The Mossad Adds Some Christmas Merriment to Twitter

Im not certain who runs the Twitter account for The Mossad, Israels national intelligenceagency. Its not a verified account, so for all I know, its one of Santas elves. But whoever it is has a wicked fun sense of humor.

As weve covered here at RedState, yesterday, the UN voted to condemn the United States for having the audacity to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel and announce plans to move our embassy there. The final vote tally was 128-9, with 35 fence sitters countries opting to abstain.

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley wasnt at all shy about letting those countries who voted against the US or failed to support it know their votes will be remembered. (And she did so quite stylishly!)

Then @TheMossadIL got in on the fun:

What a nice little pre-Christmas nod to their American allies!

They followed up that epic tweet with another bit of snark:

Fair point.

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The Mossad Adds Some Christmas Merriment to Twitter

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