speech This is the first video in the series. It provides information on violence and discrimination against LGBTI people in South Africa. It explains what is meant… By: GALA LGBTI Archives

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