Mystery artist leaves touching tribute to Anne Frank on banks of the Clyde – Glasgow Live

An artist has brightened up the riverside area of Glasgow by erecting an emotive plaque on the Kingston Bridge.

The hand-painted piece, which features a quote attributed to Anne Frank, has been glued onto the underside of the Broomielaw landmark, and will no doubt become a favourite for social media users in the city over the coming days and weeks.

The quote is taken from the young Jewish diarist’s book Diary Of A Young Girl, which was written while she was hiding during the German occupation of The Netherlands in the Second World War.

Starting her memoirs aged just 13, she wrote in the secret annex of an old warehouse in Amsterdam.

The book has gone on to sell over 30 million copies and has been translated into more than 67 languages since it was published in 1947.

The inspiring quote is one familiar with Anne Franks tragic life and legacy, with celebrities such as US President Donald Trumps daughter Ivanka among famous people to have shared it with her followers on social media.

The artist may be using the plaque to promote a theatre dramatization of The Diary Of Anne Frank, which is set to run for three nights at the Fort Theatre in Bishopbriggs in October.

Whoever has created the plaque, we hope they keep at it and brighten up some other empty corners of the city.

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Mystery artist leaves touching tribute to Anne Frank on banks of the Clyde – Glasgow Live

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