Mark Potok out at SPLC? – Stormfront

Funny story, Potok was on, this was no more than a couple of years ago, with a local talk radio host on the biggest talk radio station here in my region 700WLW. I am not sure what the topic was but the host he was on with, a liberatarian type, was grilling him a little bit on a few points that Potok had made, I did not listen to the interview and heard about it second hand so I am not sure of what the specifics were but the interview abruptly ended with Potok hanging up the phone on the host.

I seem to remember, perhaps not as vividly, another time when he was on TV when he got impatient with the host, cannot put my finger on when or on what network. Perhaps his disposition was becoming a liability, yeah imagine that.

Over the years when Potok appeared on CNN or MSNBC I always thought that the homo-Jew was so repulsive looking, I mean put all natural impulses for a racially conscious White person to despise this creep aside, Potok is just ugly (even for a Jew) and speaks in a manner in which he seems to perpetually have a blunt object stuck somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine.

They seemed to have went through that entire staff of Jews and queers at the SPLC and purposely found the most repulsive person they could to speak for them on camera, save for that pig Heidi Beirich perhaps.

For that reason I am actually displeased to see him go if he is indeed gone, I think regular White people watching would stand to side against him just out of a gut feeling that he was a creep on first looking at him.

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Mark Potok out at SPLC? – Stormfront

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