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Kiev Oblast

There are few cities in Ukraine which enjoy such a well documented ancient past as Vyshhorod. While today Vyshhorod in Ukraine is a modest city with a population of over 23,000, in the early 900s it was a bustling metropolis that enjoyed royal favor. Vyshhorod is located along the banks of the Dnieper River just a short distance upstream from Kiev. Thus, the name Vyshhgorod is a good …


Traditional Ukrainian wedding customs are made up of various ceremonial stages sealing the union of the groom and bride. Younger generations are in some cases following Western wedding customs, however, those from more traditional families or couples in villages still observe the wedding customs of Ukraine. A wedding in Ukraine is a solemn occasion involving important religious rituals, but …

Religious Sites

The St. Volodymyrs Cathedral lies in the centre of Kiev, which is the main city of Ukraine. It is also considered as the mother cathedral to the ‘Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchy’, thus making it one of two very important Ukrainian Orthodox churches. Like most churches it has a variety of names that it is commonly referred to, such as: Volodymyrsky Cathedral, St. Vladimirs …

Sumy Oblast

The Ukrainian town of Hlukhiv, with an approximate population of 35,000, has been inhabited from the 5th century. Archaeologists have confirmed this, but the town was only mentioned in documents from the year 1152. In 1644, the town of Hlukhiv, received its Magdeburg Rights. Peter the Great then went on to transform the town, located in the Sumy Oblast, into the capital for the Hetman. …


The Khmelnytskyi Oblast is located in western Ukraine, with its administrative center, the city of Khmelnytskyi, lying on the banks of the Southern Buh River, around 340 kilometers from Ukraine’s capital city, Kiev. It is a beautiful part of the country with at least 120 rivers and tributaries running through it, and an estimated 1,858 ponds, lakes and reservoirs scattered over the landscape.

Zhytomyr Oblast

The city of Berdychiv is a quaint city in the Zhytomyr Oblast that has an extremely interesting past. The exact date as to when the city was founded is mere speculation, and how its name came about can only be guessed. In all honesty, Berdychiv’s establishment is shrouded in mystery, and scientists and historians have been able to piece some of this fascinating puzzle together.

Religious Sites

The Kiev Pechersk Lavra Monastery is a complex that is made up from various fascinating buildings and sights. These diverse memories of the past all carry the strong architectural signature of the Ukrainian Baroque construction style and form a network of beautiful and spectacular structures. The monastery and surrounding complex is also known as the Calvin Cave Monastery.

Art Galleries

The building that houses the ARTEast Gallery on Reytarska Street in Kiev is as famous and well-known as the gallery itself. It was once home to Yuriy Davydovs Ballet Studio which doubled as an Opera Studio and became the blue print for ballet studios all over the world. It was the first studio to offer subjects such as languages and grammar together with lessons given by Illya Chestyakov. …

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Ukraine Travel: Your Ukrainian Guide for Things to Do, Hotels …

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