Un-American Subversive Theatre: Parade the Leo Frank Broadway Musical Becomes International Cult Sensation

If you asked any of your friends, acquaintances, or family members, whether or not
they’ve heard of the Jewish activist musical called ‘Parade’, chances are most people
would likely shake their heads and say something along the lines of, “No, I’ve never
heard of it before”. Yet amongst theatre fans around the world, ‘Parade’ is a cult
classic. In fact, ‘Parade’ has been a major thespian feature in nearly every Western
nation across the world, including even far off Australia and New Zealand. Moreover,
what’s most striking is even though this Musical is more than 15 years old, it continues
playing out in new theaters across the United States, Canada and Europe to much fanfare and
rave reviews by leftists, social justice warriors, Anti-Gentile Jews and other people who
embody the universal force of entropy and regression to the mean.

If you don’t feel like wasting $$ on a ticket to see the show, you can watch it for free
on most major video sharing web sites like YouTube, but before you do, read up about the real facts of
this case from the The Internet Archive.

The Leo Frank Case Refuse to Gather Dust: The Celebrated Double Strangulation.

‘Parade’ the Broadway Musical, first launched in December, 1998, by two anti-Gentile Jewish
supremacists Jason Robert Brown (why the long face?) and Alfred Uhry (Jabba the Hutt), &
it uses a raped Christian teenage girl, who was strangled to death and mutilated in 1913, as a
cheap plot device, to humanize, lionize and rehabilitate a sadistic sexual predator and convicted
child-killer — Leo Frank the Toilet Strangler — because of his ethno-religion: Judaism.

Newspapers, Magazines and Internet: Media Reports Summarize the Affair.

The repeated theme of advertisements and reviews about this musical makes the Jewish
racial subtext clear and contentious, centering around the premise that Leo Frank
was suspected, indicted, convicted and hanged, because of widespread anti-Semitism,
not the facts, evidence, exhibits or testimony presented presented at his trial.
Fortunately however in 2010 the primary sources about the criminal case were published
online revealing what really happened and exposing generations of Jewish perpetuated lies
about the affair in the mainstream media and academy.

In the Wider Social Context: Jewish-Gentile American Culture War Born in 1913

For more than 100 years, the Frank-Phagan affair has been a fanatical cause celebre for
the well organized Jewish community, who believe the case should be perpetually retold
in the mainstream media and popular culture as an anti-Gentile morality tale, to remind Jews
and Gentiles alike that “not too long ago”, hate filled anti-Semitic European-Americans and
African-Americans from the “Old South” destroyed an innocent and nice Jewish boy from
Brooklyn. Also blamed by the Jewish Supremacists as part of the false narrative are newspaper
frenzies, police corruption, political ambition and bigotry. It’s the same old blame “the other”
strategy endemic to Jewish culture, used as a smoke screen to hide what really happened and
put people on the defense.

Since 1913, more than a dozen books have been written about the murder of Mary
Phagan and Lynching of Leo Frank, including several Hollywood style movies, a made-for-TV
miniseries (1988), docudramas (2009) and treatments of the affair in every modern media format,
with the expressed purpose of shaming European-Americans for their once prevailing cultural
ethnic solidarity — and oddly enough — this message is being pushed aggressively by the
most ethnocentric people since the dawn of civilization, who have a history of instigating
racial strife between different ethnic groups and causing financial problems in the countries
they choose to occupy: Jews, the parasites kicked out of 100+ countries over the course of many

Downtown Atlanta, Georgia, 1913: Southern State Holiday During the Jewish Sabbath

On Confederate Memorial Day, Saturday, April 26, 1913, inside a dingy shuttered factory
at the heart of Atlanta’s industrial sector, an infatuated serial rapist-pedophile, viciously
assaulted one of his teenage employees. The victim had rejected her boss’s creepy sexual
advances for the last time and paid the price with her life after being sexually assaulted.

In 1913, there were no clearly defined and established mainstream words for: acts of
sexual harassment, sex offenders, sexual assault, sadistic predatory child molesters or
serial rapist-pedophiles, other than some of the commonly used contemporary terms such as:
libertine, lustful, lecherous, rake, satyr, pervert and lascivious.

Little Mary Anne Phagan: Earned her nickname “Little” because she was less than 5 ft tall.

13-year-old child laborer, Little Mary Phagan (Born June 1, 1899), had been temporarily laid
off because the brass sheet metal had fully depleted on Monday morning, April 21, 1913, and
a new shipment had been late in arriving. Without this essential production material, there could
be no brass bands created for attaching at the ends of pencils, and therefore Phagan couldn’t
use the knurling machine at her work station in the machine room (known colloquially by factory
employees as the metal-room) to insert rubber erasers into them.

A Throw Away Detail? Monteen “Iola” Stover

An important detail rarely mentioned in nearly every retelling of this case is that not only
Mary Phagan, but four other girls had been furloughed until the delivery of materials was
slated to replenish supplies the week following the Confederate Memorial Parade. One of
those girls was a critical witness at the grand jury hearings and Leo Frank trial, named
Monteen Stover, who is represented as the naughty Iola Stover in this theatrical play.

National Pencil Company: The Machine Department AKA “Metal Room” on the 2nd Floor

Mary’s job was a business critical dependency in the factory’s manufacturing operations,
because securing erasers into the base of pencils was the last production stage, before they
were placed as neat bunches in waxy tissue paper, packaged inside rectangular monogrammed
boxes, before being loaded and shipped off for distribution nationwide in large crates.

During an average week in 1913, the National Pencil Company (NPCo) was grossing
between $2500 and $5400, which was rather impressive for a company born only five
years prior. The NPCo factory’s official founding date was: April 8th, 1908
(Atlanta Constitution Newspaper, April 8, 1908, The Internet Archive).

Major shareholders in this industrial venture were: Jewish stationary magnate, Sigmund
Montag, treasurer of the NPCo, and Leo’s wealthy uncle Moses, a shrewd cotton-oil
speculator, who entrusted his young Cornell educated nephew to manage the factory’s
business critical operations and accounting. Leo Frank began formally working at the
National Pencil Company on Monday morning, August 10, 1908, after spending nine
months in Germany, doing a pencil manufacturing apprenticeship for Eberhard Faber.
On Monday, September 7th, 1908, Leo Frank was promoted to the rank of Superintendent
at the National Pencil Company.

Saturday, April 26, 1913, Noontime: Five Years After the NPCo was Founded

At the National Pencil Company headquarters, located on 37-41 South Forsyth Street,
where the newer Sam Nunn building stands today, Phagan entered the anteroom of Leo
Frank’s second floor window front office at just minutes after high-noon. Standing in the
door frame, Little Mary Phagan said, “Mr. Frank?” and Leo’s lion-heart began thumping
quickly as he recognized the voice and gazed up, especially because now he was all alone
with the attractive child laborer who was dressed gaily in lavender dress trimmed with white
lace, one whom he had a crush on for so long and she had blossomed far beyond her tender

Many Violent Crimes of Passion are Over Jealousy: Beauty vs the Beast

Leo had fired the 6’4” tall and strikingly handsome payroll manager, James Milton Gantt,
about two weeks earlier, because of a $2 shortage in the petty cash payroll box, but it was
nothing more than a ruse. Leo knew Mary was very much into James, as she looked up
dreamily into his sky blue eyes, like he was her Knight in shining armor, and James looked
after Mary as well. Gantt had known the Phagan family very well for several years and kept
an eye out for Mary, since sweatshop factories that employed child laborers were notorious
for being places where sometimes young girls and boys were targets of predatory older men.

So the superintendent got the prince out of the way, so the jealous dragon could play!

An Infatuated Pedophile: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Mary was the one employee Frank was infatuated with, and couldn’t have because
of Gantt, she had spurned lecherous Leo’s obnoxious pesterings and subtle innuendos
since the Spring of 1912, humiliating his arrogant ego and making him ever more determined.
For an upstart like Leo Frank, who rose to the heights of leadership in Atlanta’s Jewish
community in such a relatively short amount of time — becoming Atlanta B’nai B’rith president —
he was a man who didn’t like taking no for an answer, so now he would finally get even!

Frank said “Hello Mary” in a nebbish voice with a Brooklyn-Yiddish accent. Phagan immediately
requested her pay envelope of $1.20 and inquired if the ordered metal supplies had arrived yet.
She was naturally concerned, because she came from a poor family with five siblings and
depended on the money. She curiously wanted to know if, whether or not, she should return
to work on Monday morning April 28, 1913. Leo Frank said inquisitively, “No, I don’t know” as
he pushed back his wooden chair screeching against the floorboards and stood up briskly.
While walking together into the machine room, located just down the hall, opposite from
Frank’s office, they made small talk about wondering if, Mr. Darley, had received the brass
shipment yet in a timely fashion, and stocked the closet next to the lady’s dressing room
where these supplies were normally stored, located just diagonal to the wall where the lathe
work station was situated in the metal room.

Although Leo Frank initially said “No, I don’t know”, in truth his requisition papers indicated
otherwise. Leo’s hand written business ledgers indicated the ordered shipment wasn’t to
be delivered until early in the following week. Saturday was Confederate Memorial Day, an
important Georgia State holiday, most of Atlanta was shut down and no deliveries would be
made because of the Parade. Outside the factory, the streets were filled with lively revelers,
walking to and fro. Most people were dressed in their “Sunday’s Best” and despite the somber
mood this holiday represented, there was excitement in the air under chilly overcast skies.

Most Jewish-American accounts of the Mary Phagan murder case
leave out the facts and details about what happened next…

After the 5’8” tall and 155lbs., Leo M. Frank, lured 4’11” tall and 107lbs., Mary A. Phagan,
into the metal room on the pretext of determining whether or not she would need to report
to work on Monday morning, April 28, 1913 at 6:30 o’clock a.m., however “upon realizing”
the metal hadn’t yet arrived, he used her temporary laid off status as a species of sexual
coercion, but something went very wrong, and took a violent turn.

Inside the metal room, Frank’s heart began to throb as he said to
Phagan — while his effeminate hand gently caressed her shoulder —
“Mary, If you still want to work here, I want you to be with me”. Phagan
became grotesquely horrified and said, “NO!” while she tried to swiftly
pass by Frank at his left side and run out of the metal room, but he checked
her like he was playing basketball for his class team at Cornell, as he
had done so many time before during all four years of college (1902 – 1906) —
blocking her escape attempt, and closing ranks, this time there was no
where to run, and there was no where to hide. She was cornered and there
would be no escape.

Flustered, Frank seized her with both hands, but Phagan jerked her torso,
yanking away and told him “I’m not that kind of girl, take your hands off me!”

At this point the incident had crossed the line and could no longer be played off as a
joke, as it had been in the past with so many other female child laborers (19 girls would
later come forward to provide affidavits and testify to his lascivious character).
Jewish pseudo-scholars for nearly a century would claim these girls repudiated their
affidavits, until they were proven false when Atlanta archivists in 2010 released the
Georgia Supreme Court Records showing otherwise.

It was then at that exact moment, when she spurned the ultimatum of her lecherous and
bug-eyed superintendent for the last time, denying the desires of an effete cockalorum,
who had earned himself a bad reputation as a libertine, amongst the child laborers at
the factory.

Terror Unfolded!

In an explosion of rage, like a bucket of bricks falling out of the sky, Leo Frank clenched his
left fist as his gold wedding band tinkled in the dim gray light falling from the grimy factory
windows, and then he pivoted, growling like a lion, swiveling, pitching a fist curve ball into
Mary Phagan’s right temple as she reeled back screaming in absolute horror. In a precipitous
storm of fury, his angry knuckles began hailing down in a flurry against her delicate feminine
cheek bones like sledge hammers on the chain gang.

Jim Conley who was idly seated on an old wooden crate next to the
staircase at the factory’s first floor lobby, while the assault was
occurring upstairs in the metal room, eerily described to Police, weeks
later, the sound of Phagan’s bone chilling echoing cry of mortified
agony: As a stuttering laugh that broke off into a shriek and then
absolute silence.

Leo Frank kept pounding Mary Phagan’s face in, blow after blow, while
the back of her head slammed against the the lathe workstation
belonging to machinist Robert P Barret, leaving behind bloody tresses of
her dark strawberry-blond hair tangled around its solid iron handle that
was shaped like an “L”. Why it was never cleaned up after the murder
tends to sustain the bespectacled Leo Frank’s irrational state of mind
and short-sightedness.

Phagan crumpled to the floor, passing out at the feet of Leo Frank
towering above, whose heaving chest was rapidly breathing in gulps of
stale air, as he looked down upon her with vengeance. Frank’s face was
flushed with blood and shivering with tantalizing sexual intensity as his
bulging black dilated eyes were exaggerated outward from underneath
his wirerim glasses. Frank immediately dragged Phagan by the shoulders
to the doorway of the bathroom in the metal room, tossing her over on the
old waxy wooden floorboards like a sack of potatoes.

Kneeling down, Frank then ripped off a 3 inch wide strip of Phagan’s
petty coat midsagitally, tearing upward vertically at first from the hem of
her dress up to her crotch and then turning across horizontally, followed
by tearing down to the hem again, he put the bunched cotton material
behind her head like a sponge, to soak up the slowly leaking blood from
the lathe wound on the back and side of her head.

Next Frank frantically hiked up and pealed open her torn dress, spread her tender
baby fat thighs, ripped and carved open her knitted underwear across the vulva
with a small pocket knife, all the way to the right seam, unbuttoned his pants, pushed
his dirty underwear down, and hocked a thick disgusting loogey of coffee and tobacco
phlegm into his left palm, right onto his wedding band, and moving the thick snot-like
spittle around in circles with his thumb, before massaging it all around the tip of his
rock hard, STD infected, 4” erect penis.

Then the Vicious Psychopath Raped Mary Phagan.

Her innocence was torn away, bleeding. Phagan woke up disoriented in
dizzying pain from unconsciousness, putting her arms and hands over her
black and blue eyes, sobbing and crying out repeatedly, “No, No, No”,
with tears showering from her swollen face, trying to roll away under Leo
Frank was impossible.

In a moment of shame and humiliation, Leo Frank was unable to ejaculate, and
seeing his whole life pass before his own eyes in Phagans tear-drenched face.
Knowing his reputation in the widely assimilated German-Jewish community of the
South would be irreparably harmed if she told anyone about what happened. Knowing
his wife from a prominent Jewish family would surely seek divorce in the aftermath of
this unforgivable incident. Acknowledging the certainty his family in Brooklyn would
without a shadow of a doubt disown him for his unspeakable crime… In a flash of
frightened clarity and fear, Leo Frank knew he would be disgraced if anyone ever
found out, and that he would likely be living out his life breaking rocks on the chain
gang or worse, strangled at the end of a hangman’s noose, so there was no other
way out, but to permanently silence Phagan, so she couldn’t tell; and that’s just what
he did…

Frank stood up quickly looking around the room, he frenetically pulled himself
together in a moment and grabbed a nearby 7 foot long jute cord hanging off a
nail on the adjacent wall. With white knuckle fists flexing, he strangled Mary
Phagan to death, burying the cord 1/8th inches deep into her tender throat.
He got up and stepped backward from the scene, looking upon what he had
done as Phagan’s unseeing eyes stared hideously into the dusty emptiness.
His mind racing, he stood there transfixed to assess the situation and later called
his Negro Janitor, James “Jim” Conley, to help him remove the body from the metal
room and dispose off the cadaver in the oversized basement incinerator. Though
things did not happen as intended.

Leo Frank’s Deliciously Conspiratorial Racist Anti-Black Sub Plot:

However Conley refused the final step of stuffing Mary Phagan into the cellar
furnace and instead he agreed to ghostwrite death notes on behalf of Leo Frank,
framing the newly hired Negro nightwatchman that nobody really knew, named
Newton “Newt” Lee of Afro-Caribbean descent.

Newt Lee in his trademark faded blue overalls, was an old, honest, married,
dark complected, balding, tall and slim African-American man with no criminal
record to speakof, who had spent most of his life as a lanky graveyard shift
security guard, doing his rounds, shuffling his feet in slow motion with a smoky
lantern, seemingly bobbing in the inky darkness.

Leo’s gambit was secure after he promised Jim $200, if he kept his mouth shut.
Because of the White segregationist culture of the South, Leo Frank thought
that in the prevailing racial separatist South, even if Conley ever blabbed, no one
would ever believe the word of a Negro employee over a Whiteman who managed
a prominent factory. Conley would surely hang or likely get lynched if there was even
a shadow of a doubt he participated in the rape and murder of a teenage White girl!

The Shocking Discovery in the Cellar by the “Night Witch”:

On Sunday morning, Newt Lee — who the racist Jew Leo Frank tried to frame for the
murder — punched the time clock at 3:01 o’clock a.m. at Frank’s second floor office,
as he was required to do every half hour during his rounds. Lee feeling the call of nature,
went down to the basement to use the racially segregated “colored toilet” for “dropping
the cosbys off at the pool” and upon completing his “bidness”, he went to check the backdoor
service ramp. It was then in the gloom at 3:15 o’clock a.m., he discovered the mauled body
of an unknown child, dumped in the rear corner of the basement, at the location where
garbage was normally placed, before being burned in the cellar’s massive furnace-incinerator,
regularly used for heating the drafty four-floor building.

Lee shuffled briskly to the head of the basement, shimmied up the ladder to the first floor lobby,
in the inky darkness and then clambered up the creaky wooden steps, hustled into Leo Frank’s office and
used the wall telephone to contact his sleeping superintendent, but after 8 minutes of trying with
no answer, he hung up the phone and called the police. 18 minutes later a hammer fist was pounding
on the glass door at the entryway of the factory.

First Responders

When the police arrived, they followed Lee into the lobby and down the 14 ft ladder below
into the 80 foot wide, 200 feet long, Stygian catacomb-like tunnel. With primitive flashlights,
immediately found tracks indicating Mary Phagan had been dragged 140 feet from the elevator shaft,
across the hard dirt cinders of the basement floor, before being finally dumped diagonal to the

The body was removed by a wicker basket to P.J. Bloomfield’s mortuary just before 4 a.m.
Upon examination by the mortician, astonishingly, the deep pocks and scratches on her
face, from being dragged in the basement, didn’t show any signs of bleeding! This curious
medical detail, forensically suggested to the Coroner, and undertaker that she might have
already been dead before being taken to the basement. Physicians had known for centuries
that when the heart stops beating, the bleeding-scabbing cascade in the healing process
on the epidermis (skin) no longer occurs. It was an unfortunate detail the murderer had
never anticipated, when trying to make the basement look like the initial crime scene.

The Fiendish Pervert

Phagan’s underwear that was still attached around her hips, was
soaked in dried blood and discharge. Her dress was moist from top to
bottom in urine, suggesting that someone had pissed all over her entire
body. Wrapped around her neck was the strip of her blood soaked petty
coat, hiding what was underneath, the 7 foot jute cord cinched in a loop
around her neck, snugly buried 1/8 inches deep into the throat.

The knot was found on the front right side of Phagan’s neck, suggesting a left
handed man had strangled her. Only a fraction of the population is left handed,
narrowing down the suspects, it was later determined that Leo Frank was left
handed and Jim Conley was right handed.

Phagan’s face appeared purple and contorted, and her tongue stuck out from her
mouth through her teeth one inch. There were wounds on the side and back of her
head, and two below the knees. The upper side of her shirt at the chest level had
be torn open revealing her left breast. Her hair and entire front part of the body were
caked with coal cinders, dirt and debris, presumably from being dragged while faced
down across the hard earthen floor of the basement. Oddly, her arms were reverently
crossed over her bosom.

Phagan’s pocketbook made from German silver was missing and the red flowers attached
to the front of her pale cobalt blue hat were also missing. Her parasol was found at the bottom
of the garbage strewn elevator shaft tray, a few feet away from a coil of human excrement,
laid by 27-year-old sweeper Jim Conley. Members of the Jewish community would crassly claim
for more than a century that the feces at the bottom of the elevator shaft is what indisputably
exonerates Leo Frank, this BS theory (pun intended) is now commonly referred as the, ‘Shit
in the Shaft’ (Steve Oney, 2003, 2004).

Police tried all night long to contact the sleeping Frank, but he didn’t answer the phone, even
though the telephone was located in the dining room, directly below him on the first floor and
ringing obnoxiously under the wooden floor boards of his second floor marital bed chamber.

Finally the police were able to reach Leo Frank on the phone in the early dawn hours of
Sunday, April 27, 1913, letting him know they would be at his home shortly. When the police
first arrived at the Frank-Selig residence located on 68 east Georgia avenue, Leo was acting
very nervous, shivering, struggling to put on his collar and tie. The half dressed Frank kept
delaying the process of leaving his home, asking repeatedly for a cup of coffee, but the police
insisted he come with them immediately.

Inside the squad car, Leo Frank nervously claimed he didn’t know his employee Mary
Phagan or any of the other girls at the factory who worked for him, and denied knowing
Phagan’s name when he saw her mutilated corpse on a cooling slab at P.J. Bloomfield’s

When did Mary Phagan collect her pay?

On Sunday, April 27, 1913 at 8:26 a.m., after police and detectives took Leo Frank to
his second floor office at front section of the Pencil factory, he opened his four foot
tall iron safe, removed the payroll ledger, and told the accompanying officers he had had
paid off Mary Phagan at about 12:03 p.m. on Georgia Confederate Memorial Day, Saturday,
April 26, 1913.

The next day (Monday morning, April 28, 1913) in the presence of his elite
lawyers (Luther Rosser and Herbert Haas), Leo Frank made a stenographed
deposition to detectives and police at the Atlanta station-house that Mary
Phagan came into his office between “12:05pm and 12:10pm, maybe 12:07pm”
on Saturday, April 26, 1913 (State’s Exhibit B, Leo Frank Trial Brief of
Evidence, 1913).

What Leo Frank did not know at the time of the sadistic rape-murder
is that 5’2″ tall, 14-year-old Monteen Stover (Iola Stover),
another little girl who had been laid off early in the week for the same
reason as Mary — because the brass sheet metal had run out — was
waiting inside his office all by her lonesome self. According to Monteen
Stover, she waited in Leo Frank’s business office from 12:05 p.m. to
12:10 p.m. based on his wall clock, hoping to collect her pay envelope,
but she left after waiting for 5 full minutes, because she thought the
building might have been deserted due to the state holiday.

Leo Frank’s Alibi From Sunday, April 27, 1913 to Monday August 18 1913

For 3.5 months, Leo Frank swore to the alibi that he never left his office
when Phagan arrived, until 12:45pm that fateful day, to go upstairs to the
fourth floor, but then on the witness stand at his trial on Monday afternoon,
August 18, 1913, he —- Reversed himself —- making a newfangled and never before
heard, ineluctable admission to explain why Monteen Stover had found his office
empty during the exact same time he had told the police Mary Phagan was with
him in his office (State’s Exhibit B, Monday, April 28, 1913; Monteen
Stover’s Testimony, Brief of Evidence, 1913).

Taking the Stand During his Month Long Trial: Leo Frank Changed His Alibi

Frank seated comfortably on the stand, said, “NOW GENTLEMEN”, looked
the jurors in their eyes and announced to a packed courtroom, that he
might have gone to the bathroom in the metal room to use the toilet or
urinate — at that critical time (12:05pm to 12:10pm) — and that those were
things that a man does “unconsciously”. (He would re-assert this incriminating
admission in a jailhouse interview published in the
March 9, 1914 edition of the Atlanta Constitution).

It was deliciously ironic for unbiased observers who simply wanted to
arrive at the truth, but for Leo Frank’s detractors, it was the equivalent of
an inescapable murder trial confession, because Frank had contradicted
and entrapped himself beyond escape in the metal room, where all the
forensic evidence (hair and blood) indicated a deadly encounter had occurred.

Alonzo “Lonnie” Mann (August 8, 1898 – March 18, 1985)

Leo Frank’s defenders would spend generations suppressing this testimony about
his “unconscious” metalroom bathroom incident and claim that all the best evidence
at the trial and modern analysis, indicates that Jim Conley assaulted Phagan in factory
lobby on the first floor, where there was no evidence found after the murder discovery,
except for seven decades later, when a senile octogenarian named Alonzo “Lonnie” Mann
(August 8, 1898 – March 18, 1985) — who was formerly Leo Frank’s office boy in 1913 for
three weeks — in 1982 came forward 69 years after the verdict, claiming he saw Conley
carrying an unconscious Mary Phagan and moving toward the Lobby’s scuttle-hole, thus
suggesting the disposal of the victim was by the stairs, instead of the elevator as Conley
stated, contradicting Conley’s testimony at the trial, where he admitted carrying the corpse
of Phagan to the basement for Leo Frank by elevator. Alonzo Mann’s revelations added
no new evidence to the case other than only changing the disposal path, and Mann lacked
veracity, because he testified to leaving at 11:30 a.m. in 1913, not Noon as he claimed in
1982. Alonzo Mann, also claimed Jim Conley threatened his life if he told anyone and this
is where his story began to defy commonsense when questioned about what happened thereafter.

70 years after the murder, Alonzo Mann, told journalists at the Tennessean newspaper
that he originally told his parents what he saw on that fateful day and they told him not to
say anything. It left most people incredulous, what White family would tell their son, not to
report a murder conducted by a Negro in the racial separatist South. And why would White
parents allow their son to report to work the following Monday morning, if their child had his
life threatened by murdering Negro. Why did Alonzo say nothing to police after Conley was arrested
and there was no threat of Mann being harmed? We can only speculate, but commonsense
tells us that Mann is lying. It was claimed that Mann was given a lie detector test, but the
video of it and the results from the machine’s printer where never shown to the public and
allegedly “lost”, before they could be scrutinized by independent experts.

The Subversive ADL of B’nai B’rith and Alonzo Mann, 1986

However, The racist Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith and powerful Jewish groups of
the American-Israeli Lobby used this questionable evidence given by Alonzo Mann, to secure a
posthumous pardon for Leo Frank on a technicality, thus the pardon was *without exoneration
for the crime* – a detail usually left out in most retellings of the Leo Frank Case. Though Frank
was not officially absolved of his crime, Jewish groups make it a point to leave out this salient
fact when they put historical markers at 1) Mary Phagan’s grave and 2) Leo Frank’s lynching site.

The Prosecution’s Theory: The Metal Room at Back of Second Floor.

The “unconscious” toilet revelation by Leo Frank on the witness stand was an earth
shattering retort to Monteen Stover, because earlier in the trial, Jim Conley said he
found Mary Phagan dead in the bathroom area of the metal room at the behest of
Leo Frank, who according to Conley, confessed to Jim about murdering her (Phagan)
there, because she refused to “be with him” (have sex with Leo Frank).

Forensic Evidence: Blood on the Floor and Hair on the Lathe

Employee witnesses for the defense and prosecution had already testified
to finding a 5 inch wide dried blood puddle diagonal to the bathroom door in
the metal room and about a lock of Phagan’s bloody hair tangled around
the solid metal handle of the bench lathe in the same room.

So it all came together at the trial when Leo Frank testified for nearly four
hours, rambling away and making numerous incriminating statements.

Had you been sitting in the Jury box or behind the judge’s Rostrum on August 18, 1913,
listening to Leo Frank’s explanation for why his office might have been empty, when he
had formerly claimed to the police he was in his office alone with Mary Phagan at that
exact same time, you would have involuntarily shivered as cold chills spilled down your
spine, but for more than 100 years, the Jewish community continues to wage an anti-White
racist defamation campaign against Gentiles, claiming Southerners framed Leo Frank,
indicted and convicted him because he was Jewish and later hanged him because he was Jewish.
The narrative that anti-Semitism was behind it all, has been perpetuated aggressively in
the mainstream now for more than 100 years and has become the popular culture dogma and
orthodoxy in the academy, but is the tide changing? Are Jewish lies finally disintegrating?

The Leo Frank Case has evolved into the longest running anti-Semitic Hate
crime hoax and anti-Gentile blood libel slander in the history of the United
States of America.

The conviction of Leo Frank galvanized the formation of the Anti-Defamation League of
B’nai B’rith in October, 1913, after the 500 member strong Atlanta B’nai B’rith voted
unanimously, (Atlanta Constitution, September 24, 1913), to re-elect their “wrongfully”
convicted and death-row inmate President Leo Max Frank to a second term as their beloved

Leo Frank ran the affairs of his B’nai B’rith chapter behind bars until September
of 1914, when he was not re-elected again for a third presidential term and as
his appeals were falling apart, primarily because of the criminal activity leaked
publicly involving bribing and coercing witnesses to change their testimony
(Georgia Supreme Court Records, 1,800 pages, 1913, 1914).

Jewry’s Racist Anti-Gentle Hate Crime Hoax

Leonard Dinnerstein (PhD Dissertation 1966 to 2012+ almost 50 years), Abraham Foxman (Op Ed
August 18, 2005) and ADL have been at the forefront of perpetuating the hate crime hoax that
people were loudly chanting “hang the Jew” and “Kill the Jew” outside the Leo Frank trial courtroom
that had all of its windows wide open during the proceedings, because of the hot summer days. This
is a viciously racist anti-Gentile Big Lie perpetuated by ADL and Abraham Foxman, Leonard
Dinnerstein, and many other hatefilled Jewish domestic extremists, spreading bigoted racially tinged
smears against European-American Southerners. (see the articles about Abraham Foxman’s hatecrime
hoax and Leonard Dinnerstein’s pseudo-history)

The Last Taboo of the Jewish Community: Pedophilia

Why anyone would transform a fiendish child molester and convicted
child killer into a martyr of anti-Semitism is incomprehensible, but
Jason Robert Brown and Alfred Uhry have made millions of dollars with
their musical ‘Parade’ performing literally globewide, falsifying
the official records of the Leo Frank Trial and rehabilitating a violent
child molester, who would be a registered sex offender today and likely
would be gang raped by HIV+ inmates in prison.

A dead little raped teenage girl, is used as a cheap plot device to
wage a vicious racist culture war against Southerners. Many people are
asking: Are these the treacherous people we want determining our popular
culture? Are these the people we want determining the theatre curriculum
in our public schools and colleges? Is this the group of people we want
dominating our mainstream media?

A broader question we might ask: Are these the kinds people we want as
our politicians, judges, teachers, professors, and civil rights leaders?!
Especially when they are so able and willing to lie?

Jews calling the Leo Frank Case an American Dreyfus Affair, or comparing the
Frank-Phagan affair to Menahem Mendel Beilis, for more than a century is more than
unconscionable chutzpah, its an act of racist insolence. The Leo Frank trial is being
relentlessly used as a morality tale for the purpose of shaming and deracinating
European-Americans into denying their tradition of ethnic solidarity and wrongfully
making Americans think they destroyed an innocent and noble man because he was
Jewish. This is the old mask of anti-Gentile defamation that began in 1913, with a
turn of the the 21st century face lift.

Lucille Selig

If you have even any doubts about Leo Frank’s innocence or guilt,
then listen to the silent echo in time and space from the spirit of
Lucille Selig Frank (February 29, 1888 – April 23, 1957).

If you ever get a chance, go to the Mount Carmel Cemetery in Queens, New York City,
visit Leo Frank’s grave, and look to the left of it and stare at the empty grave.
The empty grave was reserved for Lucille Selig, so ask yourself, why is it still
empty in 2013? If you have doubts that grave is still empty, go to the cemetery front
office at the gate entry and ask them if it is indeed empty or not, because they will
tell you it is absolutely empty.

You can actually write an official letter to the cemetery requesting
information about the Frank-Stern family grave site and they will
respond on letterhead, this is if you want more than just verbal proof, but
official proof about the emptiness of grave plot #1 located immediate left of
grave plot #2 where Leo Frank is interred.

You would think otherwise after reading all the insistent, shrill denials in
mainstream massmedia for the last 100 years; books, made-for-TV movies,
miniseries (Murder of Mary Phagan, Jan 24 and 26, 1988) and docudramas
(2009), including heart-tugging plays (Knights of Mary Phagan by
Jesse Waldinger) and even a Broadway stage musical (Parade by Jason Robert
Brown and Alfred Uhry) in New York that continues to spread globally like
wildfire – that suggest Lucille’s love for her husband Leo Frank was
eternal and lasted till the day she passed away and beyond her death.

So, once again, why did she specifically not want to be buried next to
Leo Frank? (She requested an Atlanta Park according to her Nephew Alan
and Harold Marcus, sons of Sarah Selig (sister of Lucille) and Charles

See: Georgia Magazine, Steve Oney, Features, Up Front, March 2004: Vol. 83, No. 2.

Finally, why were Lucille’s ashes not spread or buried next to Leo Frank?

Because Lucille was no feather brained step-ford wife when all is
said and done. If she really loved Leo Frank eternally, beyond the dog
and pony show of appearances, she would have been buried in, or
requested her ashes spread at, the empty grave next to him that was
reserved for her at the Mount Carmel Cemetery, but she left her own
verdict on the Leo Frank trial from the passing of her life, and the silence
speaks deafening volumes ever since she died long ago on April 23, 1957 of
heart disease (broken heart), just 3 short days before the 44th anniversary
of the Mary Phagan murder.

If you want to learn what really happened at the Leo Frank trial,
visit The American Mercury
on the Internet and read their August,
September, and October, 2013, Leo Frank Case reports. The
American Mercury
has published an absolutely superb multi-part
series on the centennial of the Leo Frank trial. It’s chock full of
images and thoughtful analysis, you would never get from other
sources, who erroneously and willfully go out of their way to
intentionally distort what happened in the Fulton County court
house 100 years ago (July 28, 1913 – August 26, 1913). Read
the articles in the American Mercury about Steve Oney and Leonard
Dinnerstein as well, uncovering their pseudo-history.

The Jewish Daily Forward www.Forward.com and Abraham Foxman www.ADL.org
are rabidly foaming at the mouth about the American Mercury and Leo Frank
research websites, because 100 years of lies that have aggressively been
pushed into the orthodoxy of social history are slowly disintegrating. Some
members of the Jewish community never dreamed the 1,800 page Leo Frank
Georgia Supreme Court archives would end up being published online at
the centennial of the Mary Phagan murder, April 26, 2013, available for
the whole world to read, but now there is no escape from the disturbing
truth revealed within these official records about Frank’s defenders.

100 Years of Jewish Censorship Coming to an End

Soon the world is going to find out about another child laborer Leo
Frank sadistically defiled, one year before Mary Phagan was raped and
killed. After the Leo Frank trial ended another little girl came forward
with descriptions of a harrowing incident… In 1912, Leo Frank raped
another one of his child employees, and when he was done ravaging her,
he slithered down between her legs and bit her so hard on the inner thy
adjacent to the vagina, that he permanently scarified her, but this
didn’t come out until Leo Frank’s appeals, because the girl had gotten
pregnant and was thereafter shipped off to a home for unwed mothers!

This is the story of a sadistic pedophile, who has been used as a seditious
bludgeon for a century to attack, defame, smear, slander, blood libel, and hate
hoax Americans! This is the man being held up as a holy religious martyr
of anti-Semitism and Gentile injustice. Phagan is the girl whose virgin blood and
strangled corpse gave birth to the financially and politically powerful
ADL, the racist anti-Gentile hate group masquerading as a civil rights
organization, who honor Leo Frank as heroic and whose trial is a
reminder that “not too long ago anti-Semitism, not the facts, convicted
an innocent man”.

We will never forget Mary Phagan and we will never stop fighting for
her honor until our very last dying breath. We will never stop fighting
against the century old culture defamation and race war waged by the
Jewish community, ADL, Jewish Groups and SPLC, against the South,
Southerners, European-Americans and all of Western Civilization.

Visit the American Mercury now and read the Leo Frank Trial Transcript
Analysis: www.theamericanmercury.org

Source: www.tumblr.com/blog/leomaxfrank (Warning Graphic Content,
Viewer Discretion is Advised, Must be 21 or older to view)

From Wikipedia:

Parade is a musical with a book by Alfred Uhry and music and lyrics by
Jason Robert Brown. The musical was first produced on Broadway at the
Vivian Beaumont Theater on December 17, 1998. The production was
directed by Harold Prince and closed 28 February 1999 after only 39
previews and 84 regular performances. It starred Brent Carver as Leo
Frank, Carolee Carmello as Lucille Frank, and Christy Carlson Romano as
Mary Phagan.

The musical won Tony Awards for best book and best score (out of nine
nominations) and six Drama Desk Awards. The show has enjoyed a U.S.
national tour and numerous professional and amateur productions in both
the U.S. and abroad.


The whole conspiratorial premise of Gentile anti-Semitism woven
through the 21st century production of, ‘Parade’, is to mask the Jewish
racism against African-Americans and European-Americans inherent
in the Leo Frank Case, which has become an agitation campaign to spread
indignation, insecurity and fear amongst Jews.

For numerous generations now, Jews have manipulated the Leo Frank case
into a fraudulent Jewish persecution themed fiction, meant to demoralize Gentiles,
especially European-American Gentiles. Some Jews according to the Holy
Talmud, don’t consider it a crime, if one of their own racial kinsmen pounds
in the face of a little White Christian girl, before ripping her clothes open and
savagely raping the child, moments before strangling her to death.

Parade is a Disgusting Mockery of Legal History

What this re-engineered Broadway play does NOT tell the audience is
Leo Frank botched a most diabolically racist intrigue, a poorly
orchestrated attempt to have the murder of Mary Phagan framed on two
African-Americans. That’s the dirty truth about the Leo Frank Case that his
defenders tried to suppress for 100 years. The other dirty little secret is
that Leo Frank changed his alibi on the witness stand and placed himself
at the scene of the crime, where and when the murder occurred.

Alleged Pedophile Alan Dershowitz and other powerful members of the Jewish community,
would arraign the Jury, accusing them of being blinded by prejudice, because they
convicted a Jewish Pedophile.

The Ugly Racist Jewish-American Culture Wars Continue…

More excellent sources on the Frank-Phagan Case include:

0. The Leo Frank Case (Mary Phagan) Inside Story of Georgia’s Greatest Murder Mystery 1913

The first neutral book written on the subject. Very interesting read.

1. The Murder of Little Mary Phagan by Mary Phagan Kean
(Available here on http://www.Archive.org). Written by Mary Phagan Kean, the
great grand niece of Mary Phagan. A neutral account of the events
surrounding the trial of Leo Frank. The Murder of Little Mary Phagan is
well worth reading and it is a refreshing change from the endless number
of Jewish and contemporary books turning the Leo Frank case into a
neurotic race obsessed tabloid controversy.

2. American State Trials, volume X (1918) by John Lawson
Tends to be biased in favor of Leo Frank and his legal defense team,
this document provides an abridged version of the Brief of Evidence,
leaving out some important things said and details when it republishes
parts of the trial testimony. Be sure to read the closing arguments of
Luther Zeigler Rosser, Reuben Rose Arnold, Frank Arthur Hooper and Hugh
Manson Dorsey. For a more complete version of the Leo M. Frank trial
testimony, read the 1913 Leo Frank Trial Brief of Evidence.

3. Argument of Hugh M. Dorsey in the Trial of Leo Frank
Some but not all of the 9 hours of arguments given to the Jury at the
end of the Leo Frank trial. Only 18 Libraries in the world have copies
of this books. This is an excellent book and required reading to see how
Dorsey in sales vernacular ‘closed’ the panel of 13 men, the trial jury
of 12 men plus Judge Leonard Strickland Roan.

4. Leo M. Frank, Plaintiff in Error, vs. State of Georgia, Defendant in Error.
In Error from Fulton Superior Court at the July Term 1913, Brief of
Evidence. Extremely rare, only 1 copy exists, and it is at the Georgia State Archive.

It is available on www.Archive.org

Three Major Atlanta Daily Newspapers: The Atlanta Constitution, The Atlanta
Journal, The Atlanta Georgian. The most relevant issues center around April
28th to August 27th 1913.

5. Atlanta Constitution Newspaper: The Murder of Mary Phagan, Coroner’s
Inquest, Grand Jury, Investigation, Trail, Appeals, Shanking and
Lynching of Leo Frank Case in the Atlanta Constitution Newspaper from
1913 to 1915. http://archive.org/details/LeoFrankCaseInTheAtlantaConstitutionNewspaper1913To1915

6. Atlanta Georgian newspaper covering the Leo Frank Case from

April though August, 1913. http://archive.org/details/AtlantaGeorgianNewspaperAprilToAugust1913

7. Atlanta Journal Newspaper, April, 28, 1913, through till the end of August, 1913, pertaining to

the Leo Frank Case: http://archive.org/details/AtlantaJournalApril281913toAugust311913

Leo Frank said Mary Phagan had been with him in his second floor, window front office on April 26, 1913,
between 12:05pm and 12:10pm (States Exhibit B). Leo Frank confirms he might have been in the toilet
where Phagan was found dead, at the time Monteen Stover said his office was empty (12:05 p.m. to 12:10 p.m.):

See the Atlanta Constitution, Monday, March 9, 1914, Leo Frank Jailhouse Interview

Tom Watson

8. Tom Watson’s Jeffersonian Newspaper (1914, 1915, 1916 and 1917) and
Watson’s Magazine(1915). Tom Watson’s best work on the Leo M. Frank case
was published in August and September 1915.


Watson’s five major magazine works written collectively on the Leo M. Frank topic, provide
logical arguments confirming the guilt of Leo M. Frank with the superb
reasoning of a genius criminal attorney.

These five 1915 works are absolutely required reading for anyone
interested in the Leo M. Frank Case. Originals of these magazines are
extremely rare and very difficult to find.

Jan 1915:

8.1. The Leo Frank Case By Tom Watson (January 1915) Watson’s Magazine Volume 20 No. 3. See page 139 for the Leo Frank Case.

Jeffersonian Publishing Company, Thomson, Ga., Digital Source

March 1915:

8.2. The Full Review of the Leo Frank Case By Tom Watson (March 1915) Volume 20.
No. 5. See page 235 for ‘A Full Review of the Leo Frank Case’.
Jeffersonian Publishing Company, Thomson, Ga., Digital Source


August 1915:

8.3. The Celebrated Case of The State of Georgia vs. Leo Frank By Tom Watson
(August 1915) Volumne 21, No 4. See page 182 for ‘The Celebrated Case of
the State of Georgia vs. Leo Frank”. Jeffersonian Publishing Company,
Thomson, Ga., Digital Source

Tom Watson: The Celebrated Case of The State of Georgia vs. Leo Frank

September 1915:

8.4. The Official Record in the Case of Leo Frank, Jew Pervert By Tom Watson
(September 1915) Volume 21. No. 5. See page 251 for ‘The Official Record
in the Case of Leo Frank, Jew Pervert’. Jeffersonian Publishing
Company, Thomson, Ga., Digital Source

Tom Watson: The Official Record in the Case of Leo Frank, a Jew Pervert

October 1915:

8.5. The Rich Jews Indict a State! The Whole South Traduced in the Matter of Leo
Frank By Tom Watson (October 1915) Volume 21. No. 6. See page 301.
Jeffersonian Publishing Company, Thomson, Ga., Digital Source:

Tom Watson: The Rich Jews Indict a State!

Tom Watson’s Jeffersonian Newspaper

9. The Tom E. Watson Digital Papers Archive, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: http://www.lib.unc.edu/dc/watson

There are Leo Frank cult members (Frankites) posing as neutral reviewers who do not want you to read Tom Watson’s five 1915 magazine works on the Leo Frank trial, read them and find out why! They are the controversial forbidden fruit of truth in the Leo M. Frank case that have been censored for more than 100 years. Because Jews are making up lies about Tom Watson, we need people to download Tom Watsons five articles about the Leo Frank case (Jan, March, August, Sept and October, 1915), translate them into every language and upload them to every online library in the world. (The March 1915 issue was “accidentally” deleted by the staff of www.Archive.org The Internet Archive, so that means download it, and then upload it to all the different free online libraries in the world, translate it to every European language)

Tom Watson Brown, Grandson of Thomas Edward Watson

10. Notes on the Case of Leo M. Frank, By Tom W. Brown, Emery University, Atlanta, Georgia, 1982. (This was “accidentally” deleted by the staff of www.Archive.org The Internet Archive, so that means download it, and then upload it to all the different free online libraries in the world, translate it to every European language)

Leo Frank trial analysis and review of books about the case of Mary Phagan:

11. 100 Reasons Leo Frank is Guilty by Bradford L. Huie

Leo Frank Georgia Supreme Court Record Archive:

12. Leo Frank Trial and Appeals Georgia Supreme Court File (1,818 pages).


Read two dozen articles about the rape-strangulation of Mary Phagan by Leo Frank the toilet strangler at http://www.liveleak.com/c/jambo2010

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