The Donald’s propaganda machine has obviously overheated – The Nation

HHB Beria-Goebbels is again sicking up his formulaic bile with malice aforethought, continually absurd contradictions, post-truth obfuscation, and with lots of infantile little exclamation marks thrown in for good measure.

Take this, for example: Its out in the open, the so-called Russian collusion is nothing more than a totally made-up toxic cocktail concocted by the crooks at cnn [sic]. Yep, course it is; if you say so.

Bizarrely, the HHB wing of the Grimer Wormtongue Collective Voice contradicts this negativity by stating that CNNs highly respected journalist Van Jones actually speaks the truth by saying that it (Collusiongate) is a nothing burger!!!. So, CNN actually tells the real truth, but only when it suits The Collectives mix-and-match agenda, eh? Make one of your minds up, please.

Then theres the fantastic Alex Jones is going up [sic] thanks to his factual reporting. Going up where? This would be the same Alex Jones who takes David Icke seriously, one presumes. All of this tosh would unquestionably sit far more comfortably within the pages of the National Enquirer.

HHB Beria-Goebbels finishes off his diatribe by laughably predicting good riddance to come soon; let us all hope so, beginning with the removal of Trumps nepotistic placement system so beloved of dictators worldwide, and ending up with deserved impeachment.

Dr Frank


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The Donald’s propaganda machine has obviously overheated – The Nation

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