Franklin County Land Transfers, Feb. 17, 2017 – The Recorder


Judson Miles Rees Living Trust, Fred Hillard Rees, Trustee, to Helen Hillard Rees. 1453 Hawley Road. $1.

Helen Hillard Rees, by attorney, of Goshen, Conn., Patricia Steier, Attorney, to Drew M. Haerer and Mary May Haerer, of Charlemont. 1453 Hawley Road. $185,000.

Richard L. Stevens, Jr., and Sofia M. Stevens, to Silas Winthrop Clark. 1003 Apple Valley Road. $300,000.

Paul C. Skiathitis, to Jeffrey Calaski and Margaret Luther, of Greenfield. 48 Hillcrest Drive. $219,801.

Damon L. Whitaker and Susan A. Whitaker, to Stanley A. Hamilton Jr. Parmenter Road. $1.

Kimberly A. Battistoni and Gary R. Squires, by Longvue Mortgage Capital Inc. and Westvue NPL Trust, II, to WVUE 2015-1. 65 Hillcrest Drive. $50,000.

Stacie D. Mackie, to William P. Mackie. 8 Homestead Avenue. $1.

Evelyn D. North, of Leominster, to Bannish Land Preserves Inc., of Westfield. Greenfield Road. $30,000.

David Adkins, aka David H. Adkins, Philip Adkins, aka Philip M. Adkins, Elizabeth Adkins, aka Ellen Adkins, aka Ellen L. Churchill, to Angel Properties LLC. 4 Greenfield Road. $315,000.

John L. Knuerr and Anne Morrell Goodale, to David H. Adkins and Philip M. Adkins. 710 River Road. $315,000.

Brian M. Sullivan and Gordon C. Woodard, to Rosemary Reardon. 3 Adams Court. Unit B & Unit 22 Commons of Deerfield Condominiums. $218,000.

Franklin Sherburne II aka Franklin C. Sherburne II, to Franklin Sherburne II, Brenda Sherburne Pelissier, Debra A. Sherburne, and Rebecca Sherburne-Kula. 124 Plain Road West. No Consideration.

Robert Raymond, of Bernardston, to Jason R. Raymond. 32 French King Highway. $172,000.

Linda A. Haines, of Westboro, and Marilyn A. Cogswell, to Terry J. Narkewicz. 52 Washburn Ave. $210,000.

Brian E. Kynard and Sarah J. Kynard, to Bryan Marvell and Whitley M. Campbell. 7 Pine St. $214,000.

Scott F. Devlin and Alan C. Devlin, to Judith C. Devlin. 27 Sunrise Avenue. $1.

Judith C. Devlin, to Scott F. Devlin and Alan C. Devlin. 27 Sunrise Avenue. $1.

Karlson Properties, LLC, John M. LaPaire and Deborah A. LaPaire. 13 Cleveland St. $1.

Alan T. Lively, Gary M. Weiner, Trustee, to Lisa A. Morrison. 198 Wells St. $14,872.

Diane I. Letheren, Gary A. Lively, Gerald J. Lively, John G. Lively, and Philip L. Lively, to Lisa A. Morrison. 198 Wells St. $65,127.

Charles D. Hunting and Shirley A. Hunting, to Charles D. Hunting. 404 Plain Road. $1.

Charles D. Hunting, to Hunting Investment Trust, Charles D. Hunting, Trustee. 404 Plain Road. $1.

Kondaur Capital Corporation, Trustee, to JJ Smith Properties, LLC. 18 Armory St. $64,000.

Paul J. Levine to Helena A. Hughes, of Cambridge. East Road. $1.

Maxine Tillotson Revocable Trust, Phetney Cleveland, Trustee, to Phetney Cleveland. 76 Cushman Road. $1.

Phetney Cleveland, to Phetney Cleveland, and Earl Barron Cleveland II. 76 Cushman Road. $1.

Jose A. Diaz, to Jose A. Diaz and Zenaida Diaz. 66 Millers Falls Road. $1.

Melissa C. Kretchmar, to Benegan 2 LLC. 44 Turnpike Road. $106,000.

Adam Wenger Estate, Tina Wenger, Personal Representative, to Tina Wenger. 17 Montague Ave. No Consideration.

Kenneth A. Kuninski and Kimberly Z. Kuninski, to Kuninski Investment Trust, Kenneth A. Kuninski and Kimberly Z. Kuninski, Trustees. 9 Edgewater Way. $1.

Marguerite A. Riley, by Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, by attorney, Orlans Moran PLLC, Attorney, to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC. 17 North Main St. $76,260.

Catherine M. Mitchell, to Catherine M. Mitchell, Lance E. Mitchell and Kymberli B. Mitchell. 737 Millers Falls Road. $1.

David M. Bialecki, to Pamela Hammonds. 108 Mattawa Circle. $144,900.

So Mui Wong, to So Mui Wong and Lin Hua Zhang. 100 West Myrtle St. $1.

JJS SS & Son Development LLC, of New Hampshire, to Currier Road Holdings LLC, of Bedford, N.H. 549 East Main St. $375,000.

Ronald E. Pike and Elinor L. Britt, to Ira P. Houle and Cheryl A. Soloman, of South Hadley. 195 West Main St. $189,000.

Harris Realty Trust, Eric S. Harris and Philip J. Harris, Trustees, to Andrew R. Anderson. 211 North Main St. $137,000.

Judith A. Pierce to Colleen Carey. 37 Brittingham Hill Road. $262,230.

Arthur J. Anthony to Arthur J. Anthony, Jr. 2006 Revocable Trust, of Concord, Mass., Arthur J. Anthony, Jr., and Elaine M. Anthony, Trustees. Potter Road. Less than $100.

Arthur J. Anthony to Arthur J. Anthony Jr., 2006 Revocable Trust, Arthur J. Anthony, Jr., and Elaine M. Anthony, Trustees. Potter Road, Bass Hill Lot. No Consideration.

Arthur J. Anthony to Arthur J. Anthony Jr., 2006 Revocable Trust, Arthur J. Anthony, Jr., and Elaine M. Anthony, Trustees. Potter Road. No Consideration.

Arthur J. Anthony to Arthur J. Anthony, Jr., 2006 Revocable Trust, Arthur J. Anthony, Jr., and Elaine M. Anthony, Trustees. Potter Road. Two acres more or less. No Consideration.

Linda D. Lau, to Federal National Mortgage Association. 71 Locks Pond Road. $420,682.

Janet M. Hrynyshyn, to Sharon OBrien, of Troy, N.Y., and Constance Laurenitis. 57 North Silver Lane. $1.

Troy Santerre, aka Troy M. Santerre, of Northfield, to Anthony L. Faith, and Cynthia Faith of Florence. 146 North Silver Lane. $202,000.

Georgia M. Allen, fka Georgia M. Connor, to Scott M. Williams and Kimberly A. Smith. 891 Wendell Road. $45,000.

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Franklin County Land Transfers, Feb. 17, 2017 – The Recorder

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