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Hell Storm Documentary Post Hitler Nazi Germany 1945 — Hiter Nazi Revisionism


BIG VICTORY!! We got this video censored in 25% of the world’s countries by relentlessly pressuring YouTube and Governments around the world to Censor and suppress this video. 25% down, 75% to go, help us get this video deleted, blocked and banned everywhere in the world, we have had great success so far!!

Please contact YouTube and get this video deleted, before someone uses to download this video and upload it to all the video sharing web sites on the Internet.

Link: Hell Storm documentary

Please go to IMDB, create an account and write a negative review of this film

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The Holocaust What’s True and What is False?

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The Most Anti-Semitic Website of 2016

The #1 anti-Semitic website of 2015 called  TruTube Video Sharing has been purged. This website was shut down after Jewish hackers in a multicountry attack wore out the owner of it and he gave up! VICTORY, thousand of hate videos were erased from existence forever and ever! The haters didnt get a chance to back up all the videos (we checked) so tens of thousands of hours in video making production has been expunged from existence. Special thanks to Hasbara Hackers United for their international work. Jewish hackers will see to it that eventually 100% of all hate material against Jews is erased from existence, no matter how many generations it takes.

The number #4 most anti-Semitic website of 2015 has been purged: Destroy Zionism No one had a chance to back up their immense collection of books and audio books, tens of thousands of hours worth of work erased from existence. Jewish hackers will see to it that eventually 100% of all hate material against Jews is erased from existence, no matter how many generations it takes.


For 2016, based on SPLC and ADL research, we have determined the Daily Stormer is the most Anti-Semitic website in the world. Please contact their ISP and demand they shut down this pernicious hate website, before its articles propagate all over the Internet in other languages. Anti-Semitism has been on the fringe since its epic defeat in 1945, but is moving toward the mainstream in 2015 and 2016 with websites like,, and being cited regularly by mainstream media sources.

1. The Daily Stormer: – One of the most popular alt-right hate news websites in the world. We were very successful in getting it blocked in several European countries.

2. Storm Front – the post popular hate forum in the world, blocked by Canada, and most countries in Europe. We were successful in getting this website blocked in Italy.

3. VNN Forum – Alex Linder is very dangerous, he is in the process of turning the most Anti-Semitic books ever written into audio-books. Don’t let those audio-books get spread on YouTube or other media sharing websites, please report this one to the authorities. We were successful in getting this website blocked in Italy.

4. Holocaust Deprogramming Course – do whatever it takes to get these videos deleted of YouTube, turn the pressure up. This website is blocked in Canada and Europe. Please help us get these videos deleted from YouTube before the propagandists use to download them and then re-upload it to other video sharing web sites. Tied for fourth is #5. Holocaust Handbooks which ranked as the fifth most anti-Semitic website in the world for 2015, make sure none of these books get listed on and we hope it gets shut down before its books get any chance to propagate

5. Leo Frank Case and Trial Research Library – The kangaroo court trial of Atlanta B’nai B’rith President Mr. Leo Max Frank resulted in his conviction and galvanized B’nai B’rith to found Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith about a month or so later in October 1913. This horrifying research website by John de Nugent claims ADL was born in the blood of Mary Phagan and alleges the evidence against Leo Frank is what soundly convicted him, not Anti-Semitism. This hate website says it’s dedicated to undoing 100 years of “Jewish Supremacist” and anti-Gentile propaganda by making the original legal documents of the case available online. Please press everywhere to have countries ban it from the Internet. Please sign up to Wikipedia and lets try to remove any evidence that’s incriminating of Leo Frank on his article entry.

6. Sonnenrad TV – we were successful in getting TruTube.TV shut down after relentless attacks against them, but then its replacement sprung up to darken the internet with anti-Semitism.

7. OmniPhi Media – Using compelling graphics, stock footage and imagery to spread the specter of falsehood about Jews. –

#8. White Girl Bleed A lot (racist)

#9 Metapedia – the anti-Semitic alternative to Wikipedia, which haters claim is controlled by Jews.

#10. is so anti-Semitic that it needs to be listed several times.

#11 White Rabbit Radio

#12 Council for Conservative Citizens

#13 American Renaissance

#14 Creativity Movement

#15 What really Happened

#16. Abate the Hate

#17 Kevin Alfred Strom who is described by the SPLC as the last intellectual of the White supremacist movement.

#18. Veteran News Now

#19 White Biocentrism *Dangerously Fermenting*

#20 Renegade Broadcasting

#21 The White Voice

#22 The PDF Archive

#23 The West’s Darkest Hour

#24 Iran Holocaust Denial Cartoon Contest

#25 John De Nugent’s Holocaust Deprogramming page (Please try to get all these videos deleted off the Internet!!)

#26 Daily Stormer

#27 Incogman

#28 David Duke

See below for 2015: The Most Anti-Semitic and Racist Websites of 2015

2015: The Most Anti-Semitic Websites of 2015

The Most Anti-Semitic and Racist Websites of 2015

See below for 2014: The Most Anti-Semitic and Racist Websites of 2014

2014: The Most Anti-Semitic Websites of 2014

Suppression Experts: The Most Effective Way Of Censoring Hate

Special thanks to a follower of for recommendations. “They Can’t” has been at the forefront of getting videos deleted and censored off of many video sharing sites. More than 1,000 hate videos and counting have been shut down!!! The key is to get the hate videos deleted as quickly as possible, before people can make copies of them using many of the apps available and then post them on other video sharing sites. This web tool is making it possible for haters to download videos and then re-upload them elsewhere.

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Anti-Semitic and Racist Websites to Monitor for the Year 2014

Sai Baba – “All action results from thought, so it is thoughts that matter.”

Do you think this is a game? Hate is NOT growing exponentially on the Internet, but its web traffic visitation is.

Why should 21st century hate be characterized as illegal thought crimes? Because thoughts become actions. The hate begins in the mind with thoughts, then comes to life with the action of the hate crimes, not vice versa. The book 1984 instilled this irrational fear of outlawing modern free speech when it comes to insensitive words at one end of the spectrum and thought crimes on the other end of the spectrum. Have you noticed that when someone thinks and then plans carefully about killing, rather than murdering at the spur of the moment, or even by accident, its called premeditated and has enhanced penalties? Have you noticed when someone commits a crime of violence with racism in mind, its called a hate crime? Thoughts proceed actions, not the reverse. Thoughts do matter, and certain thoughts should be made illegal, because they lead to hate crimes. If someone killed you because they didn’t like the ethnic variety of your hair, the shape of your nose or tint of your skin, wouldn’t you want people’s thoughts like that to have far greater fear of penalties associated and setup against them by our society? Think about it, murder because of aesthetics or ones beliefs is hate at its worst. If we could criminalize thoughts, it would go a long way to stop hate. The sites listed below are blocked in most countries world wide, and via some ISPs in the United States, but not others, making the fight to censor hate speech a long term battle.  Social media like twitter and facebook have given the fringe a new outlet to reach the masses and they are having incredible success. Send us a donation!

Hate goes mainstream

Gutter Racism and low grade web design is a lot harder to find these days on hate sites, which is why they are even more insidiously polished than they were in the last 20 years. Some hate sites are verging on looking like independent mainstream media sites that easily fool people. Haters are starting to appeal to the masses by false reason, through videos and imagery, rather than instinct. Gentile extremism and patriotic ethnocentric ideologies are centrally based on thoughts involving prejudice, bigotry and followed by open hate speech, falsely criticizing cultures, or alleged behaviors of other races (usually Jews). Yet at one time, not long ago, white separatist groups used to be at the fringe of society and have butt ugly web sites. Today far right organizations of every type have blossomed in number according to the superb research of SPLC Southern Poverty Law Center, Morris Dees and Mark Potok. And concerning its cousin the ADL, Abraham Foxman in 50 years has transformed Anti-Defamation League into thee premiere international juggernaut of Jewish Civil Rights Organizations.

Many hate groups which were formed long ago and were relatively unknown to the masses less than a decade ago, are now mystifyingly moving toward the mainstream as of 2014. Yet despite the fact that 99% of Pro-White websites that ever existed in the last 20 years, have been forced off the Internet, new generations of savvy web-hate blogs have been launched with alarming slickness. Though some argue domestic extremists are only the tip of the iceberg, compared to Islamic extremism, which is definitely an even bigger threat to the Jewish people underneath the surface of the digital ocean.

These web sites listed below at one time got relatively little web traffic and very few people were interested in their social-political movements, but now they are in the top 1% of  Internet world traffic, in terms of new people landing upon them for the first time, and returning on a regular basis in hopes of updates! This is a shocking development, so don’t sit on your hands people! Please report Internet hate when you see it to us, on our contact page. Help STOP the HATE! The danger is that these sites are striving hard to look more professional, with every passing year. What do we do if they start looking like independent mainstream media sites, and capture millions of readers? They have the potential to radicalize the entire planet Earth and tip the balance against the Jewish people.

Tor Browser (surfing), Jitsi (chat) and cryptocash (bitcoin)

The biggest danger of these anti-semite-sites is that many of them are able to solicit donations through untraceable cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin for instance (there are literally hundreds of cryptocurrencies out there now), or use the mainstream digital cash systems, like paypal to receive money. Though paypal has been cooperative when we ask them to delete people’s accounts we don’t like, so that isn’t so much of a problem, as other methods. In the past, credit card companies were easy to call and convince them to shut down these groups capacity to receive donations, but today, more of these sites are embracing the growing number of digital cryptocurrencies that simply can not be easily controlled. The number of cryptocurrencies are growing exponentially, helping to turn some of these extremist freaks into overnight millionaires due to their speculation. We must boycott bitcoin for bit-hate sake and every other cryptocurrency monetary systems that enables these kinds of groups to flourish cryptofascistly. We should be very alarmed by the fact extremist groups are embracing digital coins of every sort, because if the trend continues, they could use them to debase fiat money like US Dollar, Euro and Shekel, which are currently the world’s reserve currencies.

The other major problem is the NSA spy scandals (thank the asshole snowden and assange) have inspired extremists to learn how to use proxy servers, Tor Browser, Jitsi, Linux, PGP and encryption technology, making it nearly impossible to track them and read their emails. You might think this is an invasion of privacy, until 9-11 part 2 and realize that mass surveillance actually helps keep us safe from domestic terrorism. Have you noticed, there hasn’t been another 9-11? You can thank the NSA for that fact that mass spying actually works.

Submit sites for reporting

Please email us if you know of any hate web sites we missed or forgot to add to these list. We intend to report this growing list to the ADL or SPLC, and ask them to pressure the ISPs hosting these sites, to block them, shut them down, and delete them for good. We also intend to report this growing list to European countries to request that they block these odious view points. We have been amazingly successful in having hundreds of web sites blocked in countries all over the world. We are fighting Internet hate one site at a time. Us the contact form to recommend sites for monitoring.

#0. Metapedia

#1. David Duke

#2. Kevin MacDonald

#3. John de Nugent (Hasbara hackers attacked this site so much it forced John Duh Nugent to consolidate his website efforts)

#4. Rebel of Oz

#5. True Tube Video Sharing (WE GOT IT PURGED FROM INTERNET!!)

#6. Destroy Zionism (WE GOT IT PURGED FROM INTERNET!!)

#7. Storm Front

#8. Solar General and

#9. White Network

#10. Vanguard News Network

#11. Council of Conservative Citizens

#12. Unity of Nobility:

#13. Zundel Site

#14. Grizzom

#15. Leo Frank Library (We are succeeding in getting this website blocked by countries all over the world!!)

#16. Kevin Alfred Strom

#17. National Vanguard

#18. Christian Truth Tellers

#19. Ugly Truth

#20. White Rabbit Radio

#21 Free America Rally

#22 Exposing the Holocaust Hoax Archive

#24 Violence Against Whites
– A web site that ignores the centuries of violence against non-Whites and Jews.

#25 End Zog

#26 Aletho News

#27 Total Fascism

#28 Holy War

#29 Hot K Blog

#30 Aryan Legacy White Transhumanism (WE GOT IT PURGED FROM INTERNET!!)

#31 Culture Wars

#32 Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax by Eric Hunt

#33 European Knights Project

#34 What Really Happened?

#35. New Observer Online

DISCLAIMER: not all the sites listed above or below are anti-Semitic, some of them are deeply cryptic about it or not at all. Some of these sites are not anti-Semitic on this article.

More to come.
Thirty Five Web sites in the top 1% of web traffic in the world according to

This is a frightening development that so-called “White Liberationists”, “White Civil Rights” and “White Human Rights Activists” who are really nothing more than odious separatists, have moved from the bleeding edge fringe of social obscurity toward reaching the mainstream. Even worse is the fact that many anti-Semitic written works are being translated into every major European and Middle Eastern language. David Duke who wrote three major anti-Semitic books, has seen them translated by independent extremist activists into more than a dozen languages without the authors permission. Please monitor these hate sites, and report any other hate sites on the Internet that are popular, so we can contact their Internet Service Providers requesting to have them removed from the web.

35. White Genocide Project (729,537)
34. Racist Jokes (726,488)
33. Traditionalist Youth Network (723,960)
32. ANU News (715,306)
31. White News Now (560,034)
30. Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (486,368)
29. Darkmoon (484,342)
28. The Political Cesspool (461,837)
27. Incog Man (458,251)
26. Institute for Historical Review (422,141)
25. Gun Owners of America (398,158)
24. Vanguard News Network (378,082)
23. The White Network (339,528)
22. (338,896)
21. Southern Nationalist Network (337,160)
20. Western Voices World News (242,358)
19. Occidental Dissent (218,785)
18. Alternative Right* (215,085)
17. (210,308)
16. The White Voice (199,774)
15. The Occidental Observer (179,043)
14. The White Resister (171,731)
13. Counter-Currents Publishing (163,062)
12. Total Fascism (155,609)
11. NumbersUSA (118,819)
10. The British Resistance (114,141)
9. VDARE (106,297)
8. British National Party (104,852)
7. Vanguard News Network Forum (83,704)
6. TruTube.Tv (71,377)
5. The Daily Stormer (58,629)
4. American Renaissance (53,290)
3. Metapedia (47,966)
2. Top Conservative News (46,982)
1. Stormfront (15,237)

Hate Chat:

Professional Mainstream Anti-Semitic Groups,0

Fair Usage Law

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Canada: Criticism of Israel is the New Anti-Semitism

Nearly two years after the first hearings were held in Ottawa, the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition fto Combat Anti-Semitism (CPCCA) released a detailed report on July 7 that found that anti-Semitism is on the rise in Canada, especially on university campuses.

While the CPCCA’s final report does contain some cases of real anti-Semitism, the committee has provided little evidence that anti-Semitism has actually increased in Canada in recent years. Instead, it has focused a disproportionate amount of effort and resources on what it calls a so-called “new anti-Semitism”: criticism of Israel.

Indeed, the real purpose of the CPCCA coalition seems to be to stifle critiques of Israeli policy and disrupt pro-Palestinian solidarity organizing in Canada, including, most notably, Israeli Apartheid Week events. Many of the CPCCA’s findings, therefore, must be rejected as both an attack on freedom of speech and freedom of protest, and as recklessly undermining the fight against real instances of anti-Semitism.

The CPCCA and its findings

The Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism (CPCCA) was born out of a conference held in London in February 2009 by the Inter-Parliamentary Committee for Combating Anti-Semitism. Formed in March 2009 and not directly linked to the Canadian government, or to any NGO or advocacy group, the CPCCA included 22 Canadian Parliament members from across party lines. Former Liberal MP Mario Silva chaired the Inquiry Panel and Conservative MP Scott Reid led the Steering Committee.

Between November 2009 and January 2010, the CPCCA held ten separate hearings during which time representatives of various non-governmental organizations, religious institutions, police departments and Canadian and Israeli universities presented papers meant to assess the level of anti-Semitism in Canada. While groups critical of Israel were denied the chance to address the committee, major Zionist organizations like B’nai Brith Canada, Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies, and the Canadian Jewish Congress were welcomed.

“Much of today’s anti-Semitism manifests in anti-Israel agitation around boycotts, divestment and sanctions,” said Avi Benlolo, President and CEO of the Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies, during a hearing in November 2009. “It deploys an unfair double standard against the Jewish state, singling out of Israel alone for one-sided, harsh criticism and calls for punitive actions.”

Throughout the consultation process, the CPCCA regularly focused on Canadian university campuses, which were routinely described as hotbeds of anti-Semitism, where Jewish students or students with pro-Israel leanings are often intimidated and threatened. This accusation was made repeatedly, and included in the CPCCA’s final report, despite the fact that Dr. Fred Lowy, President Emeritus of Concordia University in Montreal, stated in his address to the CPCCA that, “by and large, Canadian campuses are safe and are not hotbeds of anti-Semitism of any kind”.

In its final report, the CPCCA made about two dozen recommendations on how best to fight anti-Semitism in Canada. While the report states that “criticism of Israel is not anti-Semitic, and saying so is wrong”, it also found that “singling Israel out for selective condemnation and opprobrium … is discriminatory and hateful” and many of its recommendations deal with combating this “new anti-Semitism”.

A major recommendation issued by the CPCCA was that the Canadian government should promote the working definition of anti-Semitism used by The European Union Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC). This definition categorizes “applying double standards by requiring of [Israel] a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation” as anti-Semitic.

In other words, the CPCCA is supporting a definition whereby individuals who focus their attention on Israeli human rights violations, yet don’t level an equal amount of condemnation on other states for their human rights violations, can be labeled as anti-Semitic. This is obviously problematic since Palestine solidarity activists – like any other people – have commitments that make it impossible to engage with every issue they are otherwise interested in. They shouldn’t be labeled as anti-Semitic due to their inability to participate in every single human rights struggle happening around the world.

Another dangerous recommendation made by the CPCCA was that Canadian university administrators should condemn “discourse, events and speakers which are untrue, harmful, or not in the interest of academic discourse, including Israeli Apartheid Week”. Even the use of the word “apartheid” in relation to Israel is anti-Semitic, the CPCCA found, since it amounts to the “denial of the Jewish people their right to self- determination … by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor”.

This clearly violates freedom of speech and an open exchange of ideas at Canadian universities, and also unfairly and inaccurate labels Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) as anti-Semitic. In reality, IAW has since 2005 brought together respected activists, academics, journalists and cultural figures from around the world, including Judith Butler, Ronnie Kasrils, Noam Chomsky and Ali Abunimah, among others, to openly discuss ideas related to Israel/Palestine.

IAW provides an educational space for understanding Israel’s apartheid policies – as evidenced, for example, through the separate legal systems used by Israelis and Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank or the discriminatory land ownership laws operating inside Israel – and supports the growing campaign for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS), which aims to non-violently pressure Israel to respect international law. It is far from the “uniformly well-organized, aggressive [campaign] designed to make the Jewish state and its supporters pariahs” the CPCCA report makes it out to be.

The CPCCA also recommended that the Canadian Committee of Foreign Affairs undertake a study on the United Nations Human Rights Council, “particularly regarding its over-emphasis of alleged human rights abuses by Israel, while ignoring flagrant human rights abuses of other member states”.

This clearly demonstrates how the committee has confounded anti-Semitism with criticism of Israel, and is prepared to levy dubious suspicions against UN bodies and tarnish Canada’s international standing in the process.

In a statement released on July 8, Thomas Woodley, President of Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME), said that the CPCCA’s recommendations, “if implemented, will inhibit public discussion of Israel’s conduct”.

“CJPME believes that conclusions and recommendations generated by a process in which the same body – the CPCCA – is prosecutor, jury, and judge, are not credible. Although a few of the witnesses recounted incidents that were indeed indicative of genuine anti-Semitism, many were complaining about merely being exposed to criticism of the Israel’s conduct,” the CJPME press release stated.

Independent Jewish Voices (IJV) Canada also criticized the committee, stating that “the CPCCA’s goal is to criminalize criticism of Israel and Zionism, not to hold impartial hearings. Therefore, we oppose the CPCCA as an ideologically biased organization with an agenda that will harm free speech and human rights activity in Canada. We oppose the CPCCA’s Orwellian distortion of anti-Semitism. It is a danger to both Canadian liberties and to the genuine and necessary fight against anti-Semitism.”

Reflection of official Canadian policy

While labeling critics of Israeli policy as anti-Semitic is nothing new, the level at which this accusation is now being used in Canadian discourse must be seen as a reflection of the Canadian government’s official and current policy on the Middle East.

“When Israel, the only country in the world whose very existence is under attack, is consistently and conspicuously singled out for condemnation, I believe we are morally obligated to take a stand. Demonization, double standards, de-legitimization, the three D’s, it is the responsibility of us all to stand up to them,” Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said in 2010 at the Ottawa Conference on Combating Anti-Semitism, which was supported by the CPCCA. Harper added:

“Harnessing disparate anti-American, anti-Semitic and anti-Western ideologies, it targets the Jewish people by targeting the Jewish homeland, Israel, as the source of injustice and conflict in the world and uses, perversely, the language of human rights to do so. We must be relentless in exposing this new anti-Semitism for what it is.”

Under Harper, Canada has routinely defended Israeli intransigence and disregard for international law and the human rights of the Palestinian people under its control. In return, trade cooperation and military and security technologies ties have been strengthened between the two states.

In May of this year, it was reported that Harper was adamantly opposed to making any reference to the 1967 borders in a G8 summit statement calling for renewed Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. Far-right Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman thanked Harper for his position, and stated, “Canada is a true friend of Israel”.

In 2010, Canada announced it would discontinue its financial contributions to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), the organization that provides support and resources to approximately 4.7m registered Palestinian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and the occupied Palestinian territories, and funnel the money into greater policing and security institutions run by the un-elected and corrupt Palestinian Authority leadership instead.

In January 2009, as the Israeli army continued its disproportionate attack on the besieged civilian population in Gaza that left 1,400 Palestinians dead in the span of three weeks, Canada was the only country out of 47 that voted against a motion at the United Nations Human Rights Council condemning the Israeli violence.
In addition to providing diplomatic cover for Israel, the Canadian government has attacked and cut funding to various non-governmental organizations working on issues related to Israel/Palestine, including Kairos Churches and Alternatives International.

Canadian Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Jason Kenney, who led the formation of the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism (CPCCA) and is an ex-officio member, has also repeatedly alleged that the Canadian Arab Federation promotes anti-Semitism and hatred. While Kenney never backed up these claims, the Canadian Arab Federation’s contracts with the government – which helped finance language programs for Toronto-area immigrants (the majority of whom are of Chinese origin) – were not renewed in 2009.

Undermining the fight against real anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism, like all other forms of racism, is appalling and must be strongly and unequivocally condemned.
But by defining legitimate criticism of Israeli policy and pro-Palestinian activism in Canada as anti-Semitic, the CPCCA is not only threatening free speech and freedom of protest, but it is undermining the fight against real cases of anti-Semitism and weakening the seriousness with which such cases should be dealt.

This is something that Canadians, and people everywhere, should be adamantly against.

Jillian Kestler-D’Amours is a Canadian freelance journalist based in Jerusalem. She regularly contributes to The Electronic Intifada, Inter-Press Service and Free Speech Radio News. More of her work can be found at

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent Al Jazeera’s editorial policy.

Fair Usage Law

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98 Years Ago in Jewish History, April 26: The Murder of Little Mary Phagan by Leo Max Frank, on April 26, 1913.

Corporate Standard of the National Pencil Co. Circa 1913

The National Pencil Company was conceived in the Jewish imagination of 1907, and born on April 8th, 1908. The business became terminally ill Monday, April 28, 1913, when early-bird employees of factory found a tress of what looked like it could be Mary Phagan’s hair on the handle of a lathe in the metal room located at the rear of the 2nd floor. Moments later a strange pinkish-red blood stain was discovered on the floor, diagonal to the bathroom door in the metal room, it was smeared with a white powder machine lubricant called haskoline. When word of these two forensic discoveries, spread like wild fire to the 170 employees, countless dozens of laborers flocked to witness the spectacle. Hissy fits and tantrums unraveled, because it was evidence leading to the discovery of the real scene of the crime, not the basement where Phagan had been found. This forensic evidence in the metal room would later be corroborated by numerous employees of the factory at the Coroner’s Inquest and later at Leo Frank trial. For more than one hundred years the Jewish community has attempted to suppress this evidence, until many legal records of the Mary Phagan case where published online.

While hysteria was fermenting at the National Pencil Company, numerous blocks away, Leo Frank, and his two high-powered lawyers, Luther Rosser and Herbert Haas, were at the Atlanta police station. Leo Frank was giving a statement to an official stenographer, Gay C. Febuary, who was capturing the deposition that would later become State’s Exhibit B. Mary Phagan’s Mother, Mrs. Frances Coleman, would sue the National Pencil Company, about 2 years after the trial of Leo Frank ended, for the wrongful death of her daughter and the National Pinkerton Detective Agency sued them as well over an unpaid detective bill of about $1300. Neither were ever able to collect the money awarded to them by the courts.

The National Pencil Company Imploded.

Leo Frank’s wealthy uncle Moses Frank, hired him based on qualifications, not only because he was his nephew. Moses was one of the angel investors, who in part made the National Pencil Company possible, and was no where to be found at the Leo Frank trial, but a very contrived letter was mailed to Moses Frank on April 26, 1913, claimed to be written by Leo Frank in the time range of the murder, attempting to show his very calm state of mind and it was added as evidence at the trial. The outer portion of the letter was never recovered and questions about the letter’s unusual content emerged.

Leo Max Frank (April 17, 1884 – August 17, 1915)

Also stylized as:

1. Leo Max Frank (the name chiseled on his tombstone within Mount Carmel Cemetery NYC),

2. Leo M. Frank (his name and signature on official legal documents),
3. Leo Frank (his name known by the public), or just simply
4. Leo or Frank (for short).

Welcome to The Biography of Leo Frank:

The early years…

    Meet the Franks:

The closest family members of Leo Frank clan that is

Papa: Rudolph Frank (November 5, 1844 to January 15, 1922), a Jew of North-Central European Ashkenazim roots was born and raised in Germany where he earned his Medical Degree, until he later immigrated into the United States in the latter half of the 19th century circa 1869. Rudolph would make several career changes during his life and live in vastly differing places. Rudolph worked as the postmaster in Cuero Texas (Census, DeWitt County, Texas, 1880) and later a traveling salesman in NYC. Leo Frank using the terminology of the era described his father’s absence at his trial, because Rudolph had become an “Invalid” (Leo Frank Statement, Trial Brief, August, 18, 1913). Rudolph was buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery in Queens, NY at grave site location: 1-E-41-1035-4 (right adjacent to his wife, who was buried after him).

Mama: Rachel “Ray” (née Jacobs) Frank (April 16, 1859 – January 1, 1925), an Ashkenazim Jewess was born of German-Jewish immigrants living in NYC. She was not only raised in Brooklyn, but spent the vast majority of her life in New York, except for a 3 year stint in far-off Cuero Texas, and several months here-and-there going back and forth to Georgia for important events, such as the Frank-Selig wedding (November 30, 1910), her son’s murder trial (July 28 – August 26, 1913) and his numerous appeals hearings, and generally for other family affairs. She was buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery in Queens, NY at grave site location: 1-E-41-1035-3 (adjacent right of her son, adjacent left of her husband Rudolph).

Sister: Marian Frank, Leo’s baby sister by 2 years, at about the age of 24, she became Marian Stern in January 1910, when she married German-Jew Immigrant (1898) Otto Stern in NYC. Marian lived a long life for the period, born on October 18th, 1886, she died April 2, 1948, and is buried at Mount Carmel Cemetery in grave site: 1-E-41-1035-12. Long lived Otto Stern, her beloved husband, born March 11, 1882 died May 26th, 1963, and is buried next to Marian at Mount Carmel Cemetery in grave site: 1-E-41-1035-11.

Uncle Moe & Aunt Sarah: Moses Frank (1841-1927), Rudolph’s older brother was Moses Frank, Leo’s “rich” uncle who made his money in cotton oil speculation and was a major shareholder and visionary who helped make the National Pencil Company a reality. Moses was Married to Sarah his second wife, who died August 1st, 1937, and she is buried at Mount Carmel Cemetery in Queens, NY, at grave site location: 1-E-41-1035-6.

Moses Frank the “Confederate Veteran”

Steve Oney describes Moses as, “Confederate veteran Moses Frank” (Oney, 2003, p. 10), despite being over cited without reliable sources by Leo Frank partisan writers, Moses Frank never served in the confederate Army and despite the extremely high survival rate of enlistment documents in the war between the states, there are no records of any kind, or reliable evidence, to support that he was ever in any U.S. Military, North or South, nor do any of his eulogies make reference to him as a Confederate veteran (Koenigsberg, 2011). Reuben Rose Arnold makes mention of Moses as a confederate veteran obliquely in his closing arguments during Leo Frank’s re-trial appeals hearing before Judge Leonard Strickland Roan, in late October 1913, before Roan rejected the petition October 31, 1913.

FRANK, LEO 1-E-41-1035-02 08/17/1915
FRANK, RAY 1-E-41-1035-03 01/01/1925
FRANK, RUDOLPH 1-E-41-1035-04 01/15/1922
FRANK, Moses 1-E-41-1035-05 10/24/1927
FRANK, SARAH 1-E-41-1035-06 08/01/1937

STERN, MARIAN 1-E-41-1035-12 04/02/1948
STERN, OTTO 1-E-41-1035-11 05/26/1963

1881: From Texas to New York City – An Arranged Marriage in the Jewish Enclave of Brooklyn

Step back in time to the early 1880’s, not at all uncommon during Jewish history and the era, an arranged marriage was organized between a much older gentleman (lucky old goat) and a reasonably attractive young Jewess. It was the typical selective breeding program that has been a permanent fixture over the Jewish centuries, the older intelligent gentleman obtaining a young healthy breeder for services as housewife. In Brooklyn, NY, 1881 Rudolph Frank and Rachel Jacobs married within the Jewish enclave of Brooklyn, NY. Rudolph Frank “robbed the cradle” as they say and was 16 years Rachel Jacob’s senior. After their traditional Jewish marriage and brief honeymoon, they made the great voyage to Cuero (Paris), Texas, for the next 3 Years (1881 to 1884).

Ironically in terms of “robbing the cradle”, Twenty Nine Year Old Leo Frank (1884 to 1915) was about 15 years senior to 13.9 year old little Mary Anne Phagan (1899 to 1913) when he became the prime suspect for the bludgeoning (12:04pm), rape and strangulation (12:05 to 12:10pm) of her on Saturday, April 26, 1913, Confederate Memorial Day, inside the metal room at the rear of the second floor at the National Pencil Company, located at 37 to 41 South Forsyth Street.

“The Perfect Family”

Several years and more after Rudolph Frank and Rachel Jacobs married, they created the proverbial “perfect family” and had two children together, a boy and a girl, in the “perfect order”, first a son named Leo Max who was born at their humble abode in Cuero Texas in 1884, followed by a daughter Marian born in Brooklyn, two years thereafter in 1886.

Leo, Rudolph and Rachel Frank, Early Family Life in Texas – 1880’s and onward

Rudolph Frank, had served as the local postmaster in Cuero, Texas and before emigrating from Europe in the United States, he had formerly engaged in training as a physician back in his “ancestral homeland” of Germany, but he unfortunately never pursued the course work necessary in medicine to become a fully recognized Doctor in the United States. He certainly would have had the option of plugging into the lucrative Doctor Pharmacy matrix after upgrading his training in the US, but he did not go this route and instead became a traveling salesman until he was unable to work any longer around 1910 when he had a nervous breakdown.

Brooklyn Native, Rachel Jacobs (a Jew Yorker by birth), traditional for the time, became a young home maker after her marriage to old goat Rudolph, but the young housewife felt like a withering flower once she was physically uprooted in Brooklyn and transplanted into the boiling-hot, primitive and rural makeshift town in backward Cuero, Texas. Rachel was replanted far away from her parents home in leafy Brooklyn, a once lushly sylvan and green oasis, from the urban sprawl of Manhattan. For the Jewish genepool the mega cities of America, like NYC, offered the best genetic protection, business opportunities and racial improvement for the Europeanized Ashkanazi. It was not just Manhattan, but Brooklyn that often attracted the best and brightest of the aggressive, racially conscious, eugenically minded, agitative, revolutionary and nation-state wrecking International Jew.

Back in the Summer of 1883: The Conception of Leo Frank

One day during the sexual heat of a hot and dry Texas summer in July, 1883, all the biological stars were in alignment, Rudolph and Ray had finally, after nearly 2 years of marriage and trying, conceived their first child.

It’s Official: Ray Frank is Pregnant 1883

The pregnancy would eventually be affirmed for sure, when during the early first trimester, Rachel began experiencing all those natural signs of being “prego”, including morning sickness and that peculiar craving for kosher pickle and matzo smoothies.

Rachel would put her hand on her bump and in turn it would become for Moma Ray and Papa Rudolph a glorious, momentous and celebrated moment of what was to eventually come, is it a boy or a girl? What do we name our child or who do we name our child after? With a high infant mortality rate back in those days, it was enough to make the newly wed couple frightened, uncertain and excited about their unknown future. Rudolph would have been walking around puffed and proud-chested, glowing and beaming, the old goat was going to become a father after all, he was beside himself with joy and praying for a son.

Hurray! It’s a Boy!

They did not know it at the time, because obviously there were no Medical ultrasonography machines or other gender determining sciences available back in “them days”, but they were to be eventually surprised during the birthing process when they saw Leo’s little schmeckle pop out.

Nine months after conception, on April 17, 1884, a son was born to a relieved Rudolph whose prayers were finally answered. Leo Frank had entered the world in their wooden frame home. The Frank’s humble little abode in Cuero was located about 100 or so miles from San Antonio, Texas.

Talk of moving away for better opportunities and “greener pastures” began before Leo was born and would intensify immediately thereafter, more importantly the social infrastructure and extended family network was mostly back in mean green urban machine of Brooklyn, NOT in the drab tumble weed fields and listless planes of wild west, 19th century Texas, where the total population was less than 2 million in the semi defacto republic of Texas whose fields that seemed endless.

It is said, that as hard as it is to believe in an age where every keystroke is recorded, they didn’t have birth certificates back then in Texas, at least in that “neck of the woods”.

It’s Time to Pack Our Bags HONEY, We’re Movin’ (back) to Brooklyn!

The freshly formed Frank clan would follow through with no doubts or hesitations, embarking on an arduous journey, and the Frank trinity would soon emigrate forever from the flat, rural, provincial, yawning and cowboyesque Texas, to the hustling and bustling cosmopolitan North East, where life was truly more bearable. Where one could live deeply and suck the marrow out of the bones of life, as Henry David Thoreau might have quipped about Brooklyn had he actually been born there.

Some of the best genepools in the world were forged in the womb of Brooklyn.

1884 Summer: Rudolph, Rachel and Sweet Baby Leo Frank

A tumultuous turning point for the new Frank family began in the summer of 1884, the complicated move at the time would have taken weeks of careful planning, organizing, and packing. The Frank family voyage was unfolding at a time in U.S. history when far-reaching travel was rough and painfully slow, but fortunately patience was plentiful, though trying at times.

The Frank family made the right choice when they decided to relocate from the slow small-town of Cuero, Texas, thousands of miles away, back to the home-town of Rachel, that place of brick, rock and brownstone clad buildings, the living suburb within the periphery of NYC known as the borough of Brooklyn or Kings County.

Home Sweet Home, Brooklyn had “better-everything” and it was where everyone would benefit and have more opportunities, but not unlike Texas, where during certain times of the year, their arrival was at the thickest and sweatiest time during the peak of humid mugginess in the sweltering New York summer heat.

No words might describe the ecstasy of finally settling in for a bit, sliding in and marinating in an oversized and soothing claw foot bath tub, after such a long stinky trip, which had many stop overs, random annoyances and delays. It was so nice to have plumbing and toilets with running water vs. Texan crescent moon, phone booth style, Earthen closets that perpetually stunk to high heaven.

Back to Brooklyn

Cute little coneheaded and round faced baby Leo Frank, who not only looked more like his mother than his father, also got her generic good looks too. Sweet baby Leo Frank was barely three months old at the time of this immense cross country pilgrimage and major relocation to the land of milk and honey, he was still suckling nourishing milk from his mothers bosom. The trip would naturally be a traumatic experience for him, instilling a little bit of that restless spirit into the environmental mix with his diasphoratic DNA, afterall Leo’s ancestors had all immigrated to the United States 1 to 2 generations prior. That long dramatic journey from one side of the country to the other, would not be Leos first or last and it certainly left a powerful impression upon him in a very abstract way, not unlike his future travels, which would be even more dramatic in 1905 and 1907, with two European Trips.

Finally, after settling into NYC at the Jacobs residence, Rudolph Frank took a job as a traveling salesman and Rachel “Ray” resumed her roll as homemaker. Two years later and in the chillier NY months, a baby sister had arrived, Marian Frank, who was born during a chilly fall day.

Aww, Leo and Marian looked so cute together. Mommy when I grow up, I’m going to become a fiendish serial killer!

Leo looks like the male version of his mommy Rachel as a child, but his Eastern European round plate face would narrow, and square down a bit, giving him a more oval and chiseled, athletically handsome, nerdish look during his physical prime in 1912.

Education: Public Schools, College Prep at Pratt Institute, Cornell University 1902 to 1906

Frank spent his most formative years growing up in NYC, he was educated at public schools and the prestigious artsy-fartsy prep school, Pratt Institute of Brooklyn (1898 to 1902), which is still running strong more than 100 years after Leo attended, but it’s now a college, instead of a highschool. One can only imagine what a fascinating place Brooklyn must have been like in the decades surrounding the turn of the century, as it was going through its own rapid development and evolution.

Leo M. Frank was a star student and matriculated into Cornell University in Ithaca, NY from the Fall of 1902 and he studied there until his college graduation ceremony in June of 1906. Frank studied Mechanical Engineering and dabbled in numerous hobbies, sports, collegiate activities and clubs.

During Frank’s college years at his Alma mater, he engaged in chess, cards, tennis, amateur photography and played basketball for his class team. Frank was a handsome athlete and scholar who looked a lot like the fictional character Donnie Darko (Jake Gyllenhaal) during his college years and during his murder trial looked a lot like Pee Wee Herman strung out on crackrock.

Something just isn’t right, an appropriate nickname for this human ticking timebomb, ready to explode at any moment, might be: Leo Freak.

During his free time Frank engaged in Jewish fraternal oriented activities and practiced amateur landscape photography of which many photos survived. The 1906 Cornell yearbook has Frank listed as a member of the Cornell Society of Mechanical Engineering (CSME). Frank was also a member of the Cornell Congress and the H. Morse Stephens debate team. If Frank’s participation in the multitude that is the college experience and his ability to multi-task were any indication of his potential, he was destined for greatness, but on the flipside our intuition and instincts tell us there’s also something that just aen’t right about this guy. Some of Leo Franks pictures reveal a real kind of wide-eyed chizophrenic side about him.

Leo Freak

A posthumous core drilling of Leo Frank should be conducted to obtain his genetic equation and analysis performed to determine its multifactorial gene patterns and then compare it with other pedophiles who murder children. Multi-processor cloud computing can be utilized to see what gene patterns make one prone to these kinds of psychotic behaviors if enough samples are collected and analyzed.

Notice those creepy, bulging and psychotic serial killer eyes, can you imagine having to stare into them as a child laborer while he is winking cockeye’d sexual suggestions as his left lazy-eye rolls and turns out of alignment? Would you not be freaked out if you were a little girl? He definitely has some serious hormonal imbalance issues (hyperthyroidism?) going on and possibly physiological or mental problems from years of excessive consumption of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and whoring. One can only wonder how those environmental and genetic imbalances may have affected his mind and propensities from time to time.

However, he also seems to be a good nature’d kind of guy too, who had great managerial talents. What we have here is a real Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, as Dorsey accurately put it (Dorsey, August 21, 22, 23, 25, 1913) during his closing arguments, something not at all uncommon in many people.

Employment 1906 to 1913


After college, Frank took a job in the summer of 1906 as a draftsman for the B.F. Sturtevant (Sturdivant) Company in bone chilling and frozen tundra of Hyde Park, Massachusetts, 6 months later he returned to New York as the brisk chilly fall turned into a frigid shitty NYC winter.


In early 1907 Frank began a new job working for the National Meter Company of Brooklyn, NY, as a testing engineer and draftsman for about 10 months. Though Leo M. Frank was Ivy League educated at the haughty Cornell University – the best school of higher education New York has to offer (no offense Columbia) – he was unable to connect with any kind of steady job, though not because he lacked talent. Leo Frank was a smart young man.

1907, 1908 to 1913, Big Opportunities in the South, briefly in 1907, and five years during 1908 to 1913.

Leo Frank’s wealthy world traveling uncle Moses Frank, known affectionately as Uncle Moe, had suggested to Leo M. Frank that he should consider becoming involved in a potentially lucrative opportunity and participate on some level in the technical and accounting management of a new manufacturing venture, a pencil factory in Atlanta, Georgia, one that Moses had just invested in with some serious shekels. After all, Leo Frank was no slouch, he had an engineering degree and it would be most useful and valuable to have a family member on the team being a serious player. Moses was no slouch either, he made his golden nest egg from cotton oil, and it was time to make another, because being on permanent vacation can slowly get very expensive and that’s the honest to G*d truth. Moses was a vibrant old man, but partially blind by 1908 (Koenigsberg,, 2011). Moses was the high-up and undeclared patriarch of sorts for the Frank clan.

1907 October – Life Changing Event, Atlanta & European Sojourn.

In the middle of October 1907 Leo’s uncle Moe and associates, invited Frank down south to Atlanta, it was part pleasure, but mostly about business. Moses offered Leo the opportunity of a lifetime, suggesting that Leo stop working for other people and making them rich, and instead come to work for a newly born family oriented business, which tragically could have been a dream come true, but sadly is remembered as the infamous National Pencil Company located in the blackened heart of Atlanta, Georgia. Defense leader, Luther Rosser in a loud basso voice would describe the factory as a vile hole in his closing argument at the end of the trial August 1913.

Frank thought it over as he experienced that warm tingly feeling of excitement getting a boner in his pants and agreed, after spending 2 weeks enjoying a little taste of Atlanta’s red light district, 23 year old Leo Frank returned to NYC momentarily and then embarked on a long and bitterly cold Atlantic journey, across that dangerous and unforgiving dark-wine Homeric ocean, to the conglomeration historically known at the time as the “German Empire” — papa Rudolph Frank’s and Uncle Moe’s ancestral home land in Europe.

In December 1907 Frank began a 9 month apprenticeship in scold and gruff Germany, to study the art of pencil manufacturing under the directorship of Eberhard Faber.

Today Eberhard Faber is a name found commonly on pencils, pens and erasers. Faber built the first U.S. pencil factory in 1861. Faber was the last in a family of lead pencil manufacturers dating back to Kasper Faber, who died in 1784.


In August of 1908 Leo M. Frank returned briefly to NYC to kiss and hug his mom and dad, while giving noogies and purple nurples to his sister, then he practically ran out the door and off he left his home in Brooklyn, NY and permanently relocated with his broken-in leather luggage down south to Atlanta, Georgia.

After briefly settling in, on the 10th day of August 1908, Frank was given a medium level entry position at the National Pencil Co., and he embraced it. With hard work and dedication. Leo Frank vigorously moved up the ranks, building trust and developing a reputation for punctuality and meticulousness. In a matter of new york style energy, he shown bright in the South. In time Frank became more than superintendent, and accountant, but part owner of the National Pencil Co. as he gained shares in the company.

In Time, Rising to Superintendent, Accountant, Treasurer and Employee Payer.

When Frank became superintendent of the 37 to 41 S. Forsyth street, National Pencil Company factory, his responsibilities were for purchasing supplies and machinery, accounting, operations, paying off employees and insuring the final production quality exceeded that of competitors. Frank was also made a part time general supervisor of the pencil Lead plant on Bell Street. Frank had a lot of responsibilities, and he worked long hours and his math-science brain were put to good use and as a result his accounting and management skills grew to the point where he could manage the books with his eyes closed.

The Creepy Boss with the Rattling Cash Box

Leo Frank was diligently focused on work flow minutiae and efficiency, and as a result his upward mobility at the pencil factory was reflective and worthy of his skill. HE worked for nearly five years, reaching the apogee of his career while he was at his prime age of 29, just before his arrest, and during this nearly half-decade (August 10th 1908 to Tuesday, April 28th 1913) of service he had developed a general reputation amongst the general public atleast face value wise, as a good chap with promising potential. His rich uncle Moe, was proud of Leo and saw him as the perfect gentleman to command the helm of the factory on the ground.

In general Leo Frank exhibited all the behaviors you would want in a leader, an early bird, punctual, hard working, obsessive compulsive, good at accounting, embezzling and cooking the books properly, and paying attention to details, and keeping 2 sets of books. Leo Frank monitored time cards with a magnifying glass fanatically and could account for every second of every minute and every agorot and shekel, this is precisely why the business was so successful. From it’s humble beginnings in 1908, it was a powerhouse by 1913, primarily because of Leo Frank and the occasional dressing down or scoldings he received from old Sigmund “Ziggy” Montag.

Although Leo Frank was a multitasker at running the show, he had a darkly fiendish and perverted side to him too. The alleged perception of his character amongst a bakers dozen or more of tweenage girls who had labored at the factory, was that Leo Frank was the creepy touchy-feely boss, one whose “claws” came out. Leo Frank got just a wee little bit too close for comfort if you know what I mean, but he wasn’t always so obvious when making innuendos, he was sometimes very subtle and not always so noticeable in his lecherous deviousness. Naturally given Frank’s position in the limelight of the Southern Jewish community, his high leadership position at the factory and his relatively new marriage, tended to ensure Leo Frank was reminded he had to display some semblance of stealthiness. Frank wasn’t a dummy after all, he knew on some level whether consciously and unconsciously, he had to try to maintain some measure of self-control and fertiveness for his frisky affection.

Population and Labor Surge

There was an over abundance of child labor available in Atlanta at the time, and no shortage of naive farmgirls who sought a better life in the “fast” urban cities, far away from the droll existence on the monotonous fields of east bumble-fuck Georgia. The lean muscle, rail thin and bespectacled handsome nerd was always making couched sexual propositions to a careful selection of his pre-teen and teenage girls working at the factory, they claimed Frank made “implied” innuendos, naughty suggestions, lecherous stares, was openly caught sometimes leering at the girls in the dressing room, at times winking and he got a little bit too familiar at times with some of the girls. There were other allegations too, besides aggressive sexual harassment (lasciviousness), the factory was also being used as a rendezvous for in-call and out-call prostitution under the winking eye of Leo Frank. There were after work, during the work week, and Saturday Dionysian stress relief parties involving booty, bubbles and beer. The gloomy poorly lit basement was one of those kinky places couples were allowed to rendezvous. In general the factory could be interpreted as becoming the work hard and play hard fiefdom for Leo Frank lording it over innocent factory girls, but in really, he was just trying to blow off some steam and it got way out of hand.

Concerning the culture at the factory, Even foreman NV Darley, another married man, was seen with a young girl at the picture show on Confederate Memorial Day (Koenigsberg, 2011).

Child Prostitution

The jammed rows of fire hazard, small detached homes on mechanic street, were brothels humping and pumping with activity, that were located just a stones throw away from the Pencil factory and at the time bursting at the seams with child prostitutes, hookers and fresh street meat. Not so ironically, the National Pencil Company factory was once a bed bug ridden sweaty hotel where grandpa dirties and horn dog men of all ages for that matter, could get their rocks off on the side and bring home fresh STD’s to their unfortunate and unsuspecting house-Frau wives at home. The bordellos were sadly filled with poor, naive and worn out farm girls and child laborers who had been ground down in the slave pits of the “meat grinding” mills and the filthy factories for just pennies an hour, and many finally were turned-out and began working for a dollar an hour, that is once they realized turning tricks could earn them a weeks wages at the mills.

Farming, during droughts or floods, weak market sales and down cycles, would cause the major cities of the South to become flooded with families who had young farm girls and boys looking for any work and wages available. Child Prostitution was an unfortunate part of city growing pains caused by surging population growth, where severe poverty was rife, and the testosterone-fueled demands were high. Though on its best day, Atlanta didn’t have even a fraction of the numerical whoring available as NYC did at the time, but pound for pound, Atlanta had more. Wages in the South were a fraction of what they were in the North, this was due to the crisis of poverty and the legacy of losing the Civil War.

Rattling the Money Box, Hey Baby, How About it?

In a slap stick kinda way, Frank would often make inappropriate sexual innuendos with the cash box flush with cash, on top of his office desk. Frank sitting in his swivel chair, with his long skinny bony looking legs spread like a turkey wishbone, slapping his knees together back and forth, he would rattled the swollen cash box against his desk smirking, grinning, winking and saying how bout it? Though sexual harassment was no stranger to women in the history of female labor, it was often the biggest complaint in the factories (People verses Leo Frank, 2009), mills and industrial sweatshops of the time. The number of teend girls sexually molested and raped in these horrendous environments are uncountable. However, the temptation was always there on both sides because of natural hormones. However for testosterone surging men, turning out girls was a game that today is called today in urban areas, “the crown and the jewels”. It’s a game that has existed and been playing out across history, whenever young girls were forced to come into contact and work in a mans world, which is why wine, women, whiskey, and hormones came into play.

Leo Frank’s Character for Lasciviousness was Bad

Frank’s character would be described by more than thirteen of the child laborers, who would testify against him, saying Frank was, what amounted to a lascivious (sexually aggressive) pedophile and some suggested he was a frequent dabbler in whoring. Though the words pedophile, whoring and whoremonger did not exist at the time, these kinds of descriptions were vividly implied during the Leo Frank trial (July 28 to August 25, 26 1913), and later even more affidavits supporting these notions would emerge at the Georgia Supreme Court hearings.

After the trial, Dorsey worked overtime to counter the claims of the defense that the accusations of sexual harassment were false. Dorsey went ahead and secured more affidavits supporting Frank’s pedophilia and naughty tendencies, including one that was most chilling about a young girl that got knocked up by Frank and revealed a very kinky-sexually-aggressive side of Leo Frank…

Leo Frank was into Bruise Biting

Apparently Frank was into sadist sexual biting, he allegedly left teeth marks and bruises on a little teenage girl he had raped one year before he murdered Mary Phagan. Perhaps, the young degenerates DNA has lived on after all, not through his bloated and dumpy, infertile wife, who couldn’t conceive after 3 years of manual procreation, but the sweet, young and naive lass he debauched at the factory circa 1911that no one found out about until late 1913 and early 1914 during Frank’s Georgia Supreme Court Appeals.

At Least Ten to One Ratio: People attesting to Leo Frank’s Good Character vs. Bad Character for Lasciviousness

Though there were just as many, if not more, a lot more people that came forward to say Frank was not a licentious boss with perpetual wood in his pants, taking advantage of his position of power. However, the quantity numbers game could not save Frank in this situation, because of the “quality” and closeness of those speaking out against him. Most of the people who were attesting to Frank’s good character were bussed in from NYC, or knew him outside the factory, so those saying Leo Frank was lascivious was on parity with those saying he was a good guy.

Pedophile, Like accusing people of Racism and Anti-Semitism: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

The accusation people use today when they want to shame, smear and defame you is to call you a racist, antisemite, or pedophile. It’s a sad reality, but in a situation where a girl claims naughty overtures by the bossman, or any man for that matter, he is almost certainly and always socially considered guilty before innocent.

How Many Witnesses Corroborated Leo Frank’s Naughty Tendencies?

Dorsey put the number at 19 verifiers in his closing arguments (Dorsey, August 21, 22, 23 & 25, 1913) making it somewhat virtually impossible to counter the notion that the lascivious tendencies of Leo Frank were not true. Thus it did not matter how many character witnesses Leo Frank’s defense team “bussed down” from New York to Atlanta.

The claims of some of Frank’s female employees essentially amounted to pouring a cup of hemlock on his murder trial and poisoning it beyond recovery, because Leo Frank was not on trial for pedophilia, adultery, sexual harassment or whoring on the Sabbath.

The Leo Frank Defense Team would argue that bringing up Frank’s pedophilia and whoring escapades had no place at the trial, because Frank was not on trial to determine if he was a sexual pervert and predator, however, the prosecution brought it up only after the defense made the blunder of bringing up Leo Frank’s character first. The rule at the time is that you couldn’t challenge the honor of ones character, until the defense brought it up first and they did.

Once the defense gave the green light on the issue of character, Frank’s lascivious and licentious tendencies became fair game and the prosecution went to great lengths to show Frank’s propensities and tendencies for sexual aggression and whoring to support the theory of why he murdered Phagan and it helped the prosecution build their case in a big way. It tended to wipe out over 100 character witnesses Leo Frank had bussed down from the North East, including teachers, and associates from the Pratt Institute of Brooklyn and the uppity Cornell University. It became oddly alien that Frank had to bus in truck loads of Northerners, because the Jury would naturally wonder why, Frank, who lived in the south for 5 years, was unable to bring in more local support from the 500 member Atlanta B’nai B’rith organization of which he was leader or the Temple he was member. After all, 5 years in Atlanta was a decent amount of time as one of the most prominent member of the Southern Jewish Community and Frank’s local showing was average at best.

In Lucille’s July 17, 1909 picture with Leo Frank, Lucy looked her best.

When the Big Boned Lucy was Attractive: July 17th 1909, 6 years later Leo’s Throat Would Be Slashed in the Milledgeville Prison by William Creen

1910 – Marriage of Mr. Leo Max Frank (1884 to 1915) Marries Miss Lucille Selig (1888-1957).

Meet the Seligs: Daughter, Lucille, Mama, Josephine nee Cohen, and Papa, Emil Selig

Earlier in 1910, Leo’s baby sister Marian Frank, became Marian Stern after she had married Otto Stern in NYC, and Frank being older by a couple of years felt the half-joking half-serious social pressures at the time and knew he was overdue to marry.

Frank was fortunately introduced to Lucille Selig after he had arrived. Once Leo Frank settled in and took permanent residence in Atlanta in August of 1908, he began dating Lucy very seriously in 1909. Lucille Selig came from a prominent and wealthy Jewish family of industrialists who two generations earlier had founded the first synagogue in Atlanta.

The Selig-Franks lived in a modest rented home Home 68 East Georgia Avenue.

A Match Made in Heaven: Emil and Josephine

Both born on the same month and day:

Lucille’s father Emil Selig (Jun. 10, 1849 – Mar. 30, 1914) was a salesman for the West Disinfecting Co., a maker of soaps and supplies, before that, he was a liquor salesman. Son of Samsohn Seelig & Sara Loeb. Emil was buried in Oakland cemetery Jewish Section, Block 279, Lot 58, Grave 3.

Mrs. Josephine Loeb-Cohen Selig (Jun. 10, 1862 – Jan. 27, 1933), was a stay at home mother and her daughter Lucille would often spend their time as socialites lounging about, playing cards, and socializing with their sowing-circle of cackling Jewish housewives and gossipy yentas. Magnolia McKnight (Minola) was their personal cook, who also did light cleaning and laundry. Josephine and her daughter(s) lived the good life, the simple life, the pampered patrician life, by comparison to the toiling local crackers as they were called in local parlance (Oney, 2003), because they were light and flakey . Lucy’s (Lucille) zaftig figure and swelling beltline showed that there was no shortage of downright good ole fashioned “house negro” cooking lovingly made by their skinny high yellow “black mammy”, Minola (Magnolia McKnight) as they affectionately called her.

Josephine was buried a Oakland Cemetery, in Jewish Section, Block 279, Lot 58, Grave 2.

Josephine’s parents were Jonas Loeb Cohen (1823 – 1885) and Regina Abraham Cohen (1839 – 1918).

The Odd Couple “Opposites Attract”: Mr. Leo Frank and Miss Lucille Selig

An Engagement and Prelude to a Marriage Destined to Fail:

The colloquial that “opposites attract” tends to apply more to short term relationships and temporary lust, than anything else. Therefore the cliche “opposites attract” is a misnomer to the highest in the bigger picture of life. Every learned psychologist will tell you that studies show those kinds of relationships can tend to be very problematic, unstable, divisive and often don’t work out in the long run, but back then it “didn’t matter” marriage was for the most part a life long venture and people learned how to “suck it up”, not like today where 50%+ of people divorce over the pettiest of squabbles within the first few years. It also helped that life expectancies in the early 20th century were decades shorter than what they are today, but Jews generally have a longer life expectancy when they are affluent.

The marriage of Leo and Lucille, was sadly like too many marriages, eventually destined to fail even if they would have most definitely remained together till the end, but it didn’t really matter for Leo as there was an infinite supply of side action on the sly.

Leo Frank was very much a total opposite of sorts compared to Lucile, and they had more serious differences than things in common. The marriage between them appears to be more political and convenient than anything else, atleast based on some of the things that would come out about what Frank was doing on the down low at the factory, their marriage could not be described as happy by any stretch of the imagination, except on the surface for appearances, but definitely not under the Jewish Royal Marriage veneer.

Meet the Bride: Lucile Loeb-Cohen Selig

Lucille Selig Frank (February 29, 1888 – April 23, 1957) was very much different from Leo Max Frank (1884 – 1915). Lucille “Lucy” Selig was a “red boned” big thick girl, “chunky, but funky” in Jewish frat boy parlance. Lucy was part of the highly assimilated Jewish community of Georgia and very much Southern and sassy, moreover, irregardless of being from a well-to-do and prominent family, she was very much provincial compared to Leo. In fact as any born and raised New Yorker will tell you (which Leo Frank “essentially” was), everyone outside of NYC is provincial.

And Despite being intelligent with a sharp and witty tongue, Lucy’s highest educational level ended at high school, though she was well read and could still hold her own. Lucille was a strong loyal woman to the core, but she did something unexpected in 1954, three years before she died.

Leo Frank was a lean, mean, whoring machine, and slim with that “low body fat” look. Frank was no doubt a high testosterone, heavy drinker, chain smoker, partier and fit to fuck after years of tennis and basketball at his Alma Matter. Frank was very cosmopolitan minded, well traveled, could speak basic German, and as for Hebrew and Yiddish, as a Jew Yorker, those dialects came as part of the natural ethnic enclave culture of Jewish Brooklyn, and to top it all off, Frank rightfully was a bit of an educated snob, the Ivy Leaguer of privilege had the opportunity to study at one of the best schools in the United States and then afterward take an educational “sabbatical”, experiencing first class training overseas in the cold, gruff, serious and no-nonsense Germany. These things were part of what made Leo Frank a cut above the rest.

After the odd-couple married, the big boned Lucille packed on the stereotypical post-marriage stones, her weight slowly swelled up like a hog soothingly grazing at a voluptuous landfill, though she was an extra thick woman that held her weight really well, it still left her looking frog necked, androgynous (like the fictional character “Pat” from the comedy show Saturday Night Live) and dumpy – as the unflattering evolution of her photos clearly shows before and during the Leo Frank affair.

Hillary Clinton Will Tell You Some Women Should Not Have Short Hair

Lucille’s masculine short-butch bull-dyke haircut like her weight issues didn’t help her either, but anyway you slice it or dice it, Leo Frank got bored with Lucy faster than a new york minute, “specially” when the factory was flooded with pre-teen and teenage former-farm-girls blossoming much faster than their city peer counterparts. The teen girl laborers matured years ahead of their time and were nothing like the girls who came from middle class families, who could ensure their daughters wouldn’t have to give up school to work in the “meat grinding” mills.

The thoughts Frank had of mounting that swelling provincial cow he wed gave him the visual notion of a mosquito trying to puncture and drill into a beached walrus with a matted afro. And naturally the fit and skinny Leo Frank took to his past time of buffet whoring more vigorously, when he got tired of hogging, with his “big fat wife” as he called Lucille behind her back (Jim Conley, August 4, 1913).

Steve Oney put’s Leo Frank at 5’6″ and 135lbs (Oney, 2003), but Frank’s passport application puts him at 5’8″ (1907) and so does his College yearbook (1906) that also puts his weight at 145lbs., we can rationally presume he put on 10 to 15lbs.

Frank could hang with the best of them, no pun intended, his liver was clad in iron, well trained and seasoned from years of partying at college and he certainly enjoyed the unlicensed “speakeasies” and underground poker halls of NYC, not to mention swilling the exquisite beer of Germania during his 9 month stint. Moreover, as a whoring aficionado, Frank certainly delighted in sampling some of Germanias Aryan Beast Whores in the half-underground half-above ground red light district there too in 1908. Frank proudly earned his International whoring wings in his fathers, ancestral homeland to crown off his whoring escapades in New York City and eventually his main-staple out-call bordello-ing headquartered on mechanic street in Atlanta.

Frank loved to bogart cigarettes and puff his tabacky pipe, and to wash it all down he guzzled black coffee by the pot during his work days and after the sun had already set and the hands of the big ole clock in his office stuck seven, the evening was inaugurated, it was time to drink whiskey and get frisky, to top off those the long stressful days and it was all just a phone call away.

Nina Formby

A simple phone call to the mischievous and twinkle in her eye Negress Nina Formby, Leo Frank’s favorite mamasan who worked down the street in the area of Atlanta that was jam packed and wall to wall with young meat child brothels. Frank could send order take out delivery directly to his office for mere dollars. Frank loved to sample and dabble in the endless experienced or fresh meat that was constantly churning, and burning through the “blink and look the other way” Atlanta Red Light District.

Frank had some major hormone issues and mental imbalances, its not clear if it was genetic or from excessive consumption (too much substance abuse), or both, however you can tell he had these problems at times, by the numerous pictures of him looking like a psychotic serial killer with his out of orbit big buggy bulging scary creepy eerie freaky eyes which seem to swallow you and even sparkle like black diamonds as Jim Conley described. At times Leo’s eyes appeared hyperthyroid (graves disease?), which might be more revealing about his physiology, psychology and personality than meets the eyes (no pun intended).

Barring Leo Franks Flaws

ASIDE from Franks sneaky-creepy-freaky predatory behavior against his pre-teen and teenage girl employees, after work and weekend drunken debauchery, swings of mentally and hormonally imbalanced states, Frank was actually exactly the kind of guy you wanted to run your factory, because barring his flaws, he was work-hard-play-hard, early to work and late to get home (not always late to get home because of work, though it certainly offered a good excuse). What also made Leo Frank, really valuable is that he kept obsessive-compulsively detailed records, and he monitored employee time cards religiously and fanatically. He was a human calculator and timeclock after nearly 5 years of accounting management at the factory.

Frank could be relied on because he was always punctual, but at a salary of $150 a month, even if he dipped into in the company coffers to finance his bingeing and whoring rampages, it went un-noticed and the embezzlement he conducted didn’t raise any suspicions or eye brows from Moses Frank or Sigmund Montag.

The surviving records and invoices of the National Pencil Company, show money was flowing in like it was going out of style, money in and pencil stock out. The numbers were growing fast and furiously at the factory’s bank account. Sales reports showed they were sometimes churning out $2,500+ to $5,000+ a week in gross orders, not bad by 1913 standards.

Aside from a little diversionary behavior on the side, during occasional evenings, and weekends, putting Leo Frank’s reputation at risk, Frank was mostly liked by his employees and he held the company together for the most part given it’s zillions of complicated variables that had to be juggled. Franks creepy innuendos towards his employees never became an issue, because the girls that got creeped-out would move on, the ones turned out ended up at the brothels and the ones that tolerated it and stayed would put up with it begrudgingly and stoically. The official record has numerous laborer girls who became former employees, and if you think about, it didn’t matter as there was an infinite supply of new young meat that needed a job.

Had Frank not gone off the edge on April 26, 1913, the National Pencil Factory would probably today be remembered as a shimmering icon of industrious glowing Southern Jewish history. Instead, the factory is remembered by Southerners as a vile sweatshop and bastion of pedophilia where little mill girls got tested and some of them turned out. For the Jewish community the factory is remembered as a mini Jewish Holocaust, by a people bent on its own exaggerated victim hood and obsessed with perfidious narcissism against perceived “out groups”, if only they had saved the western wall of the pencil factory before it got demolished, it would have become a spiritual shrine, a Southern wailing wall part 2, for Jews to bob, undulate and weave, to release all of the pain and suffering through prayer the Jewish people have had to endure, all dramatized by an egomaniac people who love to celebrate their own metaphorical “sadomasochistic” instigated persecution.

A Marriage of Politics

Leo Frank engaged in a highly political matrimony, marrying into a prominent Jewish family, one who generations earlier had founded the first synagogue in Georgia. Leo and Lucille were married by Rabbi David Marx on November 30, 1910 in a borderline-gouache pink wedding ceremony at their in-laws gaudy and dated McMansion.

Meet Rabbi David Marx, More than a Rabbi, he was the Catalyst and Lead Activist of Leo Frank’s Emotional Exoneration Movement

The prominent Dr. David Marx was the Rabbi of the Hebrew Benevolent Congregation, a popular Jewish reform synagogue of the highly assimilated Jewish community in the South, he had presided over the Selig-Frank matrimony. Atlanta at the time had the largest Jewish community in the south with several thousand Jewish families who were all highly assimilated and active in Jewish life.

The Insiders Version of the Marital Event:

The wedding was held at 68 East Georgia Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia, the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. Emil Selig and Mrs. Josephine Loeb-Cohen Selig. Rabbi David Marx performed the ceremony and members of Hebrew Benevolent Congregation attended before a small gathering of family and close friends. The Athens Banner described the evening as “a pretty event,” noting that “the house was artistic with quantities of smilax and vases of pink carnations in all the rooms.”

The paper reported that “Miss Michael sang several beautiful selections of songs before the ceremony and was accompanied by Miss Regina Silverman, who also played the wedding march.” … The two young women also wore pink, with Helen Michael in “a white lingerie gown over pink silk” and Regina Silverman in “a pink chiffon cloth gown over silk, trimmed with lace and black marabou.

Other out-of-town attendants at the wedding included the groom’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Frank of Brooklyn, New York, and the best man, Mr. Milton Rice of Rochester, New York. The paper stated the couple would “spend several weeks at the Piedmont before going north for a wedding trip.”

After their honeymoon, Lucille and Leo settled in with their in laws the Cohen-Seligs, at 68 East Georgia Avenue, the place of their pink-overload marriage. Lucille and Leo Frank became active members of Georgian Jewish Society. Frank a highly secure, confident, physically active man, with poise, had the highest honor bestowed upon him, he was elected B’nai B’rith president the largest Lodge in the South, over 500 members strong. It made sense that Leo Frank was elected as president of B’nai B’rith, as no nebbish, shivering, insecure and nervous nelly of a man would ever be elected to such an important position. Frank was a man who beamed with inner confidence and strength, he was the superintendent of the National Pencil Factory, he was married into a prominent Jewish family, he was active in Jewish Society and Philanthropy, he was physically fit, so naturally he was a perfect leader and face for the well networked B’nai B’rith.

Noon, April 26th 1913

In a shuttered factory on Confederate Memorial Day, Saturday, April 26, 1913, Leo Frank was wrapping up some last minute paperwork before intending to do some lite afternoon whoring and then call it a day to go to see a baseball game with his brother in law Mr. Ursenbach married to Lucille’s older sister. However, things took a wrong turn.

Thirteen year old Mary Phagan came in to the factory to receive her pittance of pay, $1.20, from a previously shortened week that ended early for Mary the Monday before on April 21st 1913. Phagan was one of Leo Frank’s child laborers at the factory working on his floor, she was bubbly and vivacious according to Phagan-Kean, with lovely blue eyes and well developed for her age. Mary Phagan had been laid off because supplies of brass sheet metal had ran out before the new shipment arrived. The brass was cut and formed into bands attached around the ends of pencils used to hold erasers to the pencils, and when the brass had intermittently ran out, 4 girls in the metal room had to be temporarily laid off until new supplies arrived. Phagan worked in the metal room’s tipping department, using a knurling machine, inserting erasers into the metal bands of the erasers at 7.5 cents an hour.

Dorsey Called it a Species of Coercion

Frank allegedly lured Mary Phagan down the hall from his second floor office into the metal room, which was where Phagan had toiled endlessly for the last 13 months at her workstation. It was theorized based on the testimony of Jim Conley and circumstantial evidence, that Frank convinced Phagan to follow him to the metal room on the false pretense of seeing if the brass metal supplies had arrived or not, and thus determining whether or not Phagan would have her job back on the following Monday morning.

Once Frank was alone inside the metal room with Phagan, Leo quietly closed the door shut and securely locked it, and according to Hugh M. Dorsey in his closing remarks, Leo Frank, using Phagan’s temporary laid-off status and potential job prospects on Monday, April 28, 1913, as a “species” of sexual coercion and leverage (Dorsey, August 1913). Frank bluntly demanded sex from Mary Phagan, implying if she wanted her job back, but when Phagan resisted him and tried to escape, Leo Frank grabbed her, bludgeoned her by pounding her in the face with his angry fist, he lifted her up and slammed her against the handle of the lathe, where her hair broke off and was spotted by an employee Barret et al, on Monday morning, August 28th 1913, and affirmed by numerous other employees who knew Phagan after identified her hair.

Frank then allegedly dragged Phagan into the bathroom of the metal room while she was unconscious, lifted her skirt up, ripped or cut open her underwear and raped her 13 year old virgin, rupturing her hymen and leaving her tornup underwear bloodied according to the physical evidence retrieved from Phagan by the Undertaker and presented at the trial (BOE, 1913). Frank then allegedly grabbed a nearby cord used to tie the boxes of pencils and garroted Phagans tender throat until she suffocated from a lack of oxygen and died of brain damage. A follow-up clean-up job ensued, once Leo regained his composure.

Mary Phagan’s strangulation became a national scandal once its discovery hit the media’s press machines and it became a cause celeb for the Jewish community which feared being disgraced because a high profile member of their tribal community might have committed such a disgraceful act and heinous crime against one of the host populations children.

According to Leo Frank’s own statements and behaviors which some say collectively amounted to virtual admissions on: April 27, April 28 (See State’s Exhibit B in the Brief of Evidence 1913), April 30, and August 18th (see the unconscious bathroom segway confession), the beating, pedophile-rape and child-murder of Mary Phagan, occurred between “12:05 to 12:10, maybe 12:07” or possibly “12:10 and 12:15”, and with the absolute time range basically being 12:03 to 12:15. Though we will never know for sure, until the invention of a time machine or an identical simulation or our universe comes out near the end of this century, can’t wait to see the previews.


To be fair, Frank might not have had premeditated murder in his heart when his ulterior motives inspired tricking Phagan to go back with him into the metal room to see if the supplies had come in, but in his overpowering attempt to turn her out, he knew unconsciously he had no choice but to permanently silence Phagan, because if Phagan had reported that he violently forced himself on her, rape or not (rape-escape), the consequences would have been severe. White people back then did not tolerate the shit that goes on today, it was well known in those days when white people weren’t deracinated from their racial consciousness, their was the risk of mob vigilante justice, which at times included castration with rusty farming tools without anesthesia, followed by lynching for rapists or attempted rapists, and even if Frank did not hypothetically end in that fate because of his social rank and access to other peoples wealth, he knew either way his career, reputation, the factory and marriage would have been permanently ruined if it was found out about.

Mary Phagan’s last breath was at around 12:07 p.m..

After Leo Frank murdered Mary Phagan.

Based on interpretations and recollections of Jim Conley (Connolly) Statements:

Frank asked his roustabout, lackey and watchdog Negro custodian, Jim (James) Conley (also spelled Connolly depending on the primary source), to dump the body of Phagan in the rear of the basement in front of an over sized large furnace, with the unspoken intention of later asking Connolly to stuff Mary Phagan in the oven to cremate her. When Frank and Connolly went back to Leo’s second floor office, Frank allegedly asked Connolly to ghost write unheard-of and never before created murder notes, as if they were actually being written by Mary Phagan while she was in the middle of being raped and killed by the Nightwatchman, an honest Negro employee who had not arrived to work yet, but would be at the factory in the late afternoon to begin his security guard rounds.

Blame it on the Night Watchman Newt Lee (The Night Witch)

The contrived murder notes evolved the Mary Phagan cold case into one of the most shocking and embarrassingly botched attempts in U.S. history, by a person trying to third-party frame and railroad a violently heinous rape and murder on an innocent Negro (Negro is the term they used back then to describe Afro-Americans), Leo Frank’s graveyard shift employee, an African American named Newt Lee, who was setup to be the fall guy and scapegoat for Phagan’s murder (according to Jim Conley).

Later at the trial, Newt Lee, who had been working at the factory as the nightwatchman for 3 weeks, would have some very interesting sworn testimony to provide about Leo M. Frank’s unusual behavior on that infamous day of April 26 1913. It was testimony that even Leo Frank would not fully counter or explain away during his August 18, 1913 trial testimony. Newt Lee also told the police that the factory was being used by couples to have evening trysts.

Down payment of a Half Pack of Cigarettes, Two Paper Dollars and Two Silver Quarters, $200 promised

Frank allegedly offered a $200 payment for Conley to cremate Phagan, and then took it away when Conley was resistant and then offered it again, but as a potential post-payment if Jim Conley or Connolly would go downstairs stuff the dead little girl into the giant cellar oven and burn the evidence, but Connolly was leery and hesitant, saying he would only do it if Frank helped. For some reason Frank wanted Connolly to do it by himself and would not help him. Frank told Conley that if he didn’t get caught and if Connolly would do the job, he would pay him the money during the week.

Frank gave Connolly a small down payment of cash and smokes,telling him to light up, but Jim Conley later left the factory with the $2.50 and a half-pack of cigarettes, that Frank had given him as a small down payment on the $200 bribe offering, without doing the final dirty work.

Frank sternly, firmly and directly ordered Jim Conley to come back later and finish the clean up job, including specific hints that Jim Conley must finish the makeshift crematorium work of burning Phagans body if he wanted to get the $200 at a later time. Jim Conley didn’t accept or reject the job, but got spooked, left the factory after Leo Frank left and went drinking across the street before going Home and falling asleep – not waking up until mid day Sunday.

Had Jim Conley done what Leo Frank had told him to do, this article might not exist today.

Based on different accounts, Frank left the factory to go home for a late lunch between 1:10 and 1:20, arriving at his home at about 1:30, he was nauseous and lost his appetite, stayed for about 10 minutes, didn’t eat anything and then left to go back into town. Frank silently prayed to himself, hoping that Jim Conley was doing the erasure of evidence deed.

Jim Conley never came back, can you blame him?

Frank Had the Worst Case of Butterflies in his Stomach

Leo Frank returned to the factory after his late low calorie “lunch” of allegedly eating nothing and his stomach was twisting in knots. Frank waited around desperately for Jim Conley to return promptly, on the promise of $200 in Greenbacks, that is if Jim would incinerate the body, but when Jim Conley never came back that late afternoon, Frank was Freaking out and became nauseously terrified and more nervous, agitated, frenetic and excited then ever, and in a last pitched act of desperation, Frank snatched the contrived murder notes he had dictated to Jim Conley he had him scrawl up earlier, and scattered them next to Phagan’s body in the gloom of the basement.

It is not clear, why Frank did not attempt to stuff the bloody body of Phagan into the oven himself and attempt to destroy the evidence. Although Phagan was a low chunky girl at 4’11” she easily weighed 115 to 120lbs, almost as much as Leo Frank at 5’8″ and 135lbs and the dirt floor basement was absolutely filthy, covered wall to wall in black charred soot and cinders. Frank being a bit of a premadonna was smart and cautiously would have avoided getting unnecessarily dirty and stain himself up with filth and possibly blood in a way he could not explain away when he went home to his big fat wife (as he described his own wife). Had skinny Leo Frank tried to stuff that heavy little girl in the oven, A sarcastic moment… Lucille might say: Honey, why does your handsome suit have some blood and soot stains all over it? Frank might reply: Oh, I don’t know pumpkin, just a busy day on the job at the quiet office on this State holiday violently raping little girls and then strangling them off for good measure so they can’t snitch. Fortunately Frank was wearing a brown suit at work, brown is the best color in the world for hiding stains.

Frank then went back upstairs to possibly resume a poorly and partly consummated clean up job in the metal room that his step-and-fetch-it Jim Conley had not done a very good job, but possibly being a little bit of a premadonna it is unlikely he would have made much effort, for the same reasons he had not wanted to touch the nasty twisted and disheveled body in the basement that his actions in the metal room had earlier created.

If You’re Gonna Murder Someone, At Least Do a Good Clean Up Job

Since they didn’t have CSI at the time, Frank didn’t know any better, his training was in engineering, not forensic murder cover-up. In the second floor metal room there appeared to be a really badly executed clean up job, which included smearing and rubbing haskolene into the blood stains left by Mary Phagans head when she was accidentally dropped on the floor during her removal process. The haskolene smearing appeared to be a cover up attempt to hide the murder evidence as best as possible, but the blood clearly showed through the bungled erasure attempt. It was a major blunder, and Frank should have just had his Step-and-fetch-it Jim Conley use good old fashioned water, soap and a scrub brush. It was likely that Frank had the Janitor do the half-assed clean up job and that Jim did a half-heartedly poor job or was just simply unable to hide the soaked in blood stains on the metal room floor, so they were smeared with haskolene. They botched the clean up job big time. Even worse, no one thought to remove the hair left on the lathe after Leo slammed Mary’s head into it. Employees discovered the hair in the morning of Monday, April 28th 1913, and later Mr. Coleman, Mary Phagan’s step father would identify the hair as being Mary’s. That was another major blunder of Frank, he had the negro lackey sweep the floor and clean the bathroom, but he forgot about the hair that got on the lathe.

4pm: The Night Watch (“Night Witch”) Arrives

Newt Lee, the Tall Slim Negro

When Newt Lee finally arrived at work at a few minutes to 4pm, Frank was bustling with nervousness, frantic, agitated, frenzied and excited. Leo M. Frank in a wild frazzled and pumped-up state practically pushed Lee out of the building. Frank ordered a very tired and resistant Newt Lee to leave the factory, requiring Lee to come back to the factory in about 1.5 to 2.5 hours, have a good time and come back at 6PM or 6:30PM. Frank had one last hope Jim “James” Conley would hopefully come back for the potential $200 bribe offering and final clean up job, but alas, he was not returning that day, he was in drunk and happy lala land back in his “nigger shack” as Steve Oney accurately described what they were called at the time.

“What Time is It?”

Newt Lee made a strong resistant hesitation to leaving the factory, because he was exhausted, he had to come into work an hour earlier at 4pm instead of 5pm on Saturday April 26 1913 by Frank’s request made on Friday April 25 1913. Frank said he wanted to go to the baseball game, which he canceled after he murdered Phagan. When Newt Lee asked Frank if he could please sleep in the packing room for an hour or two, but Frank flatly refused, wouldn’t let him stay and was insistent that Newt Lee leave the factory and go out and have a good time – finally Leo Frank practically forced Newt Lee out of the factory.

Newt Lee left and came back at a few minutes before 6pm , Frank was still in a panicked and nervous state, asking him in a frantic state what time it was, this was coming from the man who spent the last 5 years in front of a large faced time clock and meticulously recorded everything.


At 6PM, Frank told Newt, “Don’t punch yet!”, saying that he needed to change the time sheet. Newt watched Frank butterfinger and fumble with the changing of the time sheet in the time clock, his hands were bumbling and fumbling with it even after 5 years of changing the time sheets, it took him twice as long as usual. It was something Leo Frank could normally do with his eyes closed, blind folded and one hand tied behind his back, but today for some strange reason he was struggling with it. Newt went downstairs after he punched to smoke a fag, on a crate in the doorway downstairs.

Frank frantically gathered his stuff, put on his hat and goat, then left the building briskly. As Frank exploded out of the door, he became terrified with horror when on the way out he ran into a former employee and bookkeeper named Gantt, and fell backward scared trying to practically crawl backward into the building, but it was too late – he had been spotted by Gantt and Newt Lee who was smoking finishing off his fag looked at Frank perplexedly. Frank knew that Gantt had known Mary and the Phagan family quite well, but Frank was deeply relieved when he discovered that the former employee was there because he wanted to collect his shoes he left there in the factory previously and was not looking for the missing Mary Phagan who at this time had spent nearly 6 hours slow-rotting in the basement.

As the former employee Gantt, had requested to go into the factory to get his shoes, Frank lied in a non-challant manner to the former employee saying he had seen the Negro Jim Conley sweep them out of the factory, Frank was trying to get rid of him without seeming overly concerned, However, Gantt outmaneuvered Frank by saying they were a different color, and Frank who was in no position to get into a heated debate, quickly acquiesced, Frank wanted to “get the hell out dodge” as soon as possible and as far from the building as possible, as he knew Phagan’s lifeless body was slumped on a saw dust pile in the basement would be discovered by the “Night Witch” during his rounds.

Gantt convinced Frank to let him go in to the factory and Frank obliged with the caveat that Newt Lee must accompany him during the whole time. Gantt, found his shoes in the packing room, and left the building with Newt Lee closely following and monitoring. Newt Lee, then locked the front door and began his security rounds.


When Frank got home at 6:30pm, he did something he had never done before with Newt Lee, he immediately called the factory but no one picked up the phone.


Then Frank called again at 7:00pm and Newt Lee finally picked up, Frank in a brisk frazzled voice asked if everything was Alright at the factory and when Newt Lee said Yes, Frank curtly said goodbye and slammed the phone. Frank had never called the factory on a Saturday or any other day for that matter before, to check up on things, according to Newt Lee who worked there for 3 weeks.

Frank also never asked about Gantt.

At the trial, Leo Frank said he called to see what the status was concerning Gantt, but Newt Lee said Frank did not ask about Gantt.

Frank might have been calling the factory twice to see if Newt Lee discovered the body of Phagan, because Newt Lee was supposed to check every square inch of the factory during his rounds, but once the factory was locked up, Newt might have not gone all the way back into the rear of the basement or at all until the early morning of April 27th 1913 during his visit to the negro toilet to drop the Cosby’s off at the pool, but that was still about 8 hours away.

Ironically, Leo Frank in his August 18 1913 trial testimony would make subtle complaints against Newt Lee for not finding the body sooner, henceforth throwing even more suspicion on his own two never before made phone calls to the factory at 6:30 and 7:00 PM on April 26th 1913.

That evening Frank chain smoked cigarettes and guzzled booze like it was going out of style, he drank the liquor cabinet dry, he was attempting to medicate himself and his copious binging would ensure he would be badly hung over the next day and may have contributed to his inability to hide his guilt-revealing body language or it could have made him appear guilty because he was so worn out, pale, nervous and had a trembling hoarse voice, he would fire off questions at the police before they could answer the questions and fumbled with his shirt and tie.

April 27th 1913

At approximately 3:15 AM in the morning, the Negro Nightwatch named Newt Lee, during his lantern beholden factory rounds, went down to the cellar to use the negro latrine in the rear of the basement, the Cosby’s were knocking, and they were asking if they could use the pool in the back yard, when he finished his business, without wiping he pulled up his draws and pants, and buttoned up, he spotted and discovered the mangled twisted body of a little girl in the gloom of the rear of basement, about 150 feet back.

When he approached the dead body, he noticed that her dress was pulled up and her underwear was torn and pulled down, soaked in blood and urine, and a cord was dug snug and deep into the tender flesh of her neck. Newt Lee got the hell out of dodge as quickly as he possibly could and called Leo Frank for nearly 10 minutes straight, but alas there was no answer, Leo was drunk as a skunk and passed out stone cold, finally giving up on ringing Frank, Newt Lee called the police station at 3:28AM and one of the biggest Jewish scandals of the early 20th century was about to unfold.

Newt loped to the ladder at the beginning of front area of the basement and shimmied back up, he ran up the stairs, briskly going to the office to call Leo M. Frank. After nearly 10 minutes of trying to reach Leo M. Frank, Newt gave up and decided to call the police.

A Phone Call at Half Passed Three in the Morning, the Investigation Begins

The Police and Detectives were on the scene within minutes in their model T fords, they were left with the engines on, they were let in by Newt Lee who waited by the front door for them to arrive, and they went down the hatchway, descended the diagonal ladder with lanterns and flash lights, beginning their investigation. They noticed drag marks from the front of the elevator and lead all the way to the cinder / saw dust pile in front of the furnace. They found had to pull down a stocking to confirm the girl was White, because she had been dragged in the dirty floor. They found the contrived murder notes. Later that same morning and day, observing, and questioning countless associated and affiliated people, they immediately contacted an apprehensive Leo M. Frank at the crack of dawn because he was a senior level manager of the factory who had been at the virtually empty and shuttered factory that day. Frank resisted going with the police when they arrived because he wanted some Coffee and breakfast before going out with them, and Frank was very nervous, pale, trembling, fumbling with himself and was hung over badly with a hoarse voice. He fired questions at the police so quickly they didn’t have a chance to answer.

Frank Incriminated Himself

When Frank gave a number of incriminating statements, was betrayed by his body language and made several foolish mistakes and blunders that totally gave himself away, the intuitive police and detectives became very suspicious, with the result of Frank becoming prime suspect number one. After questioning Leo Frank and numerous other people, everything seemed to conclusively point in the direction of Leo M. Frank. Two days later, Leo Frank was arrested and detained on the morning of Tuesday, April 29 1913 at 11AM and later, he was indicted and finally his conviction on April 25 1913, which was affirmed by the Trial Judge the day after the verdict on August 26, 1913. It was this highly publicized event at the end of the trial that became one of the pre climaxes of the Leo M. Frank case, followed by a lynching 2 years later and in all, would define how Leo M. Frank would forever be remembered.

The undertaker had also arrived afterward and they took the body out of the basement, up the ladder and to the mortuary to be placed on a cooling table.

The dead child, was later identified by Grace Hicks the morning of April 27th 1913 as thirteen year old Mary Anne Phagan. Grace Hicks worked in the metal department on the second floor with Mary Phagan for about a year and was very familiar with her. Grace Hicks testified some very interesting details about the metal room, including the positioning of the dressing room and the layout of the bathrooms there and where Mary Phagan’s work station was in relation to them.

Police and Detective Investigation – April 27th 1913 Sunday

After police and detectives questioned Leo M. Frank, countless dozens of factory employees and arrested some affiliated people, all the evidence began pointing in one direction.
Tuesday April 29 1913

Fifty Six hours after the body of Mary Phagan was discovered, the police and detectives had developed a very strong legitimate suspicion against Frank, their intuition was based the evidence and testimony they had gathered. Leo M. Frank was arrested on Tuesday, April 29th 1913 at 11AM, it was the last day of his freedom.
Coroners Inquest Jury, Wednesday, April 30 1913

The official murder investigation wasted no time.

The coroner’s inquest began shortly after nine o’clock on Wednesday, the 30th day of April. The empaneled Jury hearing the testimony consisted of 7 men in total, 6 inquest Jurymen and the Coroner:

1. H. Ashford, 2. Glenn Dewberry, 3. J. Hood, 4. C. Langford, 5. John Miller 6. C. Sheats 7. Judge of the Inquest Jury, Coroner, Paul Donehoo.

The Perjury of Lemmie A Quinn

Concerning Leo M. Frank’s alibi, Frank said he had forgotten for the first week of the murder investigation to bring forward Lemmie A Quinn, foreman of the metal room, a key witness. However at the Coroners Inquest, Lemmie Quinn, came forward to provide contrived testify that sounded totally suspicious and did not pass the common sense test.

Herbert Schiff

Quinn said, he had come back to the pencil factory and specifically Leo M. Frank’s office at 12:20 to talk about baseball with Mr. Herbert Schiff, but Mr. Schiff was not supposed to be at the factory at all that day which was virtually empty, because it was a State holiday, Confederate Memorial Day and everyone was given the day off. The testimony of Quinn was meant to shrink the plausible time Leo M. Frank could have strangled Mary Phagan by 10 minutes. Quinns testimony also added eye witness testimony strength to Frank’s alibi which left him about a half an hour unaccounted for (noon to 12:30). Lemmie Quinns perjury, shrunk Leo M. Frank’s unaccounted for time from 30 minutes to 20 minutes when the murder took place, but it still left wide open and unaccounted for, the time frame Mary Phagan had come to Leo M. Frank’s office, which was between 12:05 and 12:10, maybe 12:07.

Conclusion of the Coroners’ Inquest and Jury

Coroner Paul Donehoo and his Inquest Jury of six men empaneled, questioned over 100 employees and dozens of other various associated people. The week long inquest and testimony provided under oath, left very strong suspicion on Leo M. Frank when Thursday, May 8th 1913, the Mary Phagan Inquest drew to a close.[1]

Coroner’s and Inquest Juries Verdict 7 to 0

The Coroner and his Inquest Jury of six men together voted unanimously 7 to 0 recommending Leo M. Frank held for murder and turned over to, and investigated by a Grand Jury of 23 men which included 5 Jews.

Newt Lee was ordered to be held as a material witness as expected.

Deputy Plennie Minor delivered the unanimous verdict of the Coroner’s Inquest Jury to Leo M. Frank who was being held in the infamous Tower. Frank was sitting perusing a local newspaper at the time. Deputy Plennie Minor approached Leo M. Frank and told him about the unanimous verdict of the Inquest Jury, which had ordered that Frank be held for murder and for a more thorough investigation by the Grand Jury! Newt Lee slumped his head dejectedly when the bad news was delivered, however, Leo Frank insolently replied that it was no more than he had expected and continued crackling away and folding at the big sheets of his newspaper.

More than two hundred witnesses, factory workers and affiliates had been subpoenaed providing testimony at the Inquest.

Grand Jury: A Decisive Moment, to Try or Not to Try.

On May 24th 1913, the day the Grand Jury of twenty three men were to vote after a long, grueling and exhaustive review of testimony and evidence concerning Leo M. Frank, they would be short some members. Two Grand Jurors where not present on the day of the vote, one member, a Jewish member went to New York City and M. Beutell, a Gentile, had an important event he was unable to miss, and as these two men were out of town, they were not permitted to vote by absentee ballets, it therefore reduced the Grand Jury from 23 to 21 voting men. The importance of this reduction was that only a majority of 11 instead of the former 12 votes were necessary to indict Leo Frank in this nail biting moment for the police and prosecution that had tirelessly spent a month building their case.

Even though Leo Frank was a businessman partly responsible for creating more than a hundred jobs for the community, they were not sympathetic, because primarily the evidence was solid and overwhelmingly strong against him. With twenty-one men remaining, some close observers may have wondered if the vote was straddling the fence in either direction, and questioned whether the majority of 11 out of 21 would come forward and vote for an indictment or not.

A Close Call?

In a result that set another powerful tone for the future of the case, just as the Coroner’s Inquest Jury vote had done, the Grand Jury voted unanimously 21 to 0 in favor of indicting Leo M. Frank for the murder of little Mary Phagan. With four Jews voting unanimously with seventeen other Gentile men to Indict Frank, it puts serious doubts about the veracity of the Jewish Communities historical and contemporary race-baiting hatred claims over the last 100 years that Leo Frank went to trial because he was Jewish; an innocent Jew railroaded and framed collectively by European-Americans who are innately anti-Jewish and the whole Leo Frank affair was a widespread anti-Jewish and anti-Semitic conspiracy.

Countering the Jewish position, Southerners are wondering why Frank supporters must resort to making false, bigoted and racist blood-libel smears against them for the last 100 years, when the evidence against Frank is solid, and every level of the U.S. legal system sided with the Jury.

The indictment read…

In the name and behalf of the citizens of Georgia, charge and accuse Leo M. Frank, of the [Fulton] County and State [of Georgia] aforesaid, with the offense of Murder, for that the said Leo M. Frank in the County aforesaid on the 26th day of April in the year of our Lord Nineteen Hundred and thirteen, with force and arms did unlawfully and with malice aforethought kill and murder one Mary Phagan by then and there choking her, the said Mary Phagan, with a cord place around her neck contrary to the laws of said State, the good order, peace and dignity thereof.

The Frankites, like Steve Oney and Dinnerstein, would claim the outlandish claim the entire Leo Frank case can be reduced to the word of Jim Conley vs. Leo Frank. Though the indictment had absolutely nothing to do with Jim Conley, and after powerful and compelling evidence (without Jim Conley) was presented to the Grand Juryman, the following 21 Grand Jurymen of which four were Jews unanimously signed the bill of indict against Leo Frank (Bill of Indictment, 1913, Atlanta Publishing Company, The Frank Case, 1913; and Mary Phagan Kean, 1987).

The 21 Members of the Grand Jury Unanimously Voting to Indict Leo Frank are:

1. J.H. Beck, Foreman,
2. A.D. Adair, Sr.,
3. F.P.H. Akers,
4. B.F. Bell,
5. J.G. Bell,
6. Col. Benjamin,
7. Wm. E. Besser,
8. C.M. Brown,
9. C.A. Cowles,
10. Walker Danson,
11. G. A. Gershon,
12. S.C. Glass,
13. A.L. Guthman,
14. Chas. Heinz,
15. H.G. Hubbard,
16. R. R. Nash,
17. W.L. Percy,
18. R. A. Redding,
19. R.F. Sams,
20. John D. Wing,
21. Albert Boylston

After the twenty one Jurymen unanimously signed the murder indictment of Leo M. Frank, would be put on trial before a cohort of 13 men, a Judge and a petite Jury of 12 men to decide his fate.

Trial of Leo M. Frank

Judge Leonard Strickland Roan Presiding Over the Leo Frank Murder Trial

The Murder Trial Testimony Captured in The State of Georgia vs. Leo M. Frank, July 28 1913 to August 26 1913

Leo Frank late July 1913 at his Murder Trial

After being virtually silent during nearly three months of incarceration at the tower, Leo Frank finally emerged in fore of the public stage, for a sardine packed courtroom and a drama which would last 29 days. Unknowingly at the time, the Leo Frank trial would become one of those rare cases in U.S. history that would enthrall and capture the imagination and tribal emotions of the masses for more than a century after the whole ordeal. Put before a freshly created Jury and showing signs of being physically sunken, mentally worn out and emotionally weathered, Leo Frank sat in the middle of the court room, not obscured by a table, but fully exposed in full view, flushed and emaciated – a shrunken and empty shell of the former man.

Leo Frank’s perturbly cocked head with a gentle sideways lean exuded a very subtle plea for mercy, pity and sympathy, coming from his eyes impenetrable walls. Throughout the entire trial, Leo Frank’s crossed arms and legs exuded at times lonely, insecure, arrogant and insubordinate body language which gives one the nearly imperceptible psychological feeling of wanting to ask: what are you hiding? More Particularly, Leo Frank’s shifting crossed arms could easily be interpreted as an overtly defensive body language you might expect of a teenage boy who painfully waits in the tension of anticipation just moments before being sternly scolded by an incensed mother. Though psychology was in its infancy at the time (1913), today more than a century later, contemporary psychologists suggest most people unconsciously interpret crossed arms as different mental degrees reflecting defensive, “conflicted” and closed symbolic behavior. Moreover, Leo Frank’s testicle crushing tightly crossed legs gave off the most imperceptible haughty, stimulated and shielded tone.

There was something unnerving about Leo Frank’s body language and appearance at the trial, which seemed entirely out of place, giving one the feeling of an unsettling notion. Frank’s body language seemed out of sync with everyone else in the Courtroom and most certainly the Jury placed in front of him, and as such, Leo Frank’s demeanor whether intentional or unconscious was setting a disadvantageous posture, working against him from the starting block of his trial.

On the witness stand Leo Frank changed his alibi and admitted he was “unconsciously” in the toilets, where Phagan was murdered, so it was an easy conviction.

The Conviction

The Leo M. Frank conviction, along with what was perceived as defamatory portrayal of Jews in the media, became the impetus and directly inspired the founding of the ADL.

Appeals – Majority and Unanimous Decisions during the Appeals Process Affirm the Murder Conviction Given by the Trial Jury

After the murder trial ended on August 26th 1913, Leo M. Frank commenced two embarrassing and estopel years (1913 to 1915) reflecting a snap shot the Leo Frank Defense League movement, with numerous half-serious half-baked legal appeals made to the Georgia Superior Court, Georgia Supreme Court, United States District Court and United States Supreme Court, every court carefully and meticulously studied and reviewed the murder trial testimony and evidence, every single court affirmed the murder conviction, with only 4 dissenting judges out of more than a dozen affirming Judges. See: Primary Sources Section.

Two Years of Half-Baked Court Appeals

Leo Frank then began a very expensive two year circus of embarrassing, poorly concocted and frivolous appeals. Franks lawyers and defense teams used every method of criminal activity on behalf of Leo Frank to create evidence to support him. They bribed and threatened witnesses, put forward and spun together half-baked frivolous court appeals through every possible legal channel, all the way up and down the Georgia State Superior Court, Georgia State Supreme Court, the District Court of the United States and the United States Supreme Court, multiple times ad nauseum.

A Request for a New Trial: on 31 October 1913 – Judge Roan denied the motion for a new trial

More specifically, immediately following the Leo M. Frank murder trial, Frank’s defense team requested a new trial. The presiding judge Leonard S. Roan denied the appeal.

Another motion for a new trial was denied by the Georgia Supreme Court in February 1914 after much review. More specifically on 17 February 1914 – the Supreme Court of Georgia affirmed the verdict of the lower court by a vote of 4 to 2.

25 February – the Supreme Court of Georgia, unanimously overruled a motion for rehearing.

7 March 1914 – Frank was sentenced for the second time to death by hanging on April 17th, Leo M. Frank’s birthday.

16 April 1914 – at the eleventh hour, an extraordinary motion for a new trial was filed and death sentence on Leo M. Frank’s 30th birthday again stayed.

22 April 1914 – Judge B. H Hill, former chief justice of the Court of Appeals, who had succeeded to the Judgeship of Fulton Superior Court, denied the extraordinary motion for a new trial.

25 April 1914 – The day before the anniversary of Mary Phagan’s death, Frank’s sanity was examined and he was declared sane.

Motion to set the Verdict aside as a Nullity

Beginning in June 1914, Frank’s defense appealed to the Fulton County Superior Court to set aside the guilty verdict. Fulton County Superior Court denied the appeal, as did the Georgia Supreme Court (December 1914).

14 November 1914 – the Georgia Supreme Court again denied a new trial.

18 November 1914, the Georgia Supreme Court refused a writ of error.

23 November 1914 – Mr. Justice Lamar, of the Supreme Court of the United States refused a writ of error.

25 November 1914 – Mr. Justice Holmes of the United States Supreme Court, also refused a writ.

7 December 1914, the full bench of the United States Supreme Court refused a writ of error.

9 December 1914, Frank was re-sentenced to death to hang on January 22, 1915.

21 December 1914 – United States District Judge W. T. Newman of Georgia, refused a writ of habeas Corpus.

28 December 1914 – Mr. Justice Lamar granted an appeal and certificate of reasonable doubt to the United States Supreme Court.

15 April 1915 – the Supreme Court of the United States 4 to 2, with Mr. Justices Holmes and Hughes dissenting, dismissed the appeal.

Ultimately Leo M. Frank had fully exhausted completely every possible court appeals process.

Georgia Prison Commission

9 June 1915 – the State Prison Commission submitted a divided report to Governor Slaton, Commissioners Davison and Rainey voting against and Commissioner Paterson for commutation.

As five courts upheld the original decision of the jury in Leo Frank’s case, Frank then applied for clemency with the Georgia Prison Commission to commute his sentence from death to life in prison. This application was denied.

During the two Year Appeals Process, The National Letter Writing Campaign and Emotional Appeals Process Was in Full Force

With every possible court appeal fully exhausted, Leo M. Frank’s last hope was utilizing the full extent of his 2 year old flush bankroll of his legal defense fund which was made possible by advertising magnate A.D. Lasker and newspaper mogul Adolph Oct the owner of the New York Times. With a swollen treasury of hundreds of thousands of dollars, the culmination of a vast 2 year political bribery and manipulation machine had been unleashed across the United States and even some major cities throughout Europe. The Governor of Georgia had been flooded with more than 10,000 letters in support of Leo M. Frank from people who never read the official trial record in the case which included all the facts, testimony and evidence against Leo Frank. See Brief of Evidence in Primary Sources.

Criminal Governor

Lastly, with absolutely no more court appeal options left for Leo Frank and the Prison Commission denying his request for clemency, there was only one last option, a commutation by the corrupt Governor of Georgia, John M. Slaton. Frank applied to Governor John M. Slaton for Executive Clemency.

Last Hope: 31 May 1915 – Frank’s plea for commutation of sentence to life imprisonment was heard before the State Prison Commission.

Frank had one last hope. The Governor of the State of Georgia, John Marshall Slaton who was in office from June 28, 1913 to June 26, 1915. Slaton would save the life of Leo Frank at the eleventh hour, as Frank was on Death Row registered to be lynched on June 22nd 1915 by Sheriff Mangum.

Well before the dramatic soap opera of the eleventh hour on the infamous day of June 21st 1915, the treacherous and criminal Governor of Georgia, John M. Slaton, was made a senior law partner in the very firm representing and defending Leo M. Frank at his July 28th 1913 to August 26th murder trial. The firm was called: Rosser, Brandon, Slaton & Phillips.

John Marshall Slaton, Clemency, Commuted Leo M. Frank’s death sentence to life in prison.June 21st 1915, The 11th Hour.

On June 21 1915, one day before Leo M. Frank was to be hanged to death, John M. Slaton, when at the exit as an outgoing Governor of Georgia, in an absolutely gross conflict of interest, commuted the death sentence of Leo M. Frank to life in prison. The clemency was based on a half-baked hokey commutation order that insulted the intelligence of the elite of Georgia, Southerners, Legal Scholars, Judges, Lawyers and the people of the United States of America, when the commutation was compared against the dry leaves of the 1913 Brief of Evidence.

John M. Slaton, Governor of the State of Georgia Betrays the People

A commutation hearing was held in Atlanta on June 12-16, 1915. Representing Leo Frank were William M. Howard of Augusta, Manning J. Yeomans of Dawson, Harry A. Alexander and Leonard Haas of Atlanta speaking for the defense.

On June 21, 1915, just six days before Nathaniel Edwin Harris, the newly elected governor, was to take office, and one day before Frank was scheduled to hang (June 22 1915), Slaton commuted Frank’s death sentence to life in prison. There was public outrage, primarily because John M. Slaton, was a law partner and business associate in the law firm hired by Leo Frank, making Leo Frank Slaton’s client and because Slaton in a gross conflict of interest had betrayed the constitution and his oath of office. The Southern population reached ascended to boiling crescendo of rage and were indignantly furious to a fevered pitch at the insolence of the clemency decision made on behalf of Leo M. Frank, especially after every level of the United States Legal System had reviewed meticulously and upheld the evidence supporting the conviction. More than a dozen judges had affirmed the conviction and Leo Frank had made a near confession on August 18 1913, when he told the Jury he made an unconscious bathroom visit inside the metal room during the time Phagan was murdered there.

John M. Slaton, feigned moral and emotional consternation, saying: “I can endure misconstruction, abuse and condemnation,” Slaton said, “but I cannot stand the constant companionship of an accusing conscience which would remind me that I, as governor of Georgia, failed to do what I thought to be right…. [F]eeling as I do about this case, I would be a murderer if I allowed this man to hang. It may mean that I must live in obscurity the rest of my days, but I would rather be plowing in a field for the rest of my life than to feel that I had that blood on my hands.”[1]

Slaton’s commutation disregarded volumes of trial evidence and testimony against Frank, but Slaton also chose to not disturb the Jury’s verdict and in a sly and underhanded sort of way affirmed the murder conviction. Slaton, also suggested, that the Jewish Communities charge of race hatred as being the reason Frank was convicted was unfair, as it was certainly not true, because numerous other legal tribunals reviewed the evidence and testimony, and felt it was strong enough to convict Leo M. Frank. None of the appeals courts could be falsely accused of being mob terrorized or antisemitic, as the Jewish community put such false accusations and slander against the murder trial Jury.

In order to protect Leo Frank, he was transferred from Fulton Tower in Atlanta to the prison farm outside Milledgeville.

July 17 1915 – Leo Frank Gets Shanked

Frank was attacked at the State Farm Prison in Milledgeville on July 17, 1915, by a fellow convict named Green who cut Leo’s throat with a 7 inch butcher knife. Two inmate doctors got to him in the nick of time and stitched him up. Frank lingered between life and death for several weeks, but finally recovered. The wound never fully healed. The wounds were slow to heal in the boiling and humid heat of the Georgian Summer. Those wounds would split open again a month later, during the culmination of the Leo Frank case.

August 17 1915 – Knights of Mary Phagan, Founding Fathers of the Current Ku Klux Klan (KKK)

Two months later after the commutation, Leo M. Frank, was abducted from Prison by a group of men from the State of Georgia’s highest social, legal and political strata, they Knighted themselves as the Knights of Mary Phagan, they drove Frank 175 miles to Cobb County, and Lynched him near an intersection at Frey’s Mill. A mature oak tree helped fulfill the most perfectly executed slow strangulation lynching of Leo M. Frank, that is just after the dawn dew kissed a glorious rising sun on August 17th 1915.

Lynching of Leo Frank – August 17 1915

See: The Lynching of Leo Frank

August 18, 1913, Lucille Selig Frank Leaves Atlanta to Bury Leo M. Frank in New York City

Mrs. Lucille Selig Frank boarded a train for New York City on August 18 1913, Leo Frank’s body was returned to New York on August 20, 1913, where he was buried at New Mount Carmel Cemetery.

The Burial of Leo Frank

Last Name, First Name Location Date of Death
FRANK, LEO 1-E-41-1035-2 8/17/1915

Section: 1
Block: E
Path: 41
Lot: 1035
Grave: 2

Cemetery Gates Close at 4:00 P.M.

Lucille returned to Atlanta where she opened a dress shop and became sporadically active in the work of The Temple.

Lucille’s asexual, dumpy, androgynous, and butch physical appearance, plus her weight issues and having been married to Leo Frank, along with the rumors of extensive extracurricular whoring activities surrounding him, and including the grueling and grissly crime leading to his conviction (two years of higher court affirmation), had tended to severely diminish and limit Lucille’s dateability and sex appeal. Lucille Frank never remarried, and always signed her name as “Mrs. Leo M. Frank,” until her death at age 69. In her later age, her weight seemed to normalize.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Lucy Selig died on April 23, 1957 (1888-1957). Even then, in 1957, Frankites have suggested: her family was unsure of burying her in Atlanta, and it wasn’t for another number of years that nephews buried her ashes between her parents’ graves in Oakland Cemetery, but without a marker.

Lucille died 42 years after Leo M. Frank was lynched, what was equivalent to a life time as the life expectancy in the early 20th century was around 40 years and she was very clear about her own ultimate verdict in the Leo Frank Case, her wishes were very clear and stated that she wanted to be cremated and NOT buried next to or with her deceased husband Leo M. Frank. It was a sad and final verdict coming from the woman who stood by her husband loyally throughout the whole ordeal, even though her cook Minola Magnolia McKnight had tipped her hand revealing Lucille knew approximately what really happened. The official records indicates Lucy Selig knew the real score, In truth what could Lucille really do?.. other than the only option she really had, cognitive dissonance and double think, her honor, the honor of her family and the Jewish community was on the line. Lucille did what any good loyal wife would do in this situation, stand by her husband – right or wrong.

Infallible Wives and Mothers

We can not hold the same black and white, right or wrong lens to loyal mothers and wives who stand by their sons and husbands invincibly, and we do not live in a black and white world, but one of subtle shades and variations of gray. The moral lens of what is right and wrong, can not be applied to mothers and wives who loyally stand by their children and husbands, even if deep down they know of their guilt. Lucille did what she had to do, which was a hard decision and she should not be negatively judged for fiercely standing faithfully by her husband loyally all the way to the end, even though cosmetically she had to put on veneer pretenses and appearances, pretending publicly her husband Leo Frank was not guilty of the murder. On some level it was probably difficult for Lucy Selig to trick herself into not believing the dozen or more employees who came forward and suggested Frank was a sexual predator, pedophile and whore monger (in essence), some suggesting he was regularly whoring on the Sabbath and trying to turn out girls at the factory.

William J Burns Detective Agency of New York

The alleged persistent theme of the Leo M. Frank Case according to Frankites was Jew York City vs. Georgia. Detective William Burns the keystone cop style sleuth employed by the Leo M. Frank team, who was originally dismissed for being too obvious in his bribing, threatening and criminal activity, received a telegram from Marietta Georgia after the lynching of Leo M. Frank. The Telegram sarcastically told him to come down quickly and investigate the lynching, signed H.H. Looney Chief of Police. William Burns had been driven out of Georgia with threats of lynching when it was discovered he was hired by the money bags supporting the Leo Frank defense to try to bribe any witnesses he could and turn the Mary Phagan murder investigation into a carnival side show by publishing grandiose announcements in the local newspapers.

1980’s – Pardon without Exoneration

Alonzo “Lonnie” Mann – 1982 / 1983

March 7, 1982,

A questionable and suspicious chapter was unfurled for the public. The Nashville Tennessean published a special breaking news report about a story in which Alonzo Mann, Leo Franks former office boy in 1913, said he saw janitor Jim Conley carrying Mary Phagans body to the basement of the National Pencil Company in Atlanta, where Mr. Frank was the superintendent. Mr. Mann asserted that Conley killed Mary and Frank was innocent.

1982, About 70 years after the murder of Mary Phagan and Lynching of Leo M. Frank, Alonzo Mann the former office boy of Leo M. Frank came forward in an other doctored up media expose pushing the Jewish Defense position at the behest of the Jewish Community. Now nearly 83 years old, the senile and ailing Alonzo Mann with a mountain of medical bills came forward to say he had seen Conley carrying Mary Phagans body on the first floor.

Alonzo Mann produced an affidavit seven decades after the Leo M. Frank drama, thus giving the Frankites more odious support for their position, but however, because of the Frank Defense’s history of obtaining suspicious and questionable affidavit through criminal means and bribing to defend Leo M. Frank the affidavit was not taken seriously by anyone familiar with the case. Especially since, Alonzo Mann testified he left at around noon and in his old age had a mountain of unpaid medical bills.

Moreover, Alonzo Mann brought absolutely nothing new to the Leo M. Frank Case or Trial and his new testimony sounds fake, because Jim (James) Conley had admitted to being an accomplice and that he participated in bringing the dead body of Mary Phagan to the basement at Leo M. Frank’s request.

In a statement that makes absolutely no sense and does not pass the scrutiny of common sense, Alonzo Mann said, that the Negro Jim Conley threatened his life if he told anyone about seeing him with the dead body of Mary Phagan and when Alonzo Mann told his family and parents, they allegedly told him to keep quiet about it.

Despite Alonzo Mann alleged “taking a lie detector test” and signing an affidavit, the Alonzo Mann’s story lacks the common sense test, truth and veracity, because at the time “Negroes” were second class citizens, and no White Family or Parents would tell their White Children to be quiet about a negro allegedly murdering a White Girl. Even today in modern times, no White Family would ever tell a White boy to be quiet about a Negro murdering a White Girl. It doesn’t make sense and comes off like total bullshit, to be blunt. There was something about Alonzo Mann’s testimony that tends to affirm Jim Conley was called in to work on a holiday to sit in his usual place under the stairwell and watch for Leo Frank.

Alonzo Mann State’s Adds More Evidence that Leo Frank Lied on the Witness Stand

What is more interesting is that Alonzo Mann’s 1980’s revelation, is that he said he saw Jim Conley numerous times in the morning and early afternoon on April 26, 1913, sitting on a box under the stairs on the first floor. Because Mann says it was from the morning till noon, this eye witness account may further prove that Leo Frank lied on the stand on August 18, 1913, about Frank not knowing Jim Conley was sitting on a box under the stairs on the first floor, acting as a watchdog and look out for him. Leo Frank said he had come and gone from the factory in the morning, and would have seen and known about his roustabout lackey waiting there for him, (Read the August 18, 1913, murder trial testimony of Leo Frank)

Alonzo Mann: Dead Man’s Affidavit

However, the ADL of B’nai B’rith, American Jewish Committee, Atlanta Jewish Federation and numerous other Jewish organizations used the affidavit after Alonzo Mann died to push for a Posthumous Pardon and Exonerate Leo M. Frank for the murder of little Mary Ann Phagan.

First Pardon Failed

Attorneys for three Jewish organizations petitioned the State (Georgia) Board of Pardons and Paroles to pardon Leo Frank, but the petition was denied on December 22, 1983.

Pardon Achieved: Posthumous Pardon without Exoneration – March 11 1986

Pyrrhic Victory for the Jewish Community

After successful pressure from the ADL of B’nai B’rith, and other Jewish Organizations, they get the Georgia Board of Paroles to pardon Leo M. Frank, but they would not exonerate him of the Crime.

Jewish Power and Political Correctness Prevailed

On March 11, 1986, the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles granted Frank a pardon, citing the state’s failure to protect him or prosecute his killers, though they stopped short of exonerating Leo M. Frank of the murder of Mary Phagan. Leo Frank’s murder conviction is still today black letter law and binding legal precedent. The Judge and Jury have the last word, as do the vigilante lynchers who were never prosecuted.

Spun Pardon and Pyrrhic Victory

The Jewish Community saw the Pardon at face value as vindication of Leo Frank, but it was really a Pyrrhic victory. First, because in order to pardon someone of a crime, the person has to be guilty, you can’t pardon someone unless you acknowledge they are guilty. Therefore the guilt of the individual has to be affirmed and in Leo Frank’s case it was indisputable binding settled law. So the Prison Board in the 1980’s basically acknowledged the veracity and truth that Leo M. Frank was guilty, but they refused to exonerate him of his guilt, though they forgave him of the Murder of Mary Phagan, because the state failed to protect Leo M. Frank and because his lynching prevented him from further appeals – there is only one problem with that…

Further appeals at any level of the United States Court System?

The prison board has a clear and full understanding of the law, and yet they made a bald face lie. They were patently in error concerning the lynching of Leo Frank preventing him from any further appeals within the appellate court system, because Leo M. Frank had fully and totally exhausted all of his court appeal options at every level of the State, District and Federal Appellate Courts, with the Supreme Court unanimously overruling any further review of the case, thus closing the door forever at all levels of the appellate court system. When there were no more options left in the court system, the prison board at the time refused a recommendation of clemency and even the bribed Governor John M. Slaton, refused to pardon Leo Frank and actually stated in his commutation letter he was NOT disturbing the guilty verdict given to Leo Frank by the Jury. Not a single legal body in the last 100 years has overturned the guilt of Leo Frank, but attempts to spin the truth have endlessly been made.

The Prison Board Affirmed Leo Frank’s Guilt By Proxy

The board affirmed Leo M. Frank’s guilt and quelled the powerful and wealthy Jewish Community, that has for 100 years has been vociferously screeching Leo M. Frank was a “noble and innocent Jew, Framed, railroaded and scapegoated in a vast Anti-Jewish conspiracy”, because in order to Pardon someone they have to have first committed a crime, you have to basically first acknowledge openly or in an unspoken manner, that the individual is guilty of a crime, before they can be pardoned.


Leo M. Frank, Plaintiff in Error vs. State of Georgia, Defendant in Error. In Error from Fulton Superior Court at the July Term 1913. Brief of Evidence 1913: Brief of Evidence, 1913 (Click Here) .

American State Trials Volume X (1918) By John D. Lawson

Oney, Steve (2003), And the Dead Shall Rise.

Koenigsberg, Allen (2011) The Leo Frank Case and Leo Frank discussion forum, see:

Mount Carmel Cemetery NY, where the lynched body of Leo Frank is interred

Last Name, First Name Location Society Date of Death
FRANK, LEO 1-E-41-1035-2 NONE 08/17/1915

FRANK, RAY 1-E-41-1035-3 NONE 01/01/1925
FRANK, RUDOLPH 1-E-41-1035-4 None 01/15/1922
FRANK, SARAH 1-E-41-1035-6 None 08/01/1937
STERN, MARIAN 1-E-41-1035-12 None 04/02/1948
STERN, OTTO 1-E-41-1035-11 None 05/26/1963

Fair Usage Law

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The People v. Leo Frank

Watch the People v. Leo Frank

The People v Leo Frank Film, Short Summary Review:

In terms of a brief review and summary of the People v Leo Frank, it is ultimately an unforgivable and profoundly dishonest Jewish propaganda film, which like every other Jewish-position (Frankite) film and book created in the last 100+ years on the subject, predominantly cherry picks, spins and manipulates facts on behalf of Leo Frank, exalting him, transfiguring a Jewish pedophile, rapist and strangler – a convicted murderer affirmed by the entire U.S. legal system – into an innocent and stoic hero of anti-Jewish injustice.

The worst part about the docudrama is not only the outright re-writing of history on the case to the benefit of Leo Frank and Jewish victimhood, but this propaganda film is less overt in its essence, perpetuating an ugly century-old Jewish ethnoreligious blood libel smear against European-Americans associated with the Leo Frank case, suggesting European-Americans are without reason blindly prejudiced anti-semites, who orchestrated a vast anti-Jewish conspiracy to railroad and frame an innocent Jew, Leo Frank, for the most unjust reasons possible.

The Leo Frank case has become a deeply insightful doorway into the collective Jewish mind, revealing that Jews are eternally an ego, tribal and race obsessed people, forever accusing everyone else of being anti-semites when it benefits them.

From the Gentile point of view, the ultimate conclusion of the Leo Frank case and the endless Jewish media circus created around it, is it reminds us historically, Jews have waged an eternal cultural and race war against Gentiles and that we either fight to the bloody death in a no holds bar world war or we peacefully separate for good. There is no 3rd option, allowing them to live together with us in our countries only causes us the most profound suffering possible by this self-tortured people.

The People v. Leo Frank, Long Winded Review:

You just read the brief summary and review of this docudrama movie, if you would like the long winded and loquacious version, continue reading.

Pseudo-Scholarly Docudrama, The People v. Leo Frank

The People v. Leo Frank tells the self-deceiving and one-sided Jewish version of the Mary Phagan tragedy, perpetuating myths about the Leo Frank case in the style of a fictionalized docudrama, giving the false impression of respectable academic credibility and 3rd person scholarly neutrality. Ultimately when the film is distilled to its essence it is nothing more than an arrogant, base, crass and insolent pack of half truths, outright lies, conspiracy theories and antisemitic smears directed at European-Americans. The People v. Leo Frank is another reminder that Jews are genetically innate ego obsessed and relentless in waging racial, tribal and culture warfare against European-Americans. There can be no forgiveness for a people who has turned a prominent Jew and president of B’nai B’rith, from a pedophile, rapist and strangler into a martyr of Gentile anti-semitism and then used this pedophile to wage a culture and race war against Gentiles.

Preaching to the Choir and Creating New Converts, The People v. Leo Frank

The People v. Leo Frank might be best described as serving two important purposes for the Jews and Leo Frank partisans (Frankites), one, it provides an up-to-date, as of 2009, Jewish media regurgitation, creatively spun, for reinforcing the 100 year old Jewish position on the Leo Frank case, and second, it makes a pretty good attempt at being a successful proselytizing propaganda video for recruiting new Frankites. For more information on what a “Frankite” is, read Watson’s Magazine issues Jan, March, August, September and October 1915.

100 Years of Lies: The People v Leo Frank

The People v. Leo Frank is like every other film created by Jews about Jews, mostly half-corny, mellow dramatic, self-aggrandizing, egotistical, narcissistic, self-deceiving, self-serving, ennobling and emotionally exalting. Like countless others, the film is yet another broken-record rendition by the Jewish media, creating another representation of the heroic and Promethean Jew, struggling stoically for justice and Freedom amongst the eternally antisemitic and hostile Gentile world.

Most people are wondering, why are Jews always trying to move into Gentile countries and live amongst Gentiles when they are always accusing them of being racist and anti-Semitic? The answer is because the sum total of Jewish Identity is the mellow dramatic theme replayed historically, represented by a neurotic Jewish love-hate and homo-erotic sadomasochistic relationship with Gentiles – the Jew cries out in pain as he slaps you, runs away and calls you an anti-Semite.

What The People v. Leo Frank Really is: an Attempt to Rehabilitate a Pedophile, Rapist and Murderer

The People v Leo Frank was created for the purpose of attempting to rehabilitate Leo Frank from what he will forever be remembered as, first, a little man with a very small penis who suffered from a napoleon complex and who abused his power, rank, authority and position as a high-profile factory boss. Second, Leo Frank will always be remembered as a child-molester, child abuser, pedophile, adulterous whore monger, child rapist, strangler and convicted murderer.

A Rehabilitation and Reminder to Jews that Gentiles are all Conspiratorial Monsters

The inane rehabilitation attempts on behalf of Leo Frank by the Jewish community will not only attempt to transfigure him from the most loathsome type of man, into the highest and most noble, but Frank will take on a new permanent role as a high holy Jewish religious figure, one to be added to the Jewish holy books.

A New Cultural Icon is Born

After 100 years of propaganda by the Jews, Leo Frank has become a new cultural chapter in the spiritual and religious texts of Judaism, a stoic victim who was persecuted and railroaded, martyred by a wide spread antisemitic conspiracy and an injustice U.S. legal system. The end result is Leo Frank has become the spiritual patron fatherly symbol and martyr of antisemitism in the United States.

Did you know Leo Frank CONFESSED to the murder of Mary Phagan?

Ironically, Leo Frank virtually confessed to strangling Mary Phagan during his murder trial statement he made to the judge and jury on August 18, 1913. If you study the Leo Frank case and read the closing arguments of Hugh M. Dorsey and Frank Arthur Hooper at the trial which are available within American State Trials Volume 10 (X) 1918, and then read Tom Watson’s crystal clear analysis of the Leo Frank murder confession in the August and September 1915 issue of Watson’s Magazine, you will learn why the Jews despise Tom Watson with such foaming at the mouth fanaticism, simply put, because Watson articulated the Leo Frank murder confession so deliciously. Jews are forever trying to suppress the fact that Leo Frank confessed to the murder at his trial on August 18, 1913.

The People v Leo Frank Pretends to be Neutral and Deceives the Public

The film mostly feigns neutrality, by presenting itself as a legitimate docudrama, but for those who have studied the details of the Leo Frank Case, the film is nothing more than the most grotesque example of re-writing history on the Leo Frank case as of 2009, almost a century after the murder of Mary Phagan and the lynching of Leo Frank.

More specifically, how it was done

Presenting the Leo M. Frank Case in a pseudo scholarly manner is achieved by interspersing throughout the storyline carefully selected sound bites, and edited segments of face to face interviews, from numerous people who are knowledgeable about the Leo M. Frank case and Southern history. The story is then woven through a contrived and dishonestly biased path, in a way to leave people in doubt about Leo M. Frank’s real guilt and ultimately feeling righteously indignant about the possible antisemitic railroading he suffered. This aggressively promoted position presented to a duped public is the century old Jewish defense side of the Frank case and it represents a blood libel smear created by Jews against European-Americans.

The Perfect Fall Guy: Leo Max Frank

The Jews claim Leo M. Frank was also wrongfully framed and railroaded as an innocent Jew in the wrong place at the wrong time, by a blindly bigoted people looking for anyone to punish to quench the anger over the murder of Mary Phagan. The claim by Jews is the negro Jim Conley was not worthy enough, because he was black and a janitor.

Weird Jewish Race Obsessions: White Racists Secretly Love Guilty Black Rapists Who Strangle Little Girls, but not Innocent White Jews

The Jews and Leo Frank partisans (Frankites), like Elaine Marie Alphin, make the absurdly outrageous claim that racial separatist White Southerners would rather chose to blame for murder a well educated “innocent” White Jew named Leo Frank, who created hundreds of jobs for the community, over an uneducated alcoholic “guilty” Negro sweeper.

This insolence insult is the Jewish way of instigating of a global race war between the descendants of Europeans and Jews.

Gentiles hate Jews so much, they let them live in their countries.

This anti-Semitic conspiracy is one the Jews believe has been going on for more than 5,000 years, despite the fact the European non-Jew founded United States and has given Jewish people more opportunities, wealth and success than any other country in the last 5,000 years – not even Israel can make this claim of offering Jews so much wealth, power and success.

Meet Some of the Frankites like Steve Oney

The Jewish position on the Leo Frank Case is an opinion which tends to spin, manipulate, embellish and contradict the real facts and evidence of the case, with numerous types of published texts re-writing history, including various books and articles by Oney, Dinnerstein, Alphin, Goldfarb, Golden and many other Frankites that dishonestly tell their openly biased and history re-written versions of the Leo Frank story. These books are unanimously written from the Jewish position and leave out huge volumes of damaging facts against Frank. None of them talk about the Leo Frank murder confession of August 18, 1913.

The Wailing Wall: The Eternal Successful Victim

The Jewish and defense position about the Leo Frank Case embraces racial victim-hood and persecution with somber infantile and childish emotions of us vs. them, turning the Case into a mellow dramatic mini Holocaust of sorts and Tom Watson the precursor of Adolph Hitler.

Jewish Supremacism

To see the true power of the Jewish community, they turned out corrupt Georgian Governor John M. Slaton in 1915, like a high-priced hooker, making him trade his soul for a satchel of shekels. Slaton commuted the death sentence of Leo Frank to life in prison, having him transferred to a minimum security facility and ensuring his cell was comfy and cozy with nice cotton bedding, a radio and wind-up record player. See: Slaton’s written remarks and justification concerning the commutation he made on behalf of Leo M. Frank and how Slaton actually compares Leo Frank to Jesus Christ and himself to the Governor Potius Pilate (you have to read it to believe it) in a pathetic attempt to sooth the rightfully enraged Christian public, but the toady appeal was totally transparent and ultimately back fired. 5,000 people marched on the home of Slaton and if it had not been for the national guard shielding him from the protesters, Slaton would have gotten his own dose of justice.

Governor John Slaton was a Part Owner of the Law Firm Representing Leo Frank

John M. Slaton, betrayed the Constitution he swore to uphold and violated his oath of office in the most brazenly obvious way. When Slaton became a senior legal partner and part owner of the law firm representing Leo M. Frank as the legal defense team, Slaton did what basically amounted to commuting the sentence for one of his own business clients, Leo M. Frank.

The Distorted Jewish Mind

All of the numerous Hollywood style films produced by Jews have unanimously reflected the rehabilitation views of the Jewish community at large for more than one hundred years and it shows the true ugliness of Jewish media control. By using their vast media clique to re-write history and shit on the truth, the Jewish controlled media has turned a pedophile rapist and strangler into the leader of a new sect of Judaism called Frankaism.

“Based on a True Story”, Code word for Jewish Spun Propaganda

This film although biased, is based partly on a true story about the real life strangulation of 13 year old little Mary Phagan on that infamous Saturday in the early teens of the 20th century, right in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. The 85 minute film highlights and briefly covers selective parts of the events in this case and carefully leaves out volumes the important facts against Frank.

Film topics covered include the murder investigation by the Police of Atlanta, Georgia and the Pinkerton Detective Agency hired by the National Pencil Company, both the unanimous decisions of the Coroners Inquest Jury and Grand Jury Indictment are not covered. For your information, a Coroner’s inquest Jury of seven men voted 7 to 0 (Coroner plus 6 Jury men), to have Leo Frank held for murder and reviewed by a Grand Jury for the strangulation of Mary Phagan. A Grand Jury of 21 men which included 4 Jewish members voted unanimously 21 to 0 to indict Leo Frank for the murder of Mary Phagan, and then a court of 13 men, a Judge and a Jury of 12 men, voted unanimously 13 to 0 to convict Leo Frank of murder. A grueling 2 year appeals process essentially affirmed all the earlier unanimous decisions from the trial verdict of 13 to 0, Grand Jury verdict of 21 to 0 and Inquest verdict of 7 to 0.

In the film the trial is partially covered, but spun in favor of Leo Frank. The conviction and death sentence judgment are barely highlighted. Even worse, the movie failed to really cover the cheesy, slapstick and frivolous 2 years of grueling tooth-and-nail appeals by Leo M. Frank. The Majority decisions of every single court level, from the Superior and Supreme Court of Georgia, Federal District Court and United States Supreme Court issued majority decisions that essentially amounted to the entire United States Court System upholding the verdict of the Judge and Jury.

Meet Steve “BalOney” Oney

The Governor’s controversial commutation was spun nicely with Steve BalOney’s bullshit in the shaft theory, turning Jim Conley’s Poo-Poo in the elevator shaft into the smoking gun (or the steaming pile) to exonerate Leo Frank. The mob lynching was covered, but not the interesting conversations on that 4 hour night drive leading to Leo M. Frank’s lynching.

Jewish Supremacist Power to Pardon a Child Molester, Rapist, Abuser and Murderer

The story concludes with the aftermath and eventual highly political Jewish power broker pardon WITHOUT EXONERATION of Leo Max Frank in 1986.

Yes, after a zillion legal reviews, everyone supports the verdict of the Jury. No one, not even Governor Slaton disturbed the verdict of the Jury.

Over a dozen appellate Judges affirmed the guilty verdict, and all of these Judges had studied the trial testimony and evidence meticulously, as their job fully required of them by the Law and Constitution of the United States. What the film left out was that in the calm quiet quarters, where no false accusations of mob terror could even remotely be possible, every appellate decision affirmed the guilt of Leo Frank from the Superior Court, State Supreme Court, District Court and United States Supreme Court.

What the film leaves out, is the virtual murder confession Leo Frank made on the witness stand on August 18, 1913, when Leo Frank told a packed court room of 200 people, a Judge and Jury, that he might have “unconsciously” gone to the bathroom in the metal room, during the time of the murder and put himself in the very place the prosecution spent 29 days trying to prove was the real scene of the murder – the infamous metal room.

Jewish Film Production and Consultation:

The 1913 Mary Phagan cold case murder crime story ultimately resulting in the mob lynching of Leo Frank in 1915, is re-created, filmed and creatively spun by Jewish producer and director Ben Loeterman. Steve Oney, Jewish author of ‘The Dead Shall Rise’ (a book alleging the total sum of the ‘Leo Frank Case’ was a vast Antisemitic conspiracy and that Conley did it) acted as chief consultant for the storyline and he also served as assistant director. Steve BalOney Oney is interviewed extensively throughout the docudrama speaking face to face with the viewers of the film through his metaphorical hexagram rose colored glasses, about his carefully selected version of the historical events. Oney even gets to play an extra in recreated dramatized scenes.

A Noble Lawyer Corrupted by Jewish Money and Pressure

The story is narrated with a period southern accent in the first person by a fictionalized version of prosecution team member, lawyer William Smith, who represents at the trial one of the star witnesses, factory sweeper Jim Conley (The man the Jews accuse of really committing the murder). Through the course of the fictionalized film, William Smith becomes more and more convinced Jim Conley was the actual murderer after the commencement of the murder trial, even though the entire appeals process to exhaustion affirmed Leo Frank’s conviction.

Smith eventually becomes senile, succumbing to a degenerative brain disease, but before dying of dementia and brain damage, he scrawls a kindergarten style barely legible death bed confession, that he believes Leo Frank is actually an innocent man of good character. This is despite the overwhelming evidence against Frank in real life from the ‘Leo Frank Murder Trial Brief of Evidence’, which is available for download from

The People v. Leo Frank Film Begins:

The film story starts momentarily in 1915 with a dreamy Leo Frank in a black and white prison jump suit, winding up an old fashioned record player, sighing, leaning and silently cooing like a gay love bird, listening to opera and then “William Smith”, the fictionalized narrator in an obnoxiously slow drawl speaks of the strength of Leo Frank’s marriage (yet his wife Lucille Selig Frank specifically mandated she did not want to be buried with her pedophile adulterous husband and her wish was fulfilled). Then the movie flashes back to the pencil factory basement at sometime around 3:00 to 3:15 AM on Sunday, April 27th 1913 where the lantern beholden night watch, Newt Lee, finds the dead body of Mary Phagan, a little girl who had been killed the afternoon on the day before, April 26th 1913, at 12:05 to 12:10, maybe 12:07.

From there the true story deviates on in a fictionalized Jewish manner unfolding on the infamous day, Saturday, April 26th, 1913, Confederate Memorial Day. There is brief discussion about the Southern holiday being celebrated, as in reality the few remaining Confederate veterans a the time would march through Atlanta, Georgia, or ride in slow moving vintage cars with the tops down as they wave to cheering crowds of onlookers and Southern patriots.

The story continues with defensive embellishment and half-truths about the specific events leading to and after the disappearance and murder of Mary Phagan. The entire purpose of the film is to leave you doubting that Leo Frank committed the murder, the spin and half-truths used to achieve this are done up exceptionally well. This is another Jewish Hollywood deceptive propaganda film at its best.

Read the Official Brief of Evidence

The Brief of Evidence in the Leo Frank Murder Trial ratified by both the prosecution and defense team tells the real story of Leo M. Frank’s guilt without all the Jewish bias, it is available online on and

The nexus of the story is after Phagan walks alone into the virtually empty pencil factory at just minutes after noon on April 26th, 1913. Phagan had been temporarily laid off on the previous Monday, because metal supplies had been fully depleted and not replenished yet. Phagan went to the factory to pick up her final pay of $1.20 and find out if the metal shipment had arrived yet or when it would arrive. Leo Frank was the last person to admit seeing her alive before she was killed by him.

Frank Lured Phagan into the Metal Room to Find Out

Frank lured Phagan into the Metal room when Mary asked him if the supplies of metal had come in yet, Frank told her he didn’t know, using that statement to lure her into the metal room. The aggressive sexual predator Leo Frank attempted to make a move on her, she resisted and he beat and raped her, then followed by strangling her, so she would not report it to her parents or the police. Mary was murdered just down the hall from Frank’s 2nd floor office in the metal room, and her blood stains and hair were found there, and a bad attempt had been made to cover them up by Leo Frank.

Leo Frank told Jim Conley to move the body of Mary Phagan to the basement, and then gave Conley $200 to stuff her in the basement furnace, but Jim stopped short of putting the body into the oven. Frank requested the money back and promised it to Jim Conley later if he would stuff the body of Phagan into the cellar oven.

On the way to the Pencil Factory: 11:45 to Noon, April 26th

Before Mary got off the trolley at noon to go into the pencil factory, she had agreed to meet up with her friend sitting with her, co-worker and neighbor George Epps, they had planned to watch the Confederate parade together at two o’clock in the afternoon. Mary had told Epps that Frank had winked at, made inappropriate and aggressive sexual advances toward her, which naturally scared her.

More than a Dozen Female Employees Testified to Frank’s Aggressive Sexual Tendencies

Epps words would take on significant importance, when more than a dozen teenage girls employed by the pencil factory would come forward to say Frank was a sexual predator and had a really bad character for lasciviousness.

The Sweeper and Former Book Keeper

Two male employees testified that they had participated in some capacity in Leo Frank’s whoring escapades, one as a lookout and the other a whoring participant. Leo Frank was using and allowing others to use the factory for whoring purposes.

April 26th, 2pm to Twilight

Epps watched the parade alone from two to four o’clock wondering why Mary stood him up. At night, Epps who lived just around the corner from the Phagan residence, ran over to her house the evening of April 26th, asking why Mary stood him up. It turns out that Mary Phagan was missing since the late morning of April 26th 1913. Phagan was last seen by her mother at 11:30AM finishing lunch, just as Mary was leaving her home that very morning to catch the Trolley to go to the pencil factory and get her pay from Leo Frank.

April 27th, 3:15 AM in the Morning

The next day, in the early hours of April 27th, 1913 at three o’clock in the morning, the African American night watch Newt Lee goes to the basement of the Pencil Factory to use the “negro toilet” and after finishing up his business, he discovers the slumped body of a little girl in the gloom. She is found on a garbage pile strangled with a cord dug into her neck, her face was ground and soiled with dark soot, her undergarments were torn and bloodied. There is no evidence of a struggle taking place in the basement, she seemed to be dumped there according to the police investigation.

April 26th, 4PM

Earlier in the day, Newt Lee had arrived early to work at the request of Frank, and when Newt arrived, Frank who was normally calm, cool and collected, came bustling out of his office frantically and made newt leave the factory for another 2 hours, so Frank could presumably finish up the last part of the clean up job. Newt said he was tired and asked if he could please sleep in the packing room, but Frank refused and told him to go out on the town and have a good time. Frank practically pushed his employee Newt Lee out of the factory for another 2 hours.

April 27th, 3AM

Three O’clock in the morning, after discovering the dead body, the nightwatchman Newt Lee then attempted to call Leo Frank for almost 10 minutes, because Frank was the superintendent of the factory and after Newt Lee the night watch had no success, he then calls the police and one of the biggest scandals in U.S. history rocks the nation and Jewish community.

Back to the biased Jewish propaganda movie:

After arresting and questioning several people, the movie contends, the police begin to hone in, narrow their focus and allegedly scapegoat the “Northern Industrialist Jew” Leo Frank, who is Mary Phagan’s boss at the pencil factory. A clean cut, married man, president of B’nai B’rith, and well connected in Jewish circles, Frank is questioned and statements are taken.

Two Faces: One for the Public and One Behind Closed Doors

Frank is a well educated Cornell educated engineer from New York City and is a prominent and high profile member of the Atlanta Jewish community and Jewish philanthropic circles, which represented an important part of his exterior mask reputation. However his behind closed doors character was that of a sexual predator and whore monger, as revealed by over a dozen female child labor employees who formerly worked at the factory. Frank was regularly using the factory for trysts with child prostitutes and propositioning his teenage and pre-teen employees with money for sex.

Strange Behavior After the Murder

Leo Frank was the last person to admit seeing Mary Phagan alive at noon in his office and several people who came in and out of the factory after the murder had presumably occurred, reported Franks behavior was very unusual, weird and suspicious that afternoon, like the nightwatchman fall guy. Frank’s body language had betrayed him, he was acting very nervous after the murder and was aggressive in getting people to leave the factory, like the nightwatchman fall guy.

Frank had a weak alibi and a poor defense:

Frank’s murder trial becomes a free-for-all may-lay of racial stereotypes, prejudice, bigotry and racism from his own defense team against the African American janitor who had admitted to being an accessory after the fact of the murder. The Frank legal defense team also resorted to blaming religious bigotry, race hatred and Antisemitism as the reason Leo Frank was brought to trial. The Jewish community and powerful Jewish groups would continue these accusations, especially the ADL of B’nai B’rith, even today, these accusations are still made continuously.

Frank is finally found guilty by an alleged “mob terrorized” and “intimidated” Jury which is “eager to convict”, largely on the “perjury” of the state’s coached star witness, Jim Conley and several other factory girls who testify Leo Frank has a bad character for aggressive sexual predatory behavior, child molestation and lasciviousness.

Jim Conley the Real Murderer?

The People v Leo Frank is the latest Leo Frank dramatization by the Jewish community, like many contemporary treatments and media films of the subject, allege Jim Conley to be the real murderer and Leo Frank the fall guy of global antisemitism. Even though the trial testimony and evidence overwhelmingly points to Frank’s guilt.

Frank’s lawyers appeal the murder conviction as many times as legally possible, through every level of the court system all the way up to the US Supreme Court several times. The state and federal court judges review the evidence and testimony, they overwhelmingly vote to NOT disturb the Jury’s verdict and in affirming Frank’s guilt again and again, the accusations of Antisemitism continue even to this day.

Fully Exhausted ALL appeals

After fully depleting and exhausting all appeals and options in the court system, the Leo Frank Defense team is left with one last final option. Leo M. Frank requests a commutation from the Georgia Governor (a complete conflict of interest and betrayal of political oaths as Governor) John M. Slaton, who was a law partner and part owner of the law firm representing Leo Frank at his murder trial, committed one of the worst and most audacious acts of nepotism in US history.

National Letter Writing Campaign

Throughout the trial and appeal process, The New York Times, big money figures and the Jewish Community unite, leading a nationwide crusade with various national and regional newspapers to publicly create the false impression the people of the United States wanted Frank to be exonerated. Meanwhile, a successful marketing campaign from the Jewish community leads to a massive letter writing campaign outside of Georgia, flooding the Georgia Governors mailbox with tens of thousands of letters asking him to commute Leo Franks death sentence. The success of the letter writing campaign is a testament to the organized success of the overtly clannish Jewish Community and their adroit ability to use their big money effectively, but it was seen by the people of the South and in the State of Georgia at the time as undue and vile outside meddling, fanning the flames of rage and resentment.

June 21 1915

At the eleventh hour, the outgoing Governor of Georgia, John M. Slaton in what might be described as criminal cronyism taken to the extreme and a gross conflict of interest, concluded against the Coroners Jury, Grand Jury, murder trial Jury, the state, district and federal court system.

After Slaton finally receiving countless thousands of fan letters requesting mercy for Leo Frank and “discovering new evidence”, Governor John M. Slaton felt that Frank overwhelmingly had not received a fair trial and commutes Frank’s death sentence to life in prison during his last days of office as Governor on June 21st, 1915 (just one day before Leo Frank is to be executed by hanging).

Leo Frank Gets Shanked

A prisoner named Greene, uses a seven inch butcher knife and slashes Leo Frank’s throat, because of the heat and humidity, the wound is slow to heal.

August 16 1915

One hot and humid night in the pitch of darkness on August 16th, 1915, an elite group, some of Georgia’s most prominent men, break into the prison with the alleged help of the prison officials and guards, then successfully abduct Leo Frank. They drive him all through the night to an oak grove near Mary Phagan’s hometown.

After driving all through the night, exhausted, the sun begins to rise. The final destination is Frey’s Mill, Frank is taken from the vehicle in his handcuffs and shackles, a noose is put around Frank’s neck, and the small table on which he has been hoisted onto is kicked out from under him. That same day morbid gawkers come by in packs, flocks and droves to rip pieces of cloth off of Leo Franks swinging, dangling and twisting body, as souvenirs. One person is said to have stomped on Leo Frank’s face after he was cut down from the tree.

Grandpa Senile

Just 69 years after the 1913 murder trial, a senile Alonzo Mann with a mountain of medical bills comes forward to the press after pressure from a Jewish partisan from the ‘Tennessean Newspaper’ and Mann confesses that he witnessed Jim Conley (the alleged real murderer) carrying the body of Mary Phagan, presumably down to the basement, instead of using the elevator. The testimony offered nothing new, because Jim Conley admitted at the trial to being an accessory after the murder, and admitted he was asked by Frank to move the body to the basement.

With Alonzo Mann long deceased in 1986, the Anti-Defamation League could now use Mann’s affidavit to secure Leo Frank with a highly political posthumous pardon, however the board did not exonerate Leo Frank of the murder. And because Mann was dead, no one could ask him any questions or cross examine him. It was a shady and Pyrrhic victory for the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, Jewish community and all the other Jewish groups involved in attempting to get full exoneration, but failed.

Leo Frank is still guilty today, but the Jewish Community makes it seem like his pardon was an exoneration.

THE PEOPLE v LEO FRANK weaves a story with recollections, commentary, interviews and a rich treasure trove of selected archival documents and images. Will Janowitz (The Sopranos) is Leo Frank and Seth Gilliam (The Wire) plays Jim Conley, with a script drawn and spun selectively from the Trial Records.

Download The People v Leo Frank, 2009

Watch the People v. Leo Frank

Fair Usage Law

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In the 2008 presidential election, 75% of Jewish Americans voted for the liberal candidate, Barack Obama. Aside from African-Americans, 95% of whom voted Democratic, Jews were the ethnic group most fervently supporting the liberal candidate. The high number should have come as no shock. Historically, Jewish Americans have zealously voted democratic, and they’ve done so at similar to the ones from the past presidential election.

But what was surprising about this particular election is that it seemed they were voting against their best interests, more so than ever. Republican candidate John McCain long had a history of supporting Israel, an endeavor Obama does not back so emphatically. Also, Jews are one of the more financially prosperous minority groups in the United States, yet they voted against their own financial interests, choosing the liberal who wanted to repeal the Bush administration’s tax-cuts for the wealthy.

The 2008 election is certainly not the first time Jews have voted against their best interests by voting democratic. Some critics point out that it is as if Jews equate “Judaism” with “liberalism.” How they got there is far more complex.

In the controversial, compelling novel Why Are Jews Liberals?, neoconservative author Norman Podhoretz traces the roots of Jewish liberalness all the way back to the Crusades. All the atrocities of medieval times as the result of persecution — the Crusades, disenfranchisment, the Inquisition, exile — were conducted out of an intolerance for the Jewish religion by devoutly Christian authorities. Couple that with the Dreyfus Affair and Nazism and it’s no wonder Jews are wary of conservatives, particularly Christian ones.

But to point to events hundreds of years old as the root of modern Jewish liberalism would be too far-sighted. The post-World War II wave of Jewish immigration has more to do with it I think. Jewish immigrants aligned themselves with the Democratic party because of its similarity to the progressive parties they supported in Europe. Many Jews were budding socialists and saw, through the New Deal and other post-depression measures, a party more in line with those aims. They went with what was familiar, and what had served their best interests in the past. Also, Democrat President Harry Truman helped immensely in the creation of the Israeli State. His was the party that supported Israel first, even if their support has waned over the years.

During the Civil Rights movement, the Democratic party stood up for the oppressed minorities of the nation. An end was put to legal discrimination and harassment. This was most certainly a cause dear to any Jew’s heart. Rather than a government party encouraging and even running persecution based on ethnic grounds, this time, the liberals actively worked to start to put an end to it. On a historical level, the effort resonated with the American Jewish community.

Though one of the generally wealthier sectors of the population, Jews continue to vote against their pocketbooks. One large reason for this: Jewish families insist on higher education for their children. Following the widespread trend, those who are more educated overwhelmingly have liberal tendencies and vote for progressive candidates. More Jews attend college than in other ethnic groups, and so vote Democratic.

Lastly, it is only normal for children to have the same political views as their parents. Having been taught progressive tendencies since a young age, this doctrine is ingrained in their political conscience. Today, Jewish Americans follow the views — and teachings — of those who came generations before them. Jewish liberalness is influenced by factors stemming from mere decades ago, but also just as much by events that took place over the last several hundred years.

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The Jew World Order

Is the New World Order “Jewish”?

February 12, 2005
What do you trust? Government, Paper or Gold?

Let’s begin by defining the “New World Order.”

The mainspring of the New World Order is the desire on the part of the world’s central bankers to translate their vast economic power into permanent global institutions of political and social control.

Their power is based on their monopoly over credit. They use the government’s credit to print money, and require the taxpayer to fork over billions in interest to them.

Central banks like the Federal Reserve pretend to be government institutions. They are not. They are privately owned by perhaps 300 families. It is significant that the majority of these families are Jewish, how significant I am not yet sure. If they were Lutherans or Zulus, certainly our objections would be the same.

I am a non-observant Jew who believes this situation is lethal for humanity and Jews alike. We have already seen the tragic consequences of it in World War II.

The American inventor Thomas Edison described this colossal scam, which the New World Order is designed to perpetuate, as follows:

“It is absurd to say our country can issue bonds and cannot issue currency. Both are promises to pay, but one fattens the usurer and the other helps the people.”

Central banks also control the supply of credit to businesses and individuals. Robert Hemphill, Credit Manager of the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta describes this untenable situation.

“This is a staggering thought. We are completely dependent on the commercial banks. Someone has to borrow every dollar we have in circulation, cash or credit. If the banks create ample synthetic money, we are prosperous; if not, we starve. We are absolutely without a permanent money system. When one gets a complete grasp of the picture, the tragic absurdity of our hopeless position is almost incredible, but there it is… It is so important that our present civilization may collapse unless it becomes widely understood and the defects remedied very soon.” ”

When the Federal Reserve was inaugurated in 1913, a London banker acknowledged that it is a scam.

“The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favours, that there will be no opposition from that class… The great body of the people, mentally incapable of comprehending, will bear its burden without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical (contrary) to their interests.”


Obviously printing money should be in the public sphere as prescribed by the U.S. Constitution. This anomalous situation is the source of humanity’s woes. It pits the people who control the economy against society as a whole. It is in their interest to destabilize society, foster immorality, internal division (like gay marriage) and war in order to increase debt and distract and control the masses.

The bankers are responsible for social engineering programs such as the (homo) sexual revolution, feminism and multiculturalism, which undermine family and social cohesion. This fundamental antagonism also supports a vast criminal underworld actually run by the elites.

The bankers are responsible for the assassinations of presidents like Lincoln and JFK, and for the attack on the World Trade Center. They own or control the mass media, which legitimizes G.W. Bush, the war in Iraq and the impending attack on Iran. War provides an excuse to introduce the draft and a repressive police state.

Success today is based on a person’s willingness to become an accomplice, witting or unwitting, to the banker fraud. Even rich entrepreneurs are dependent on credit and are unwilling to support genuine change.

As a result of the bankers’ scam, Western society and culture are based on a fraud. We do not have genuine democracy or equal access to the mass media or open and truthful education. Western society is a fraud, run by cowards who know they’re frauds.


The New World Order is a hydra-headed monster. The bankers work through many fronts such as Communism, socialism, liberalism, feminism, Zionism, neo conservatism and Freemasonry. Unknown to most members, these “progressive” movements are all secretly devoted to “world revolution” which is a euphemism for banker hegemony. (See my “Rothschild Conducts Red Symphony”)

The bankers control the world’s major corporations, media, intelligence agencies, think tanks, foundations and universities. They are responsible for suppressing the truth. Jews figure prominently in all of this, a cause of anti Semitism. Of course many other people are pursuing “success” as well.

The bankers also work through countries. They are largely responsible for British and American imperialism, whose aim is to monopolize the world’s wealth. In his book “The Jews” (1922) British social critic Hilaire Belloc writes that the British Empire represented a partnership between Jewish finance and the British aristocracy.

“After Waterloo [1815] London became the money market and the clearing house of the world. The interests of the Jew as a financial dealer and the interests of this great commercial polity approximated more and more. One may say that by the last third of the nineteenth century, they had become virtually identical.”

The confluence of Jewish and British interest extended to marriage.

“Marriages began to take place, wholesale, between what had once been the aristocratic territorial families of this country and the Jewish commercial fortunes. After two generations of this, with the opening of the twentieth century, those of the great territorial English families in which there was no Jewish blood was the exception.

In nearly all of them was the strain more or less marked, in some of them so strong that though the name was still an English name and the traditions those of a purely English lineage of the long past, the physique and character had become wholly Jewish…”

If the marriage of Al Gore’s daughter with Jacob Schiff’s grandson is any indication, this mingling of Jewish and Gentile elites extends to America as well. John Forbes Kerry is another example.

Belloc continues to say that the British and Jewish goal of world domination was synonymous and used Freemasonry as an instrument.

“Specifically Jewish institutions, such as Freemasonry (which the Jews had inaugurated as a sort of bridge between themselves and their hosts in the seventeenth century) were particularly strong in Britain, and there arose a political tradition, active, and ultimately to prove of great importance, whereby the British state was tacitly accepted by foreign governments as the official protector of the Jews in other countries.

It was Britain which was expected to intervene [wherever Jewish persecution took place and] to support the Jewish financial energies throughout the world, and to receive in return the benefit of that connection.”

If Belloc is right, you could say the New World Order is an extension of the British Empire, in which elite British, American and Jewish interests are indistinguishable. See also my “The Jewish Conspiracy is British Imperialism.”


The majority of Jews would want no part of the New World Order a.k.a. “globalization” if they understood its undemocratic character and how they are being used.

The true Jewish spirit holds that truth and morality are absolute and cannot be trimmed to fit one’s perceived self interest. G.J. Nueberger expresses this spirit in his essay “The Great Gulf Between Zionism and Judaism.”

“The Jewish people are chosen not for domination over others, not for conquest or warfare, but to serve G-d and thus to serve mankind…Thus physical violence is not a tradition or a value of the Jews. The task for which the Jewish people were chosen is not to set an example of military superiority or technical achievements, but to seek perfection in moral behaviour and spiritual purity.

Of all the crimes of political Zionism, the worst and most basic, and which explains all its other misdeeds, is that from its beginning Zionism has sought to separate the Jewish people from their G-d, to render the divine covenant null and void, and to substitute a “modern” statehood and fraudulent sovereignty for the lofty ideals of the Jewish people.”

The bankers obviously aren’t concerned about true Judaism or racial purity and were quite willing to sacrifice millions of Jews to achieve their design by backing Hitler. They are sacrificing thousands more Jewish, American and Muslim lives in the Middle East in their Orwellian “perpetual war for perpetual peace.”

Does the New World Order serve a “Jewish” agenda or a banker elite agenda?

I would venture that it serves the latter, and the Jewish people are an instrument of this agenda like so many other people.

By giving private individuals the ability to create money out of nothing, we have created a monster which threatens to devour the planet and with it the human race.

Source: Save the Males

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The Jew World Order

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